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Wednesday 3rd June – Monday 6th July  Liz + Chris + Hugh in our new(ish) Campervan

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham). Hugh flew back on 20th June  from Avignon [Flybe].
Total: 1,847 miles; 2,972km.

This was out first France holiday in our new Swift van. Sad to say goodbye to Kontiki but the new van has 7 gears, a silent engine, superb power stearing and all its bits work ok. Only room for Hugh's kayak on roof so we took an inflatable one for me.

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Click on place names on the itinerary below to go direct to the pictures
[in same sequence as the itinerary]

Ouistraham, Mayenne, Bauge, Lac Rille; Langeais, Motorway past Tours, Vierzon, Clermond-Ferrand,
La Chaise Dieu; Le Puy en Velay, Aubenas, Die, Luc en Diois; Gap, Barcelonette, Larche; Barcelonette, Riez,
St Laurent; Riez, Manosque, Avignon; Airport to say goodbye to Hugh; Tarascon, Nimes, Ganges, Le Vigan;
Ganges, Anduze, Ales, Langogne, Lac de Naussac; Langogne, Grandrieu, Col de la Croix-de-Bor; St. Flour,
Murat, Volcan cols, Salers, Argentat; Tulle, Aubusson, Bussac, Poinsouze; La Chatre, Loches,
Chateau Renault, Lac des Varennes; St. Calais, Vibraye, Belleme, Merville-Franceville-plage; Ouistraham,
Portsmouth, Southampton.

On the way
Lac Rille        TOP
More pictures of this place in 2012 pages, 2013 pages and 2014 pages


Our usual site next to the railtrack
The new inflatable replacement for my real kayak; good for pottering about
My favourite campers
Pirf wagtail
La Chaise-dieu
A new site for us
We are in picture centre in empty site
The small town 5 minutes walk from the campsite
Typical house near to the campsite
The town square

Relais de Claps restaurant. Excellent

Restaurant welcome
Dinner delivery. The waitress is looking alarmed; she was wonderful -i think she dropped her smile in my dinner
What do you expect after all that wine?
Larche        TOP
One of our favourite campsites; on the road to the col de Larche into Italy
View from the site
The fortress looking over the valley
View from the van - a bit of geology
View from near the village up towards the campsite and the col
Garden warbler; one of many singing continuously
For Liz
It is edible but I prefer them alive
We don't like the name of the van but it sometimes fits
Lac St. Laurent near the Verdon gorge
Our site under the pine trees, facing the lake
The swimming pool
The lake with Montpezat
The entrance to the small gorge
Always beautiful clouds
Disgruntled Hugh after we eventually found some ruins 20 min walk away (Liz took us 90 minutes)
Close up of a close up
My inflatable kayak with its deformed floor
Hoopoe next to the van
Pretty fly
Damsel fly
This is our Lifestyle
Magpie at next above the van
Lavender above the lake
Avignon    Campsite is Pont d'Avignon
View from campsite across the river
The ferry from campsite to town
Avignon old city
In the church
Worship or rest (same?)
Our favourite Avignon restaurant (Italian) showing their clock obsession
Val de l'Arre, Le Vigan
Freshwater mermaid
The old mill house by the campsite
Roof mending
The pool next to the van
Male redstart high in the tree by the van teaching us to recognise its song
Beautiful blue beetle, often in large groups looking like very special clumps of flowers
Our home next door to our friends John and Myfanwy
John and Myfanwy Reid. Good helpful friends from Leeds
On way to Lac Naussac
Wonderful driving country
Lac Naussac near Langogne
View from our camper
The lake
Our neighbourly Redstart
Mysterious burrowing creature identified as a water vole (Ratty in Wind in the Willows)
Guarenteed mole-buster
Andre Meinema and Naomi who joined us for dinner to celebrate my birthday
Me with Liz and Naomi
Farewell to Lac Naussac
*Wild campsite at the Col de la Croix de Bor in the Margeride mountains
One of our favourite sites shared with a pair of Montagu's Harriers (birds not athletes)
Where could be better?
View from the van
Looking cheerful after exhausting bike ride
A local man pausing from his walk for tea with us (Une tasse de the monsieur?)
Our friend 'Massif' took this photo
On the way through the Auvergne (Pur Mary and Puy Peyrolle)
Pausing at the top after challenging drive up the cols
On the way down towards Salers
Lunch stop before Salers
Argentat    One of our favourite sites on the banks of the Dordogne, run by Roger et Gabriel
Resting in the shade by the river at 38 degrees
An irresistible donkey
An irresistible lady
The river where we sat (in chairs in the river)
The beginning of the rapids and site of great kayaking expoits by Clive in previous visits
A challenging stopper
As seen from kayak
So peaceful
A distressed damsel
View from lakeside
The artist contemplating work (or just contemplating)
Our local goat
The restaurant
Or friends Rob and Lisa by their giant caravan. Good new friends from Southport
Their most typical expressions. The best thing about our stay
Lac Varennes This is an online photo of this site, a one night stopover. OK but full of English caravans
Merville Plage    Our final campsite on the beach near Ouistraham. Very full.
Looking East
The campsite from the beach
Liz and her friendly boy
A smug shell collector
The collection
Beach cafe about 15 minutes walk along the beach
Our transport home









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