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This section is a convenient record of some of my books; it may be useful to others. It only includes books I like. More recent additions are at the top. Some of the books have links to Amazon or the Folio Society and so provide reviews.

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NOTE: Folio Society Books are all listed separately.

Names in red indicate this book has been disposed of because i would not read again and would not recommend it especially

The Natural World & Science    See also Birds;  Biography; Folio Society
Dorothy Hodgkin; A life [h] by Georgina Ferry Richard Feynman. A life in Science [h] by John and Mary Gibbin (the picture is different) Feynman lectures on computation [h] Ed. by Anthony Hey and Robin Allen How Life works [h] by Philip Ball.
Proving Einstein right. The daring expeditions that changed how we look at the universe [h] by James Gates and Cathie Pelletier The dark side of Isaac Newton. Science's greatest fraud? [h] by Nick Kollerstrom On a grander scale. The outstanding life of Sir Christopher Wren [h] by Lisa Jardine Ingenious Pursuits. Building the scientific revolution [h] by Lisa Jardine
How to build a universe [p] by Brian Cox and Robin Ince How the World works. Chemistry [p] by Anne Rooney On the origin of evolution. Tracing 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea' from Aristotle to DNA [h] by John and Mary Gibbin Metazoa. Animal minds and the birth of consciousness [h] by Peter Godfrey-Smith
The Messier album. An observer's handbook. [h] by John H Masslas and Evered Kreimer Science for life. A manual for better living [p] by Brian Clegg The Oxford book of modern science writing [h] by Richard Dawkins Mapping Mars [h] by Oliver Morton
Flights of fancy. Defying gravity by design and evolution [h] by Richard Dawkins. illustrated by Jana Lenzova Otherlands. A world in the making [h] by Thomas Halliday The space book. From the begining to the end of time. 250 milestones in the history of space and astronomy [h] by Jim Bell Universe. A journey to the edge of the cosmos [h]. by Nicolas Cheetham
The man who knew too much; the strange and inventive life of Robert Hooke 1635-1703 [h] by Stephen Inwood

The greatest show on earth. The evidence for evolution [h] by Richard Dawkins


The ancestor's tale. A pilgrimage to the dawn of life [h] by Richard Dawkins and Yan Wong


The god delusion [h] by Richard Dawkins (my dust jacket is red


How zoologists organize things [h] by David Bainbridge Life changing [h] by Helen Pilcher Science in the soul [p] by Richard Dawkins A comprehensive guide to INSECTS of Britain and Ireland [hp] by Paul D Brock

The backyard astronomer's guide [h] by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer

Eye of the Shoal [p] by Helen Scales Collins Stars and Planets [p] by Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion Audubon's Elephant [h] by Duff Hart-Davis
Isambard Kingdom Brunel; the life of an engineering genius [p] by Colin Maggs The Aeroplane in Romance of reality series [p] by Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper The Fellowship and the stor of a scientific revolution [h] by John Gribbin Horizon [H] by Barry Lopez
Mind in Science; a history of explanations in psychology and physics (H) by Richard L Grefory Wild shots; a new look at photographing the wildlife of Britain [H] by Chris Packham The Great Builder [H] by Kenneth Powell The aircraft book; the definitive visual history [H] Dorling Kindersley
The hunt for vulcan; how einstein destroyed a planet and deciphered the universe (P) by Thomas Levenson No need for geniuses; revolutionary science in the age of the guillotine [p] by Steve Jones Pebbles on the beach; a spotter's guide [p] by Clarence Ellis Out of the dhadow of a giant; Hooke, Halley and the birth of british science [h] by John and Mary Gribbin
The invention of nature: the adventures of Humboldt [H] By Andrea Wulf

Weeds [h] by Richard Mabey


Insects of Britain and Europe. Collins Field Guide by M. Chinery [P] The invertebrata 2nd and 4th editions [H]by Borradaile etc (BEPS)
The oxford book of flowerless plants (1966) [H] By Brightman and Nicholson A sting in the tale (p) by Dave Goulson A buzz in the meadow (h) by Dave Goulson The Cabaret of Plants: botany and the imagination [H] By Richard Mabey
SAGE A life of J.D. Bernal [H] by Maurice Goldsmith Microbes and Man by John Postgate [H] The outer reaches of life by John Postgate [P] To explain the world:the discovery of modern science [H]
The Charm of Birds (1927) [H] by Lord Grey of Falloden Gilbert White; a biography of the author of The Natural History of Selbourne [H] by Richard Mabey Life unfolding; how the human body creates itself [H]. by Davies, Jamie A. The Geek Manifesto; why science matters [P] by Mark Henderson
Drug Discovery and Development: Technology in Transition [P] By Humphrey P. Rang  Rang and Dale's Pharmacology (7th, P]. H.P. Rang

Killing Us Softly: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine [P] By Dr Paul Offit

How Science Works [h] by Judith Hann

Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare By Imogen Evans etc P 2011 Three Miles Down [H] By James Hamilton-Paterson

Bad Pharma: How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients [P] By Ben Goldacre

Seed to Seed: The Secret Life of Plants [H] by Nicholas Harberd

Microcosm: E. Coli and the New Science of Life [H] by Carl Zimmer

Wonders of the Solar System [H] by Brian Cox and Cohen

The Great Naturalists [H] Ed by Robert Huxley

Chasing the Sun: The Epic Story of the Star That Gives Us Life[P] by Richard Cohen


Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History [H 1989] Stephen Jay Gould

How to Know the Protozoa (Pictured Key Nature) [Spiral-bound 2nd. 1979]. Jahn, T.L.

Wandering in the Gardens of the Mind: Peter Mitchell and the Making of Glynn (H 2003) by John Prebble and Bruce Weber The Biology of Protozoa [P 1973/1981]

Darwin's Island: The Galapagos in the Garden of England (H, 2009)
By Steve Jones

The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature (H, 2007)

Darwin's Sacred Cause: Race, Slavery and the Quest for Human Origins by Adrian Desmond and James Moore (P) Bugs Britannica by Peter Marren and Richard Mabey (H)

Trick or Treatment?: Alternative Medicine on Trial (P) by Simon Singh & Edzard Ernst. 2009.*** The Oxford Companion to the Mind (H) by Richard L. Gregory (Editor) The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing (H) by Richard Dawkins*** Bad Science (P) by Ben Goldacre***


Phantoms in the Brain: Human Nature and the Architecture of the Mind (P) by V.S. Ramachandran & Sandra Blakeslee. 2005.

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (H) by Richard Dawkins***


Eating the Sun: How Plants Power the Planet (P)by Oliver Morton***



The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science (H) by Richard Holmes WHITE, Gilbert: The Natural History of Selborne. The Cresset Press, 1947. Ed. by James Fisher. Illus by Claire Oldham. (H). Flora Britannica: The Definitive New Guide to Britain's Wild Flowers, Plants and Trees (Hardcover)
by Richard Mabey
Birds Britannica (Hardcover)
by Mark Cocker, Richard Mabey

Beechcombings: The Narratives of Trees (P)
by Richard Mabey
Weeds [H] by Richard Mabey The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life (Hardcover)
by Richard Dawkin
Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder (H)
by Richard Dawkins

Audubon's Birds of America John James Audubon A Brief History of Time (Illustrated) (H) by S.W. Hawking Eight Little Piggies 1ST Edition (H)
by StephenJay Gould.
Picture is of paperback edition
The Universe: A Biography (P)
by John Gribbin

Measuring the Universe: Our Historic Quest to Chart the Horizons of Space and Time (P)
by Kitty Ferguson
The Nature of Britain (H)
by Alan Titchmarsh
The Earth: An Intimate History (P)
by Richard Fortey
The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back - and How We Can Still Save Humanity (P)
by James Lovelock

by Adrian DesmondJames R. Moore (H)

The Oxford Companion to the Mind (H) by Richard L. Gregory (Editor)

Phantoms in the Brain: Human Nature and the Architecture of the Mind (P) by V.S. Ramachandran, Sandra Blakeslee

The Emerging Mind: The BBC Reith Lectures 2003 (P)
by Vilayanur Ramachandran

Before the Fall-out: From Marie Curie to Hiroshima (P)
by Diana Preston

Medicine Balls: Consultations with the World's Greatest TV Doctor (P)
by Phil Hammond

Feynman Lectures on Computation
by Richard P. FeynmanJ.
Ed. by G. Hey
& Robin W. Allen
H 1996

Richard Kraus. 1982

Celestial objects for common telescopes
2 vols. 5th edition 1911

Lectures on Biostatistics: Introduction to Statistics with Applications in Biology and Medicine (P) by D. Colquhoun. 1971

Microbe Hunters
by Paul De Kruif
H 1926

A Green History of the World (Paperback)
by Clive Ponting
The origin of species, by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.
Darwin, Charles. Murray 1902.

Elementary Treatise on the Wave Theory of Light
by Humphrey Lloyd.
3rd edition. Longman. 1873.

Popular lectures on scientific subjects by Hermann von Helmholtz. Translated by Atkinson. Longmans 1873.


Microbes, Ferments And Moulds. (Hardcover) by E L. Trouessart. 1886. 1st Edition.
MANUEL D HISTOIRE NATURELLE MÉDICALE.LANESSAN, J. L. de. Ist part, Botanique generale. 1879. Evolution of Man and Society by Cyril Dean Darlington. (H). 1969.   Microbes, Ferments and Moulds. (H). (vol. 57 of the International Scientific Series)
Trouessart, E L.
1886. 1st Ed.
There and back? A celebration of bird migration [h] Ed. by Andy Brown and Michael Warren      
British birds in their habitats [H] by Ron Freethy Audubon's elephant [h] by Duff Hart-Davis Birds. The art of ornithology [h] by Jonathan Elphick Winter birds [h] by Lars Jonsson
Mr Lear; A life of art and nonsense H] by Jenny Uglow The birds of Borneo [H] by Bertram E Smythies Travel diaries of a naturalist [H] by Peter Scott As Kingfishers catch fire [h] by Alex Preston and Neil Gower
The Shell birdbook by James Fisher The art of bird illustration by Maureen Lambourne Fine bird books [h] by Sacheverell Sitwell The miracle of flight [h] by Stephen Dalton (diffft cover as early edition 1977
Birds in a cage. Warburg Germany 1941 By Derek Niemann [P] A journey through birds [H] by James Macdonald Lockhart The new wildfowler in the 1970's [H] Ed by Noel Sedgewick et al  
Roberts Birds of South Africa [H]. Rev by McLachlan & Liversidge (1963). Ill. by Lighton British Birds in Colour Ed RSR Fitter [H]. 1951. Ill by John Gould & Eric Hosking Field guide to birds of britain and N Europe 1988 By Detlef singer (P)

Birds In England. An Account of the State of Our Bird-life and a Criticism of Bird Protection by EM Nicholson 1926 [H] with woodcuts by Fitch Daglish

Drawn From Paradise: The Discovery, Art and Natural History of the Birds of Paradise [H] by David Attenborough and Errol Fuller The Charm of Birds (1927) [H] by Lord Grey of Falloden Birds of Asia (1969 H). Text by Rutgers; Lithographs, John Gould Birds and People [H]. Mark Cocker and David Tippling (photos)
Bewick's British Birds [H] Atlas of Bird Migration: Tracing the Great Journeys of the World's Birds [H] Ed by Jonathan Elphick The Birdman: memories of birds [H] By Henry Douglas-Home Nature's Engraver: A Life of Thomas Bewick [H]] By Jenny Uglow
Collins New Naturalist Library (113) - Bird Migration by Ian Newton (H) 2010. The Running Sky: A Bird-Watching Life by Tim Dee (P) While Flocks Last by Charlie Elder (P) The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2010
Hilary and David Cromack.
Buckingham Press
Crow Country (H) by Mark Cocker

The birds of the British Isles and their eggs (Wayside and woodland series) Series I [H] by TA Coward
1928 3rd ed.

The birds of the British Isles and their eggs (Wayside and woodland series) Series II [H] by TA Coward 1923 2nd ed. The birds of the British Isles Migration and habits (Wayside and woodland series) Series III [H] by TA Coward 1926 1st ed.
Thorburn's Birds (Hardcover)
by Archibald Thorburn
Birds Britannica (Hardcover)
by Mark Cocker, Richard Mabey
Collins Pocket Guide to British Birds (H)1952
by R. S. R. Fitter & R. A. Richardson
Birds of Europe: With North Africa and the Middle East (Helm Field Guides) (P)
by Lars Jonsson



Audubon's Birds of America John James Audubon

by John Audubon

National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America (Paperback, 2nd edition)
by Jonathan Alderfer

1925 Edition. Vol 1-4


Familiar Wild Birds [4 volumes] By
W. Swaysland. 1st Ed. 1903.Ilustrated Thorburn & others.

British birds and their Eggs. T.A. Coward. Illustrated Thornurn and others. vol 2. 5th edition. 1932    
    The Oberver's book pf British Birds by S.Vere Benson (H) 1952  

Birds of India
Woodcock paperback
Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (Helm Identification Guides) (Hardcover)
by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp
Pocket Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (Helm Field Guides) (Paperback)
by Carol Inskipp, Richard Grimmett, Tim Inskipp
How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher: To the Greater Glory of Life (Paperback)
by Simon Barnes

A Natural History of British Birds
Simms, Eric Simms
Illustrated by Robert Gillmor

The Charm of Birds (Hardcover)
by Viscount Grey of Fallodon
& Robert Gibbings (Illustrator)

A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe (Collins Field Guide) (Hardcover, 1980)
by Roger Tory Peterson (Author), Guy Mountfort (Author), P. A. D. Hollom

Birds & Men
E.M. Nicholson
New Naturalist series 1951Collins
h] by Barry Lopez

A Field Guide to the Birds of Japan (Hardcover)
by Wild Bird Society of Japan

The Birds of China (Hardcover)
by Rodolphe Meyer De Schauensee


Audubon: a biography (Hardcover)
by John Chancellor

A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS (East of the Rockies)
Peterson, Roger Tory

The World of Roger Tory Peterson: An Authorized Biography (Hardcover)
by Devlin John C & Naismith Grace


INDIA TOP See also Folio Society  
The tiger and the ruby. A journey to the other side of British India [h] by Kief Hillsbery      
Koh-I-Noor; the history of the world's most infamous diamond [p] by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand The British in India; three centuries of ambition and experience [h] by David Gilmour The anarchy [h]by William Dalrymple Viceroys. The creation of the British [h] by Christopher Lee
India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy By Ramachandra Guha H 2008 The tears of the rajahs by Ferdinand Mount (P) Partition; the story of Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan in 1947 [h] by Barney White-Spunner Inglorious Empire; what the British did to India [h] by Shashi Tharoor

In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India (Hardcover)
by Edward Luce

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity (Paperback)
by Amartya Sen

India: A History (Paperback)
by John Keay

India Discovered: The Recovery of a Lost Civilization (Paperback)

by John Keay


The Honourable Company: History of the English East India Company (Paperback) by John Keay The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857
by William Dalrymple
White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-century India (Paperback)
by William Dalrymple
City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi (Paperback)
by William Dalrymple

The Age of Kali: Travels and Encounters in India (Paperback)
by William Dalrymple

Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire (Hardcover)
by Alex von Tunzelmann

The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V.S. Naipaul (Hardcover)
by Patrick French

India: A Million Mutinies Now (Hardcover)
by V.S. Naipaul


No Full Stops in India
by Mark Tully

India's Unending Journey: Finding Balance in a Time of Change (Hardcover)
by Mark Tully
India in Slow Motion (Hardcover)
by Mark Tully
India Britannica (Hardcover) 1983 by Geoffrey Moorhouse Brilliant book on influence of British on India and of India on British


The Golden Calm: An English Lady's Life in Moghul Delhi Reminiscences (Hardcover) by Lady Emily, Lady Clive Bayley, Sir Thomas Metcalfe. Ed by Kaye, M. M

The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale of How India Was Mapped and Everest Was Named (Hardcover)
by John Keay

The Seige of Delhi (Hardcover) Folio society 1984

by Richard Barter


Tirumula, Tirupati
the legends and beyond..
2006. Beautiful book


Traveller's India An Anthology. (H) KAUL, H.K. 1979

BIOGRAPHY See also Folio Society, Science, music etc TOP
Richard Feynman. A life in Science [h] by John and Mary Gibbin (the picture is different) Politics on thedge; a memoir from within [h] by Rory Stewart Sameul Pepys. The unqualified self [h] by Claire Tomalin  
Housman country. Into the heart of Englans [h] by Peter Parker Chasing lost time. The life of C.K.Scott Moncrieff [h] by Jean Findlay Dorothy Hodgkin; A life [h] by Georgina Ferry On a grander scale. The outstanding life of Sir Christopher Wren [h] by Lisa Jardine
The man who knew too much; the strange and inventive life of Robert Hooke 1635-1703 [h] by Stephen Inwood Archibald wavell; the life and times of an imperial servant [h] by Sdrian Fort Orwell; the life [h] by D J Taylor Wingate Pasha. The life of general sir Francis Reginald Wingate 1861-1953 [h] by RJM Pugh
Adventures of a young naturalist [h] by David Attenborough Ludo and the power of the book [p] by Richard Ingrams Lincoln [h] by David Herbert Donald A promised land [h] by Barack Obama
A schoolmaster's war [h] by Jonathan Ree; Harry Ree. British agent in the French resistance Educator most extraordinary; The life and achievements ofHarry Ree, 1914-1991 [p] by Jonathan M. Daube House of music. Raising the Kanneh-Masons [h] by Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason An Appetite for wonder. The making of a scientist. A memoir [h] by Richard Dawkins
Educated by Tara Westover [p] Looking back; an autobiographical excursion by Norman Douglas [h] (original cover) The best of A.A. Gill [h] by A.A.Gill Evelyn Waugh; a life revisited [h] by Philip Eade
Quentin Blake; in the theatre of the imagination - an artist at work [h] by Ghislaine Kenyon Fingers in the Sparkle Jar [h] by Chris Packham Richard Nixon; the life [h] by John A. Farrell Abinger Harvest and England's Pleasant Land
[h] by E.M. Forster
War and Turpentine [p] by Stefan Hertmans The Marches [h] by Rory Stewart Mr Lear A life of Art and nonsense [H] by Jenny Uglow Isambard Kingdom Brunel; the life of an engineering genius [p] by Colin Maggs
Victoria; a life [H] by A.N. Wilson Citizen Clem; A biography of Attlee [H] by John Bew Biographical memoirs of the Royal Society [h] Vol 61 2015 Biographical memoirs of the Royal Society [h] Vol 62 2016
Party amimals (H) by David Aaronovitch The noise of time (H) by Julian Barnes (a novel based on Shostakovich) Barack Obama; Dreams from my father [H] By Barack Obama Kate Adie; The kindness of strangers [P] bu Kate Adie
E.M. Forster: A Life (H) Two volumes
by Philip Nicholas Furbank
Avoid Boring People ane other lessons from a life in sience [H] By James D Watson The invention of nature: the adventures of Humboldt [H] By Andrea Wuldf Allanbrooke P] By David Fraser
AGE A life of J.D. Bernal [H] by Maurice Goldsmith The view from here [P] by Joan Bakewell This Boy a memoir of a childhood [P] By Alan Johnson The unexpected professor; an oxford life in books [H] by John Carey
Inside the Centre; the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer [H]. By Ray Monk Microbes, music and me; a life in science [p] by John Postgate Uncle tungsten memories of a chemical boyhood [h] by Oliver Sacks  
Red carpets and other banana skins [P] by Rupert Everett Vanished years [P] by Rupert Everett The golden door; letters to America [p] by A.A. Gill Gilbert White [H] by Richard Mabey

Empire of the Clouds: When Britain's Aircraft Ruled the World [H] By James Hamilton-Paterson

Nature's Engraver: A Life of Thomas Bewick [H]] By Jenny Uglow

Dispatches From the Sofa: The Collected Wisdom of Frank Skinner [Hardcover]

Life on Air [P] by David Attenborough

I Was Vermeer: The Forger Who Swindled the Nazis (P) by Frank Wynne

Wandering in the Gardens of the Mind: Peter Mitchell and the Making of Glynn (H 2003) by John Prebble and Bruce Weber

The Great Naturalists [H] Ed by Robert Huxley

Hero: The Life & Legend of Lawrence of Arabia [H] by Michael Korda

Mstislav Rostropovich: Cellist, Teacher, Legend (Hardcover) by Elizabeth Wilson Miracles of Life: Shanghai to Shepperton: an Autobiography (Paperback) by J.G. Ballard Nothing to be Frightened of (Paperback) by Julian Barnes Unimagined: A Muslim Boy Meets the West (Paperback)
by Imran Ahmad

The World Is What It Is:The Authorized Biography of V.S. Naipaul (Hardcover)
by Patrick French

by Adrian Desmond, James R. Moore
Indian Summer:The Secret History of the End of an Empire (Hardcover)
by Alex von Tunzelmann
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Paperback)
by Mohsin Hamid

Force of Nature: Life of Linus Pauling (Hardcover)
by Tom Hager
Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code (Eminent Lives)
by Matt Ridley

Double Helix: Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (Hardcover)
by James D Watson

Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA (Hardcover)
by Jan Witkowski, John Inglis, J. Sambrook

Einstein: His Life and Universe (Paperback)
by Walter Isaacson
Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the Margin of My Time (Paperback)
by Clive James
Untold Stories (Hardcover)
by Alan Bennett
Writing Home
by Alan Bennett

Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made the Future (Paperback)
by Jennifer Uglow
Benjamin Britten: A Biography (Paperback)
by Humphrey Carpenter

A Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela (Hardback)
by Nelson Mandela

Chance Witness: An Outsider's Life in Politics (Paperback)
by Matthew Parris

Line of Fire (P) by Brian Paddick


Previous Convictions: Writing with Intent (Paperback)
by A.A. Gill

Edith Sitwell: Taken Care Of, an Autobiography by Edith Sitwell (Hardcover 1965)

Potter on Potter Ed. by Graham Fuller. 1976.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom A Triumph (Hardcover) by T.E. Lawrence LAWRENCE AND THE ARABS (Hardcover) by ROBERT GRAVES illustrations edited by Eric Kennington. Jonathan Cape 1927    

T. E. Lawrence: A New Biography (Hardcover)
by Desmond Stewart 1977

Revolt in the Desert
by T E Lawrence 1927
Folio Society 1986/2007

The Letters of T. E. Lawrence of Arabia (Hardcover)
Ed. by David, Garnett 1938; 1964 by Spring Books

G. K. Chesterton
H 1936


Charles Dickens, by G. K. Chesterton, with portraits in photogravure by G. K. Chesterton
H 1906

The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell (Hardcover) Folio Society 1968 2 volumes

Looking back; An autobiographical excursion
by Norman Douglas
H 1934

Paul Scott: A Life
Hilary Spurling


Pasternak: A Biography
by Ronald Hingley
H 1983

Beethoven and the Age of Revolution by Frida Knight
H 1973

Great Morning - Being the Third Volume of Left Hand, Right Hand! - an Autobiography
by Osbert Sitwell
H 1948

The life and travels of General Grant (H) by Joel Tyler Headley 1979 1st edn.


The Arts    See also Folio Society   TOP
Mr Lear A life of Art and Nonsence [H] by Jenny Uglow Brewer's Famous quotations [H] by Nigel Rees Quentin Blake; in the theatre of the imagination; an artist at work [H] by Ghislaine Kenyon 100 things that caught my eye [h] by Chris Packham
I Was Vermeer: The Forger Who Swindled the Nazis (P) by Frank Wynne Just My Type: A Book About Fonts [H] By Simon Garfield *** A History of pictures [h] by Hockney, D & Gayford, M Orchestral performance; a guide for conductors and players [p] by Christopher Adey

The Oxford Companion to Art (H) by Harold Osborne (Editor)

The Oxford Companion to English Literature by Margaret Drabble (Editor)
H 2000


The Stones of Florence by Mary McCarthy.
H Pub Heinemann 1976.
NB picture is from paperback

British Architects & Craftsmen; a Survey of Taste, Design and Style During Three Centuries 1600-1830 by Sacheverell Sitwell
H 1948








Stanley Spencer; a Biography
by Maurice Collis
H 1962


Stanley Spencer Royal Academy Of Arts
Exhibition catalogue 1980 S
The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley (illustrated)Shelley, Percy Bysshe ; Scott, William B. (ed). 1880s. Pizarro in Peru, or the Death of Rolla by Augustus von Kutzebue. Translated from the last German edition ... with notes, etc. by T. Dutton. 1799.







History of the violin [p] by William Sandys and Simon andrew Forster Mr Black's Violins. The extraordinary obsession of Gerald Segalman [h] by Andrew Hooker    
Beethoven's Eroica; the first great romantic symphon [h] by James Hamilton-Paterson A player's guide to chamber music [h] by Paul Jeffery The Bach Cello Suites; a companion [h] by Steven Isserlis Benjamin Britten; a life for music [h] by Neil Powell (NB picture is different)

The Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can't Do without it (H, 2009) by Philip Ball

Journeying Boy; the diaries of the young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938 (P)
ed by John Evans
Britten's Children (P)
by John Bridcut
A plain man's guide to jazz [H] by John Postgate
Benjamin Britten: A Biography (Paperback)
by Humphrey Carpenter
The Oxford Companion to Music by Alison Latham (Editor)
Tchaikovsky. A Biographical And Critical Study.
To The Crisis (1840-1878)
The Crisis Years (1874-78) by David Brown
P1986/1981; P 1992
Mstislav Rostropovich: Cellist, Teacher, Legend (H) by Elizabeth Wilson




Chats on Violoncellos
by Olga Racster
H 1907

Beethoven and the Age of Revolution by Frida Knight
H 1973

The Violoncello And Its History by Wasielewski W.J.V.
H 1894

The Beethoven quartets by Joseph Kerman
H 1967

Memoirs of Hector Berlioz from 1803 to 1865, comprising his travels in Germany, Italy, Russia, and England; translated by Rachel (Scott Russell) Holmes and Eleanor Holmes; annotated, and the translation revised, by Ernest Newman (H) by Hector (1803-1869) Berlioz. 1932.      



History and World Affairs    See also Travel and Biography
& Folio Society TOP
East West Street. On the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity [h] by Philippe Sands Who are we now? Stories of modern England [p] by Jason cowley Politics on thedge; a memoir from within [h] by Rory Stewart  
The spy and the traitor [p] by Ben Macintyre Empireland [h] by Sathnam Sanghera The Defence of the realm. The authorized history of MI5 [p] by Christopher Andrew Watergate. A new history [h] by Garrett M. Graff
Britain's war; Into battle 1937-1941 [h] by Daniel Todman Britain's war; a new world 1942-1947 [h] by Daniel Todman Siege. Trump under fire [h] by Michael Wolff From Crime to Crime. 17 cases that shocked the world [h] by Richard Henriques
Trinity; The treachery and pursuit of the most dangerous spy in history [H] by Frank Close Erebus; the story of a ship [H] by Michael Palin Timekeepers [h] by Simon Garfield A Schoolmaster's war [h] by Jonathan Ree
France; a history from Gaul to de Gaulle [h] by John Julius Nowich Fear; Trump in the White House [h] ny Bob Woodward Vietnam; an epic tragedy 1945-1975by Max Hasings Court number one; The Old Bailey Trials that defined modern britain [H] by Thomas Grant
The Candelaria massacre; how Wagner dos Santos survived th street childrens' killing that shook Brazil [p] by Julia Rochester Dereliction of duty; the lies that led to the Vietnam war [p] by H. R. McMaster Victorious Century ; the united kingdom 1800-1906 [h] ny David Cannadine Koh-I-Noor; the history of the world's most infamous diamond [p] by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand
Village of Secrets; defying the nazis in vichy France [P] By Caroline Moorehead The invention of nature: the adventures of Humboldt [H] By Andrea Wuldf The secret war [H] by Max Hastings Marked for deat; the first war in the air [p & h] by James Hamilton-Paterson
Selfish, whining monkeys; how we ended up greedy, narcissistic and unhappy [p] by Rod Liddle Waterloo: The history of four days, three armies and three battles [P] By Bernard Cornwell Cities of Empire; the british colonies and the creation of the urban world [H] Bu Tristram Hunt In these times; living in Britain through Napoleons's wars, 1793-1815 [H] By Jenny Uglow

Double Cross: The True Story of The D-Day Spies [P] by Ben Macintyre

The Tyrannicide Brief: The Man Who Sent Charles I to the Scaffold [P] by Geoffrey Robertson

Small Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of the Modern World [H] by Michael Burleigh Lawrence in Arabia; war, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern middle east [H]. by Scott Anderson

Whoops!: Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay [P] By John Lanchester

Empire of the Clouds: When Britain's Aircraft Ruled the World [H] By James Hamilton-Paterson

HERO The life and legend of Lawrence of Arabia by Michael Korda 2010 All Hell Let Loose; The world at war 1939-1945 by Max Hastings

Forgotten Wars: The End of Britain's Asian Empire (P& H). by Tim Harper & Christopher Bayly

Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord 1940-45 (H,2009)
By Max Hastings

Family Britain, 1951-1957 (Tales of a New Jerusalem) by David Kynaston (P)

The Worst Date Ever: or How It Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa's Secret War: War Crimes, Hollywood Heart-throbs and Other Abominations by Jane Sussmann (P 2009)

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy (Hardcover) by Antony Beevor Berlin: the Downfall, 1945 (Hardcover)
by Antony Beevor
Stalingrad (Paperback)
by Antony Beevor
Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History (Hardcover) by David Aaronovitch

Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Baghdad's Green Zone (Hardcover)
by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Occupational Hazards: My Time Governing in Iraq (Paperback)
by Rory Stewart

The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without End (Hardcover)
by Peter Galbraith

Vietnam: A Historyby Stanley Karnow
P 1994

A History of Britain Volume 3
Simon Schama BBC 2002
Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution (Paperback)by Simon Schama

The Ascent of Man
by Jacob Bronowski
H 1974

The Hutchinson History of the World (H) by J.M. Roberts. 1987.


Essays in English History
by A.J.P. Taylor
H 1976
Evolution of Man and Society by Cyril Dean Darlington. (H). 1969.

China: 100 Years of Revolution (H) 1983. Harison E. Salisbury & J-C Suares


TRAVEL [See also India] TOP  
The places in between [p] by Rory Stewart Secret France (cooking) [h] by Rick Stein    

The Discovery of France (Hardcover)
by Graham Robb

Tree of Rivers: The Story of the Amazon (Hardcover)
by John Hemming
Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations (H) by Vincent Virga Library of Congress. 2007

The Great Explorers [H 2010] Robin Hanbury-Tenison


Shenfan - The continuing revolution in a Chinese village (H) by William Hinton. 1983. THE CHINESE HERITAGE. WU, K. C. 1982 (H).    

FICTION      TOP     See also 'Indian Fiction' and Folio Society
Demon Copperhead [p] by Barbara Kingsolver          
At night all blod is black [p] by David Diop Stoner [p] by John williams The mission house [p] by Carys Davies Amnesty [p] by Aravind Adiga The death of David Debrizzi [p] by Paul Micou  
The Thursday murder club [h] by Richard Osman How much of these hills is gold [p] by C. Pam Zhang Agent running in the field [p] by John Le Carre Shuggie Bain [h] by Douglas Stuart Hurdy Gurdy [h] by Christopher Wilson  
Big sky by Kate Atkinson [p] Gypsy boy by Mikey Walsh [p] Rather be the devil by Ian Rankin [p] Mister Pip [h] by Lloyd Jones Under the radar [p by James Hamilton-Paterson  
West by Carys Davies [p] NW by Zadie Smith [p] Death Notice by Zhou Haohui [p]    (cover is red) The last word [p] by Hanif Kureishi ( picture is different) Ina house of lies [p] by Ian Rankin  
Red Sparrow [p] by Jason Matthews Jericho's war [p] by Gerald Seymour Darkness [p] by Ragnar Jonasson Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders[p] Any Human Heart by William Boyd [p]  
Dark summer in Bordeaux [p] by Allan Massie Moriarty [p] by Anthony Horowitz Sugar money [p] by Jane Harris (incorrect picture) Firefly [p] by Henry Porter The Loney [p] by Adrew Michael Hurley  
Spook street [p] by Mick Herron Standard deviation [p] by Katherine Heiny Three novels [p] by E.F. Benson And the mountains echoed [p] by Khaled Hosseini A necessary evil [h] by Anir Mukherjee  
Black diamond; a Bruno Courreges investigation (3) [p] by Martin Walker Magpie murders [p] by Anthony Horowitz The rebel angels [p] by Roberson Davies The crowded grave [p] by Martin Walker The Devil's cave [p] by Martin Walker  
The underground railroad [p] by Colson Whitehead The automobile club of Egypt [p] by Alaa al Aswany The quality of silence [p] by Rosamund Lupton A view of the harbour [p] by Elizabeth Taylor A question of blood [p] by Ian Rankin  
Corpus [p] by Rory Clements The dark flood rises [h] by Margaret Drabble The sparsholt affair [h] by Alan Hollinghurst Absolute friends [p] by John le Carre A legacy of spies [h] by John le Carre  
Purity [p] by Jonathan Franzen (given oxfam) The gustav sonata [p] by Rose Tremain Conclave [P] by Robert Harris Gordon's gifts [P] by Sally Petch Guapa [P] by Haddad Saleem  
Elizabeth is missing [p] by Emma Healey Hunters in the dark [p] by Lawrence Osborne Alentejo blue [p] by Monica Ali Two years eitght months & twenty eight nights [p] by Salman Rushdie The heart goes last [p] by Margaret Attwood  
The house at the edge of the world [p] by Julia Rochester Number 11 [p] by Jonathan Coe The Ruby in the smoke [p] by Philip Pullman Now is the hour [p] by Hilary Green Never say goodbye [p] by Hilary Green  
Ghosts of Manila [p] by James Hamilton-Paterson Griefwork [h] by James Hamilton-Paterson Private Berlin [p] by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan The fires of autumn [p] by Irene Nemirovsky The girl on the train [p] by Paula Watkins  
A place called winter (P) by Patrick Gale The girl in the red coat (P) by Kate Hamer A spool of blue thread (P) by Anne Tyler Death in Bordeaux (P) by Allan Massie A study in murder A dr watson thriller (P) by Robert ryan  
The troublesome offspring of cardinal Guzman (H) by Louis de Bernieeres Gone Girl (P)by Gillaian Flynn. difft picture The beginner's goodbye (P) by Anne Tyler The children act (P) by Ian McEwan The fires of authumn (P) by Irene Nemirovsky  
Natchez burning [P] By Greg Iles The bone tree [P] By Greg Iles The girl next door [p] by Ruth Rendell Us [P] by David Nicholls The noise of time (H) by Julian Barnes  
The Sweetest dream [H] by Doris Lessing The narrow road to the deep north [P] by richard Flanagan Suite Francaise [P] By Irene nemirovsky The devil in the marchelsea [P] by Antonia Hodgson I am Pilgrim [P] By Terry Hayes  
Don't point that thing at me [P] By Kyril Bonfiglioli Lost for words [H] By Edward St Aubyn Silver; return to Treasure Island [P] by Andrew Motion The girl who saved the king of sweden [P] by Jonas Jonasson Arctic summer [P] by damon Galgut  
A delicate truth [p] by John Le Carre The Quarry [p] by Iain Banks Expo 58 [P] By Jonathan Coe The greatcoat [P] by Helen Dunmore The white lioness [P] by Henning Mankell  

Never mind [p]. By Edward St Aubyn. No 1 in Patrick Melrose set

Bad news [p]. By Edward St Aubyn.No 2 in Patrick Melrose set

Some hope [p]. By Edward St Aubyn.No 3 in Patrick Melrose set

Mother's milk [p]. By Edward St Aubyn.No 4 in Patrick Melrose set

At last [p]. By Edward St Aubyn.No 5 in Patrick Melrose set

One night in winter [P] by Simon sebag Montefiore A very british coup [P] by Chris Mullin        
Standing in another man's grave [P] by Ian Rankin Breathing lesson [P] by Anne Tyler Old Filth [P] by Jane Gardam The Man in the wooden hat [P] by Jane Gardam Last Friends [P] by Jane Gardam  
We the animals [p] by Justin Torres Waiting for sunrise [p] by William Boyd Heartbreak Hotel [H] By Deborah Moggach A man without breath [P]
by Philip Kerr
Norwegian by night [p] By Derek Miller  
In one person [p] by John Irving Peaches for monsieur le cure [p] by Joanne Harris Sweet tooth [p] by Ian McEwan A foreign country [p] by Charles Cumming A tale for the time being [p] by Ruth Ozeki  

Borkmann's Point: An Inspector van Veeteren Mystery (Van Veeteren Series) [P] by Hakan Nesser nb difft picture

Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell (Kurt Wallander) difft picture

Diary Of An Ordinary Woman [P] by Margaret Foster

Flight behaviour [p] by Barbara Kingsolver Telegraph avenue [p] by Michael Chabon  
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared [P] by Jonas Jonasson Hope: A Tragedy [P] by Shalom Auslander The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year [P ] by Sue Townsend The Quality of Mercy [P ] by Barry Unsworth Spies by Michael Fray  
The Music [p] by James Hamilton-Paterson

Renegade or Halo 2 [P] By timothy Mo

The Impossible Dead [P] by Ian Rankin The Fear Index [P] by Robert Harris Pilcrow [P] by Adam Mars-Jones  
Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant By Anne Tyler P] Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close P By Jonathan Safran Foer Bring up the Bodies [H ] by Hilary Mantel

The Sense of an Ending  [P] by julian Barnes

Gerontius [P] by James Hamilton-Paterson  
Prodigal Summer By Barbara Kinsolver P 2001 The Dealer and the Dead By Gerald Seymour P 20111 Telescope By Jonathan Buckley P 2011 Land of Marvels By Barry Unsworth P 2010 Rebus: The Early Years - Knots and Crosses / Hide and Seek / Tooth and Nail [P] By Ian Rankin  
Inheritance [P] by Nicholas Shakespeare

Parrot and Olivier in America [P] by Peter Carey

Started Early, Took My Dog [P] by Kate Atkinson

Some Hope [P] by Edward St Aubyn Djibouti [P] by elmore Leonard **  

Field Grey: A Bernie Gunther Mystery[P] by Philip Kerr

Alone in Berlin[P] by Hans Fallada

Our Kind of Traitor[P] by John Le Carre

Jump! [P] by Jilly Cooper

Great House[P] by Nicole Krauss

Never Let Me Go by K. Ishiguru Serious Men by Manu Joseph The Stranger's Child [H] by Alan Hollinghurst

The Finkler Question[P] by Howard Jacobson

We Need To Talk About Kevin [P] by Lionel Shriver

Boxer, Beetle [P] by Ned Beauman The Confessions of Edward Day [P] by Valerie Martin One Day by David Nicholls The Book of Dave [P] by Will Self The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc (Millennium Trilogy) [P] by Stieg Larsson  
The Complaints
by Ian Rankin(P)
Last Night in Twisted River (P) by John Irving

A Son Of The Circus [H] by John Irving

Wolf Hall [H] by Hilary Mantel
Brooklyn [P2009] Colm Toibin  


The Road (P) by Cormac McCarthy

On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks (P) The Echo Maker by Richard Powers (P)

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years (P) by Sue Townsend

The Lacuna
by Barbara Kingsolver
The Story of the Night (P)
By Colm Toibin
The Children's Book (P)
By A.S. Byatt
The Family Man (P)
By elinor Lipman
The Angel's Game (P)
By Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Help (P)
by kathryn Stockett
Berlin Noir ('March Violets', 'The Pale Criminal' and 'A German Requiem') (P) by Philip Kerr Asta's Book (Paperback) by Barbara Vine A Male Child (P) By
Paul Scott
A Bit on the Side (P)
By william Trevor
Fine Just the Way it is: Wyoming Stories (P)
By Annie Proulx

Child 44 (P) by Tom Rob Smith***

Burnt Shadows (P) by Kamila Shamsie

Absurdistan (P)by Gary Shteyngart**

Solar (H)
by Ian McEwan
A Most Wanted Man (P) By John le Carré  

The Gathering (P) by Anne Enright**

Day (P) by A.L. Kennedy**

The Millstone (P) by Margaret Drabble **

44 Scotland Street (P)by Alexander McCall Smith **

Portobello (P) by Ruth Rendell ***


Dreams of Rivers and Seas (P) by Tim Parks

Fine Just the Way it is: Wyoming Stories (P) by Annie Proulx

Indignation (P) by Philip Roth

The Point of Rescue (P)by Sophie Hannah ***

The City and the Pillar (P) by Gore Vidal

An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

The Book Thief (P) by
Markus Zusak 2007.

His Illegal Self (H) by Peter Carey The Secret Scripture (P) by Sebastian Barry The Clothes on Their Backs (P) by Linda Grant  


Three Great Novels: Capital Crimes: Dead Souls, Set In Darkness, The Falls: Capital Crimes - "Dead Souls"," Set in Darkness"," The Falls" ()by Ian Rankin

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: or the Murder at Road Hill House (P) by Kate Summerscale

The Believers (H) by Zoë Heller

The Northern Clemency (P) by Philip Hensher

The 19th Wife (P) by David Ebershoff  


When Will There be Good News? (Paperback) by Kate Atkinson

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Paperback)
by Mohsin Hamid
The Good Doctor (Paperback) by Damon Galgut The Impostor (Paperback) by Damon Galgut

Brandenburg (Paperback)
by Henry Porter


Restless (Paperback)
by William Boyd
Two Caravans (Paperback)
by Marina Lewycka
Engleby (Paperback)
by Sebastian Faulks
Birdsong (Paperback)
by Sebastian Faulks
Signs of the Heart: Love and Death in Languedoc (Paperback)
by Christopher Hope
In the Dark (Paperback)
by Deborah Moggach
Zugzwang (Paperback)
by Ronan Bennett
Darkmans (Paperback)
by Nicola Barker
Vonnegut Omnibus: "Welcome to the Monkey House", "Palm Sunday" (Paperback)
by Kurt Vonnegut
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Paperback)
by Susanna Clarke (Author), Portia Rosenberg (Illustrator)
Life of Pi (Man Booker Prize) (Hardcover)
by Yann Martel
Everyman (Paperback)
by Philip Roth
Against the Day (Paperback)
by Thomas Pynchon
The Yacoubian Building (Paperback)
by Alaa Al Aswany
A Spot of Bother (Paperback)
by Mark Haddon
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Hardcover)
by Mark Haddon
Notes on a Scandal (Paperback)
by Zoe Heller
My Life as a Fake (Hardcover)
by Peter Carey
Theft: A Love Story (Paperback)
by Peter Carey
Carry Me Down (Paperback)
by Maria Hyland
Flawed Angel (Paperback)
by John Fuller
Winter in Madrid (Paperback)
by C.J. Sansom
Be Near Me (Paperback)
by Andrew O'Hagan
Cooking with Fernet Branca (Paperback)
by James Hamilton-Paterson
Amazing Disgrace (Paperback)
by James Hamilton-Paterson
Half of a Yellow Sun (Paperback)
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Steal You Away (Paperback)
by Niccolò Ammaniti (Author), Jonathan Hunt (Translator)
Reading in the Dark (Paperback)
by Seamus Deane
Revolutionary Road (Paperback)
by Richard Yates
The Swimming-pool Library (Paperback)
by Alan Hollinghurst
The Line of Beauty (Paperback)
by Alan Hollinghurst
When We Were Orphans (Paperback)
by Kazuo Ishiguro
The Children of Men (Paperback)
by P.D. James
The Accidental (Paperback)
by Ali Smith
The Death of Achilles (Hardcover)
by Boris Akunin
The Victim (Paperback)
by Saul Bellow
The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession (Paperback)
by Paulo Coelho
A Wedding in December (Paperback)
by Anita Shreve
Angle of Repose (Paperback)
by Wallace StegnerMy copy also has The Spectator Bird, and Crossing to Safety
The Blood Doctor (Paperback)
by Barbara Vine
At Swim, Two Boys (Paperback)
by Jamie O'Neill
The Night Watch (Paperback)
by Sarah Waters
The Ruby in Her Navel (Paperback)
by Barry Unsworth
Tales of the City (Paperback)
by Armistead Maupin
Vernon God Little (Paperback)
by DBC Pierre
Going Under (Paperback)
by Ray French
Cloud Atlas (Paperback)
by David Mitchell
Gathering the Water (Paperback)
by Robert Edric
Russian Hide and Seek (H). by Kingsley Amis. 1980.    
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang(H). 1991. Just Above My Head by James Baldwin(H). 1979. 1st. edn Jack Maggs (H) by Peter Carey 1997. 1st.      
The Mission Song by John le Carré (H). 2006. 1st. The Tailor of Panama by John le Carré (H). 1996. 1st. Cities of the Plain by Cormak McCarthy(H) 1998. 1st.      
Lenin in Zurich - Chapters. by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.Translated By H.T. Willetts)(H). 1976. Maurice by E.M. Forster. H.1971. Humboldt's Gift (H). by Saul Bellow 1975. The Redundancy of CourageTimothy Mo. 1991. 1st edn.

'INDIAN' FICTION [And the sub-continent]  See Also Folio Society             TOP
We that are young [p] by Preti Taneja The ministry of untmost happiness [h] by Arundhati Roy    

The Boy with the Topknot: A Memoir of Love, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton [P] By Sathnam Sanghera

Marriage material [P] By Sathnam Sanghera The Accidental Apprentice [P] By Vikas Swarup

The strangled vine [P]
By MJ Carter

Last Man in Tower By Aravind Adiga [P] Chinaman By Shehan Karunatilaka [P]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [P] by Deborah Moggach

Saraswati park [p] by Anjali joseph
Between the Assassinations (H) by Aravind Adiga *** Tales from Firozsha Baag By Rohinton Mistry 1992 P*** Such a long journey byRohinton Mistry , 1992 P Six Suspects By Vikas Sarup 2009 P ***

Chowringhee (Hardcover) by Sankar

The White Tiger (Hardcover)
by Aravind Adiga

Animal's People (Paperback)
by Indra Sinha

Q and A (filmed as Slumdog Millionaire) (Paperback) by Vikas Swarup


Sea of Poppies (Paperback) by Amitav Ghosh


In the Country of Men (Paperback)
by Hisham Matar

Shantaram (Paperback)
by Gregory David Roberts Rave reviews but i found a bit pretentious and not so great

The Kite Runner (Paperback)
by Khaled Hosseini

A Thousand Splendid Suns (Paperback)
by Khaled Hosseini

The Inheritance of Loss (Paperback)
by Kiran Desai

The King's Last Song (Paperback)
by Geoff Ryman


The Perfect Man (Paperback)
by Naeem Murr

Home (Paperback)
by Manju Kapur

Anil's Ghost (Hardcover)
by Michael Ondaatje



A Fine Balance (Paperback)
by Rohinton Mistry

Family Matters (Paperback)
by Rohinton Mistry

The Hungry Tide (Paperback)
by Amitav Ghosh

Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie(H). 1982 BCA edn. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (H) 1988. 1st ed. The Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie (H). 1995. 1st edn. Shame by Salman Rushdie (H). 1983.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie(H) 1990      

RACKHAM, Arthur / SHAKESPEARE, William A MIDSUMMER NIGHt'S DREAM   Heinemann, 1908 Aventures d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles. RACKHAM / CARROLL (Lewis).
1907. NB Illustration is same as the English version shown here.
RACKHAM , Arthur / IRVING, Washington RIP VAN WINKLE  Heinemann, 1907

Winnie the Pooh: Complete Collection of Stories and Poems (Hardcover) by A.A. Milne (Author), E.H. Shepard (Illustrator)

Paradise Lost. By JohnMilton. Edited, with Notes and Life of Milton By Robert Vaughn. 1880. Illustrated by Gustav Dore. Elephant folio size.      

FOLIO SOCIETY History, Travel and World Affairs India Biography The Arts Natural World
& Science
  Fiction andPoetry          

Folio 60: A Bibliography 1947 - 2006. 2007.

History, Travel and World Affairs
Behind the wall by Colin Thubron      
No Cloak, No Dagger
By Benjamin Cowburn
Captain cook's voyages selected by G. Williams The ascent of man by Jacob Bronowski The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian

Crusader Castles by T. E. Lawrence

Revolt in the Desert by TE Lawrence

A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby

Five Days in London, May 1940 John Lukacs
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon: 2 sets Vol. 1-4; vol. 5-8.
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
by Lawrence James
The Pax Britannica Trilogy: Heaven's Command; Pax Britannica; Farewell the Trumpets [3 volumes]
by James Morris
A History of England 1945-2000 By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto Winston S. Churchill: The second World War. Two
3-Volume Boxed Sets
by Kenneth Clark 1999
Rights of Man
Thomas Paine

The Victorians
A. N. Wilson 2008

William Russell: Special Correspondent of the Times

by William Howard Russell
Ed. by Roger Hudson. 1995
From Atlanta to the SeaSherman, William T. 1961 At the Court of the Borgia.By His Master of Ceremonies Johann Burchard. Edited and Translated By Geoffrey Parker. 1963.
The Twelve Caesars
Translated by Robert Graves. Wood engravings by Raymond Hawthorn.
Barrow, Sir John - The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical seizure of HMS Bounty, its causes and consequences. 1976 Firmont Abbe De - A Journal of the Terror. 1955. Defoe Daniel - A Journal of the Plague Year. 1960

The Travels of Marco Polo by Marco Polo. 1968.

Paris in the Revolution by Reay Tannahill. 1966 The Private the Lives of the Tudor Monarchs
Falkus Christopher
. 1974.
Crane, Stephen The Red Badge Of Courage. 1964.
Folio society 2002
Revolt in the Desert
by T E Lawrence 1927
Folio Society 1986/2007

The Third Crusade: An Eye Witness Account of the Campaigns of Richard Coeur-de-Lion in Cyprus and the Holy Land. Edited and Introduced By Kenneth Fenwick. 1961

Scott's Last Expedition. The Personal Journals of Captain R.F. Scott, on his Journey to the South Pole. Introduction by Sir Vivian Fuchs.SCOTT, Captain R.F. 1964
India     TOP
The Raj: An Eye-Witness History of the British in India by Roger Hudson (Editor), Raleigh Trevelyan (Introduction) Myths and Legends of India [Folio Society] (Hardcover) Selected and re-told by William Radice. Includes the Mahabharata India: A History
by John Keay.
2 vols. 2003
The Seige Of Delhi Mutiny Memories Of An Old Officer Richard Barter. 1984
The Natural Word & Science    
Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems [H] by Gslileo Galilei The age of wonder by Richard Holmes    
My Life by Thomas Bewick

A History of British Birds byy Thomas Bewick

How the mind works by Steven Pinker STRUCTURES or why things don't fall down by J.E. Gordon
The Natural History of Selborne Gilbert White 1789/2009 The Blind Watchmaker
Richard Dawkins
The ten most beautiful experiments by George Johnson 2011 The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins 2011
Life: An Unauthorised biography; A natural history of the first four thousand million years of life on earth. Richard Fortey, 2008 The Earth - An Intimate History Richard Fortey 2004/2011
The Voyage of HMS Beagle Charles Darwin History of Western Science
John Gribbin

Relativity Albert Einstein The Secret Life of Trees Colin Tudge Silent Spring by
Rachel Carson. 2000

The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
Charles Darwin

The Arts     TOP

Colour  Victoria Finlay

The Nude Kenneth Clark 1956/2010

Howard Hibbard
Leonardo da Vinci
by Kenneth Clark
The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings
by Martin Bailey
The Stones of Venice by John Ruskin Introduction by Jan Morris 2001
Painter of Passion; the Journal of Eugene Delacroix
Ed. by Hubert Wellington
The Arabian Nights. Tales from the thousand and one nights Illustrated by E J DETMOLD. 1999 The Itinerants Society for circulating art exhibitions (1870-1923)H.

Rembrandt van Rijn. Paintings, drawings and etchings

Lambourne, Nigel (ed)

Biography     TOP
My Life by Thomas Bewick Joseph Banks; a life by Patrick O'Brian John Adams by James Grant Brief lives by John Aubrey
If This Is a Man
by Primo Levi, Stuart Woolf (Translator), Jane Joseph (Illustrator)
Klemperer, Victor - The Diaries of Victor Klemperer: I Shall Bear Witness 1933-1941, To the Bitter End 1942 - 1945. 2006.

Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson

Allingham; The diaries

Painter of Passion; the Journal of Eugene Delacroix. Ed. by Hubert Wellington. 1995

The trial and execution of Socrates
by Plato. 1972
Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey.1967

My Life on the Plains or Personal Experiences with Indians by Custer General G A. 1963.


The Life of Admiral Christopher Columbus By His Son Ferdinand Translated and Annoted By Benjamin Keen. 1959

Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes (Drawings by Edward Ardizzone) by Robert Louis STEVENSON. 1967.


The Life and Death of Thomas Becket. William FitzStephen his clerk. Ed by Georg eGreenaway. 1962

Folio Fiction      
A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman Black mischief by Evelyn waugh The diary of a nobody by G & W Grossmith  
The outsider by Albert Camus Camberwell Beauty and other stories by V.S. Pritchett Herzog by Saul Bellow The Warden by anthony Trollope
Disgrace [2011] By J.M. Coetzee Zuleika Dobson [2008] By Max Beerbohm

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

The New York trilogy by Paul Auster
Beyond the Pale & Other Stories [2010]
By William Trevor
On the Road [2010]
By Jack Kerouac
The jewel in the Crown [1966/2009] 4 volumes Paul Scott

The Periodic Table by

Primo Levi
CATCH 22 by Joseph Heller, iLLUSTRATIONS, Neil Packer
Folio Society
H 2004
Rudyard Kipling Collected Short Stories
Folio Society

Le Grand Meaulnes
Alain - Fournier

Lark Rise to Candleford
Flora Thompson

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Pierre-Ambroise-François Choderlos de Laclos 2009

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, Leo. 1975

Dostoevsky, Fyodor, Illustrated by Lambourne, Nigel - The Brothers Karamazov. 1964

Goodbye to Berlin Christopher Isherwood,

A Passage to India (Hardcover) by E M Forster. 1983. Arnim Elizabeth von - The Enchanted April 2002 GODDEN, Rumer - The Greengage Summer. 2000 MIDDLEMARCH (folio society) (Hardcover) by GEORGE ELIOT (Author), robin jacques (Illustrator). 1972
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 2006.
Bronte, Ann - The tenant of Wildfell Hall. 1966. Scarlet and BlackStendahl. 1965. The Disinherited by Benito Perez Galdos. 1976.
The Magic Mountain. By Thomas Mann. Illustrated by Leonard rosoman. 2000. Slaughterhouse-Five. By Kurt Vonnegut 2006. Illustrations by john Holder    
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Folio Society Edition (Hardcover) by Maya Angelou. 2000. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Illustrated by Charles Keeping.1964.


Three Stories Bartleby Benito Cereno Billy Budd by Herman Melville Garrick Palmer (Illustrator). 1967 Les Enfants terribles by Jean Cocteau ; translated by Rosamond Lehmann ; with, Soixante dessins pour 'Les Enfants terribles' by Jean Cocteau. 1976.


The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Trans. by K. R Mackenzie. Engravings by John Flaxman. 1979 Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Selected Poems by Samuel Taylor. Folio Poets. Engravings by Mirian Macgregor. 2003

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