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Wednesday 10th July – Thursday 15th August
Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham). Hugh flew back on 27th JulY from Avignan [Flybe]; we returned slowly toOuistraham

Total: 1,880 miles; 3,008km

Click on place names on the itinerary below to go direct to the pictures [ in same sequence as the itinerary]     

For all my butterfly pictures from this trip Click Here

Ouistraham, Mayenne, Bauge, Asnieres, Lac Rille; Langeais, Motorway past Tours, Vierzon, St.-Paulien, Rochelambert; Le Puy en Velay, Valence, Die, Hirondelle at Menglon; Gap, Barcelonette, Larche; Towards Gap, Sisteron, Nr. D.-des Anges, Moulin de Vendre at Niozelles; Apt, Avignon; Past Arles to Clos du Rhone at Les Sainte Maries de la Mer; Nimes, Ganges, St. Julien de la Nef; Le Vigan, Meyrueis, Causse Mejean;  St. Enemie, Mende, Lac Naussac; Grandrieu, Col de la Croix de Bor; St. Flour, Riom es Montagne, Trizac; Bort-les Orgues, La Courtine, past Aubusson, Generailles, Chatelus Malveix, Boursolles near Roche;Bonnat, Ciron, Rosnay; Ligueil, Crouzilles, Domaine Coton at Le Perriere; Langeais, Ferte Bernard, Belleme; Montagne au Perche, Livarot, Ouistraham, Portsmouth.

Click here: For full Itinery       For Camping Guide      For all France pictures

Our journey including Asnieres, North of Lac Rille; we had to pause on the way to Lac Rille because the Tour de france was blocking roads.
Arriving in rainy Oustraham. We we last to load onto ferry at Portsmouth
Just room in the corner for us
The valley of the Sarthe where we lingered en route to Rille
The church in Asnieres
Inside. Hugh removes his hat on entering to see the devils
House of the kind lady who helped plan our route out of village
I like climbing plants but they can take over
The river Vegre, tributary of the Sarthe
Lac Rille More picture of this place in 2012 pages
Our homes for the next 5 weeks
Lac Rille Our slipway for kayak launch is on right of picture
The sunday morning express

What else are railway lines for?

Nice camouflage
Peacock butterfly
Our Black Redstart
Rochelambert, Near St. Paulien. A new site for us
Camp entrance
The road down into our valley
The local castle
Reception and nice restaurant
The local market came to the site
The swimming pool; I am told it was cold
Walking over the plateau above the campsite
Hirondelle at Menglon Another new site
Hugh at work decamping
View for edge of campsite, the morning after the thunderstorm
Smiling snail
Larche, our top campsite near Italian border               For more pictures of Larche look back through previous years pics
The best campsite
View of campsite from over the river
Morning coffee
Larche from Restaurant
Church entrance
Walking back from village. Campsite is at last bit of river
A Winchat, rare in UK but our commenest bird here
Long-tailed tit
The plateau above Larche on the Italian border
Italy is another 3km
Start of the walk home
Friends we made on the trail
Our Marmotte friend
Wheatear in winter plumage
More flowers
Last of the flowers
Moulin de Vendres near Niozelles A new site for us
Entrance to site with fishing lake on left, and pool
Hugh on Safari
A carp caught in the lake [returned after picture]
View from the hills above the campsite
On walk to the Chapel des Anges
The Chapel des Anges. Picture taken while listening to Golden Orioles
Liz getting her excercise
My favourite flower
A memorable dinner on Hugh's birthday at camp restaurant
Well it is his birthday
Avignon          For more pictures of Avignon see 2011
The palace in the old city
Buddhist (?) meditating in public
Yes, stupid, they are real
French in meditation
Mediaeval man looking at us having dinner
Waiting for the ferry back to the campsite
Here it is. Sorry this was last trip so you must walk
Le pont d'Avignon
The Clos du Rhone near Sts Maries de la Mer in Camargue
After the thunderstorm
Entrance to boat trips in Tiki - related I assume to our KonTiki
One of the local feral cats. Perhaps part of the inspiration that led to choosing our similar cat Kizzy 6 weeks later
Beside the site, beside the sea at the mouth [clos] of the Rhone
The swimming lagoons with Ste Maries de la Mer in background
The church in Les Ste Maries de la Mer
Flypast of flamingoes of the Camargue
Sardinian Warbler perched next to the camper
St Julien de la Nef in Cevennes near between Ganges and Le Vigan. A new site for us
Reception at the end of a long narrow lane amongst heavily wooded site
River bathing on edge of site
A Scarce Swallotail
Scarce Swallowtail on Buddleia
Causse Mejean; a favourite Camping Sauvage site
On the way to the Causse
Liz looking across to the Met Observatory at Mont Aigouil
The observatory. Picture taken with long lens from same position
Cows near the observatory
View of the Causse Mejean from the Observatory, over the Tarn Gorge
Hidden amongst the pines
Home beneath the vultures
Cornflowers of the Causse
Time to do postcards
flypast after dropping his glider
Lac Naussac on edge of Les Margeride Hills near Langogne      A new site for us
The best site, overlooking the lake
Our new friend (Andrew with Dai Webb). Serciving our refridgerator, having solved our gear linkage problem the afternoon before
"When was this last serviced?" What do you expect after 18 years
The far side of the lake
Vieew from far side
Long lens view of our campsite from far side of lake
One of many cloud photes
Clouds at sunset
Evening drama
Col de la Croix de Bor in Les Margeride hills West of Lake Naussac     A great site for Camping Sauvage, on an Olympic cross country ski place
Map for skiers
Artist at work
View of camper from down the valley
Lon lens view from campsite of one of the villages in the Margerides between St Alban and Grandrieu
On one of our favourite wa;ls behind our site. Note Rose bay willow herb in background
Wonderful clouds above these hills
These look calm enough, But
They can become threatening
Trizac, West of Riom-en-Montagne in the Auvergne; a favourite homebound place
Recovering after our wettest day of the holiday
One of the few days we had to stay in the van
Village cemetary next to the municipal campsite, overlooking valley
The Mairie square with church
The church
View of the church from our butcher's shop
Door of Church but it did not open
Of course Liz found a way by the back door
As simple in as it is outside
Our favourite restaurant
This was good enough for me to cycle to in the morning for breakfast crossants and cunning tarts
Typical village stone roof
Old stone house
Worth walking in the rain for
View of the campsite (by lake) from the cross on the hill
Up on the hill with only cows for company
Typical auvergne cow
The high plateau above the village with the volcanoes in the distance
Wheatear up on the plateau
Ghost of the red baron?
Boursolles near Roche, near Chatelus-Malveix    A France Passion site
Wonderful peaceful place, with swallows, doves, golden orioles and hoopoe
The farm from above
View from road
Ghost of Peggy
The church at nearby Roche

Elizabeth and Mary on the rock after which village is named; the church

Rosnay in La Brenne
The excellent Municipal campsite by small lake. Rosnay is surrounded by lakes, with purple, and night, herons and swallows
View from van
Excellent restaurant in village
The restaurant with owner and cook hiding his weight
Old oak by one of the bigger nearby lakes
Purple heron
Domaine Coton at Perrieres near Crouzilles near Chinon    A great France Passion site amongst the vineyards
By the caves of Domaine coton. Wonderful wine (mainly Cabernet france; like Saumur Champigny)
Spot the Black Redstart
Nearby chateau
Nearby village
Kind farmer directing les anglais stupide back home to Natasha at Domaine Coton
Hello dear
Well stocked
The neighbour's guineau fowl
Belleme. Municiapal campsite, last on way home
Our last stop
The old town
Is it a moth or a humming bird?
Our last restauran









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