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Thursday 14th June – Wednesday 18th July; Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki.

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham). Hugh flew back on 30th June from Perpignan [Flybe].
Total: 1,899 miles; 3,056km.

Click on place names on the itinerary below to go direct to the pictures [ in same sequence as the itinerary]     For Full Driving itinerary Click Here

Ouistraham, Mayenne, Bauge, Lac Rille; Langeais, Motorway past Poitiers, Limoges, Motorway past Uzerches, Tulle, Argentat; Beaulieu, Souillac, St-Cyprien, Le Bugue; Caduin, Agen, Cologne, St Cricq, Lac de Thoux; L’Isle-Jourdain; Motorway around Toulouse, Foix, Axat, Formigueres, Matamale; Mont-Louis, Prades, Thuirs, Argeles-s-Mer; St, Cyprien, past Rivesaltes, Estagel, Tuchan; Durban-Corbieres, Ripaud, Gleon; Portel-des-Corbieres, to Motorway past Narbonne, Beziers, Frontagnan, Les Tamaris;, Gigean, St-Martin-des-Londres, Ganges, Le Vigan, Le Valle de l’Arre; L’Esperou, Mont Aigoual observatory, Meyrueis, Causse mejean; Ste-Enimie, Mende, Chateuneuf-de-Randon, Col de Croix de Bor; St-Alban-sur-Limagnols, Chaude-Aigues, Pont de Lanau, La Belvedere (Neuveglise); St-Flour, Murat, Riom-es-Montagnes, Trizac; Riom-es-Montagnes, Bort-les Orgues, La Courtine, Gentioux-Pigarolles, Vauveix, Val de Vassiviere; Peyrat, Gueret, Argenton-sur-Creuse, Ciron, Port de la Brenne, Rosnay (in La /Brenne Region); Mezieres-en-Brenne, Bournan, L’lle-Bouchard, Saumur; Bauge, Sable-s-Sarthe, Evron, Carrouges, Falaise; St-Pierre-sur-Dives, Troarn, Ranville, Ouistraham, Portsmouth, Southampton.

Click here: For full Itinery       For Camping Guide      For all France pictures

Lac Rille, North of Loire                         TOP
We are camped to the right under the trees
   Drying out after our 150 litre water tank emptied into the van [due to corroded water heater]                          
View from our camp
This real-life steam train went beside our site and around part of the lake
Cold pool, cool Liz and our kayak launch pad in background
Another happy little camper
Female Black redstart
Our friendly flycatcher with a caught fly

The Dordogne, running by campsite

Our Polish friends setting off down the rapids towards Beaulieu and Bergerac
Bridge over Dordogne at Argentat
Argentat house            
Restaurant in town square
On the way to nearby village of Monceaux sur Dordogne
The church at Monceaux
Inside the church
To the glorious dead of Monceaux. Most villages have these memorials to huge numbers killed in wars
Friendly pigeon
Pied wagtail on the cobbles of riverside Dordogne at Argentat
Cirl bunting [rare for me] in campsite
Lac de Thoux
Campsite on the shore of the lake
Happy campers
Hugh setting our to capsize his kayak [usually impossible]
Trying to get back in
Our heron
Matamale campsite
Lake Matamale with view of higher Pyrenees
On top of the dam that creates the lake; our campsite is among the trees on the right of picture
View of the village from the top of the dam
Matamale village church
Flowers; name to be provided by Liz
The ubiquitous Chaffinch
Serin   TOP
Argeles sur Mer

Entrance to campsite from beach

Beach at Argeles sur Mer looking towards Colliure and Spain
Only two swimmers in the cold Mediterranean; someone has to take the picture
Liz force feeding a grounded Magpie fledgling

View from our campsite; includes two of the local Bee-eaters

Sad farewell; Hugh walking the last 200m to Perpignan airport to catch Flybe to Southampton    
Tuchan   TOP
Our campsite at Tuchan
View from campsite

The campsite is among the trees. The vines are for Fitou; the well-known wine of the Corbieres hills

Great place for bike rides
Chateau Queribus
Entrance into Tuchan
Chruch tower with swallow
The Mairie of Tuchan  
Yet another war memorial
Wonderful Campsite restaurant where we watched the European cup final
The camp pool
The camp goat
A goatlet    TOP
Chateau Gleon
Chateau Gleon; a France Passion place. Inn the Corbieres.

The entrance to Chateau Gleon-Montanie

Monsieur Montanie helping local lost scouts. He is owner of the Chateau and makes great wine
A happy camper       TOP
Les Tamaris near Frontagnon   TOP
Campsite at les Tamaris. This is on the beach. On the opposite side is extensive lagoon.
The lagoon looking towards the sea.
The pool at les Tamaris
'Our' beach
Brave swimmer; I stayed on shore to keep watch for sharks
These breakwaters make it good for swimming and boating
Shelduck and family on the lagoon
Black-winged stilt; common around the lagoons
Baby Black-winged stilt          TOP
Le Vigan on river Arre
The border of the campsite is the river Arre. Our campsite is on the bank behind the trees
Bridge over the river Arre
The chief camper   
Camp guardians    TOP
The observatory at Mont Aigoul on way from Le Vigan to Causee Mejean   TOP
View of distant Causee Mejean from the observatory        TOP
Causse Mejean
Our wild campsite abong the firs and juniper trees on the Causse Mejean
Causse and clouds
One of the many vultures awaiting our demise [Egyptian Vulture]
Typical flowers of the Causse [    ]
An orchid [      ]
Bee on flower [what more can I say]         TOP
Col du Croix de Bor in the Margerides
Wonderful wild campsite
View from campsite over the Margerides hills      TOP
La Belvedere (Neuveglise) Near Lanau   TOP
View from the terrace above.   TOP
Trizac in the Auvergnes
Distant view of our campsite at edge of Auvergne plateau
Closer view of Our campsite at the edge of the Auvergne plateau
The Mairie at Trizac
Typical Auvergne young bulls
A wayside cross. We have no idea about this.
Campsite pied wagtail    TOP
Lac de Vassiviere
Our wet campsite on terrace above the lake.
The lake
The beach
Young black redstart        TOP
Rosnay in Brenne region
La Brenne
Camp from other side of lake
View from our camp

Unusual neighbour

Village square
A very distant Night Heron
Purple heron
Walking in the woods
More flowers
Notice in campsite encouraging us to return       TOP
Saumur    TOP
Welcome to Saumur
Town hall
In the town
Bridge over to the island
A crane to remind us of home
Tree creeper next to the van. Usually impossible to photograph
Campsite entrance with castle where William the Conqueror was born
View from campsite
The walk up to the town
The cathedral
William our conqueror
View from our restaurant
On the short walk home
I cant hold this pose much longer   TOP
Oistraham beach
Cormorants saying goodbye

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