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Camping Holiday France 2010

Friday 28th May – Monday 28th June
Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki.

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham)
Hugh flew back on 16th June from Perpignan [Flybe].
Total: 1,888 milesTotal: 1,977 miles [3,131 km].


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The Kon-Tiki; sunset at Trizac in auvergne

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Anthony Camping Guide to France [2012]

                                  Our 2010 Itinery

*New campsite. **Wild.  ***France Passion

For simple printout Click Here
For details of all campsites  go to our Camping Guide
For pictures of all sites visited in 2010 Click here

Ouistraham, past Saumur to  Airvault; to Le Bugue; past Dax to Azur; to Sauveterres de Bearn; to Lescun;  past Lourdes and  St Gaudens to Oust; past Quillan to Matamale; past Prades to, Argeles-Plage; Perpignan Airport; past Tuchan to Gleon; past Beziers on A9 to Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer; past Quissac to Lanuejols (Causse noir);pastMeyrueis, to Causse Mejean; past St. Enemie and Chateauneud-de-Randon to Col de la Croix de Bor; past Chely-d’Apcher and Riom-es-Montagne to Trizac; past Aubusson to Boussac; past Issoudun to Belleme; to Ouistraham, Portsmouth.

CAEN. Ouistraham, Ouistraham, Thury-Harcourt, Flers, Mayenne, Monsurs, Sable, La Fleche, Saumur, Thouars, Airvault [220miles].

29th May Sat. Airvault* [1 night]. Camping de Courte Vallee. Good site. Few facilities open; small pool was closed. English. 20 minute walk to nice small mediaeval town with good restaurants.
    Parthenay, St-Maixent, Lezay, Ruffec, La Rochefoucauld, Marthen, Nontron, Perigeux, Le Bugue [200 miles]

30th -31st May. Sunday. Le Bugue [2 nights]. Camping Les Trois Caupain. Good site. Excellent restaurant***. 
    Bergerac, Marmande, St. Justin, Mont de Marsan, Dax, Magescq, Azur. [184 miles].

1st – 4th June. Tuesday. Azur [4 nights]. Camping Azur’Rivage*. Excellent large site beside large lake (Etang de Soustons). Good kayaking. Small shop. Good cycling area. Nothing in nearby villages [restaurants etc].  
    Souston, St. Vincent, Peyrehorade, Labatout, Bellocq, Sauveterres de Bearn. [54 miles]

Saturday 5th June. Sauveterre de Bearn [1 night].  Good municipal site by the Gave d'Oloron. Mediaeval town. In season some restaurants. River excellent for swimming and kayaking (some flat, some almost white).
    Navarrenx, Oloron-Ste-Marie, Lescun. [49 miles].

6th – 7th June. Sunday. Lescun [2 nights].  Camp du Lauzart. One of our favourite campsites in France. Spectacular views of mountains with great walks and cycle rides. Near nice small village.
    Lurbe-St-Christau, Arudy, Lourdes, Bagneres-de-Bigorre, St. Laurent-de-Neste, St Gaudens, Figarol, St-Girons, Lacourt, Oust. [156 miles].

8th June. Tuesday. Oust [1 night]. Camping les 4 Saisons*.400m from nice village. By river. Excellent restaurant.
    Masat, Tarascon, Lavelanet, Quillan, Axat, Matamale [110 miles].

9th – 11th June.  Wednesday.  Matemale [3 nights].  Camping du Lac. At 1500m. Great village restaurant. Wonderful grassy site with sweet smelling conifers, nesting redstarts and good views. Near lake. Nearby swimming pool. Great walks and bike rides.
    Mont Louis, Olette, Prades, Thuir, Elne, Taxo d’Avall, Argeles-Plage. [70 miles].

Saturday 12th – 15th June. Argeles-s-Mer [4 nights]. Le Soleil. Wonderful pools and large site. Good bars, shop and excellent Restaurant. Next to beach. Nesting Hoopoes and nightingales. Good  bike rides.
    Perpignan Airport; Estagel, Tuchan, Durban-Corbieres, Gleon [66 miles]

16th June. Wednesday. Chateau Gleon*** [1 night]. France-Passion site in Corbieres, near Villesques des Corbieres. Excellent. Bought 3 cases of super wine. Nice walks. Friendly.
    Portel-des-Corbieres, Les Mattes, A9;Beziers, Montpellier, Gallargues,Aigues-Mortes, Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer [130 miles]

17th June. Thursday. Ste-Maries de la Mer. (Camargue) [3 nights]. Le clos du Rhone. Wonderful pools and large site. Good bars, shop and excellent Restaurant. Next to beach.
    Aigues-Mortes, Sommieres, Quissac, Sauve, Ganges, Le Vigan, Sauclieres, Nant, Revens, Lanuejols (Causse noir). [190 miles].

Sunday 20th June. Randals Bison*** on Causse Noir [1 night].  France Passion. High, windy and cold. Good restaurant but closed at night. Sold bison stew. Great walks. Nearest town is Millau [to the West]. 
Meyrueis, Carnac, Causse Mejean [26 miles].

21st June. Monday. Causse Mejean [2 nights]**.Wild camping. Best wild camping in France (their description is ‘Camping Sauvage’ which is perfect for this place. Overseen by vultures. Good bike rides and walks.
    Mas-St-Chely, St. Enemie, Sauveterre, Balsiege, Chateauneud-de-Randon, Col de la Croix de Bor [61 miles].

23rd June Wednesday. Col de Croix de Bor [2 nights]**. Wild camp. In Margeride hills, Excellent wild camp site in. Up long track away from road. Great views, walks and bike rides. A good restaurant is about a mile to west.
    St. Alban-sur-Limagnole, St-Chely-d’Apcher, St. flour, Murat, Riom-es-Montagne, Trizac. [92 miles].

25th June Friday. Trizac [1 night]. In Auvergnes. Nice municipal site on edge of village. Small restaurants may not be open. Excellent easy walks over the high Auvergne plateau.
    Nr. Riom, Antignac, Bort-des-Orgues, Ussel, La Courtine, Felletin, Aubusson, Chenerailles, Gouzon, Boussac.[114 miles].

26th June. Saturday. Bousac-Bourg [1 night]. Le chateau de Poinsouze *.  A les Castels site. Excellent. By its own lake (kayaking etc) near chateau. Good pool. Restaurant [take away].
    Ste-Severe-sur-Indre, Le Chatre, St. Chartier, Issoudun, Vatan, Valancay, Contre, Blois, Vendome, Savigny, St-Calai, Vibraye, Belleme. [199 miles].

27th June. Sunday.  Belleme [1 night]. Camping Municipal “le Val” . Neat campsite in the interesting small town. Good Cambodian restaurant. Excellent alternative to La Ferte Barnard.

28th June. Monday . Mortange-au-Perche, Moulins-la-Marche, Gace, Livarot, St-Piere-s-Dives, Troarne, Ranville, Ouistraham. [95 miles].









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