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Friday 28th May – Monday 28th June. Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki.

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham); Hugh flew back on 16th June from Perpignan [Flybe].
Total: 1,888 milesTotal: 1,977 miles [3,131 km].

Click on place names on the itineraray below to go direct to the pictures [these are arranged in same sequence as the itinerary]

Ouistraham, past Saumur to  Airvault; to Le Bugue; past Dax to Azur; to Sauveterres de Bearn; to Lescun;  past Lourdes and  St Gaudens to Oust; past Quillan to Matamale; past Prades to, Argeles-Plage; Perpignan Airport; past Tuchan to Gleon; past Beziers on A9 to Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer; past Quissac to Lanuejols (Causse noir);past Meyrueis, to Causse Mejean; past St. Enemie and Chateauneud-de-Randon to Col de la Croix de Bor; past Chely-d’Apcher and Riom-es-Montagne to Trizac; past Aubusson to Boussac; past Issoudun to Belleme; to Ouistraham, Portsmouth.

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The Kontiki     Our home for 4 weeks     Sunset in the Auvergne
Our home after 3 weeks                                   TOP
Airvault       Our 1st campsite                                                       TOP
Le Bugue on Dordogne   Home of Max and Marguerite Avezoux
Max and Marguerite Avezoux     Parents of my previous research student Alain                
Azur on Lac Soustons in Les Landes 
Happy campers
Lac Soustons
Our local black kite                                                                TOP
Under the walls of Sauveterre de Bearn by the Gave d'Oloron at base of Pyrenees
View of our campsite from the walls of Sauveterre. Clive once jumped off the bridge here   TOP
Lescun    One of our favourite sites in the Pyrenees
A local predator   
Time to go                                                TOP
Dull campsite at Oust, a stopover on the way East in foothills of Pyrenees
Our wonderful restaurant in the Hotel de la Poste in Oust [400 m from campsite]       TOP    
Matamale in Pyrenees One of our favourite sites


Our favourite restaurant in France
Rainbow pointing the way to dinner
Rainbows are not free
Menus at La Belle Aude
The starter presented by friendly owner  to very happy diners    TOP
Local Black Redstart                                                   The bells of Matamale
The lake at Matamale. The campsite is in the forest on the right                           TOP
Le Soleil campsite at Argeles sur Mer    TOP
Entrance to Le Soleil from beach
An Argeles beach flower
Where the Pyrenees meet the sea; Hugh's last beach walk                  TOP
Hugh deciding which plane he want to take him home from Perpignan airport  
OK I'll have the usual Flybe                     TOP
The France-Passion site in the Corbieres
Our host, Monsieur Montagniee.    I went in for a small drink with him and returned with 3 cases
Chateau Gleon
Chateau Gleon   TOP
Our Camargue campsite at Le Clos du Rhone
The pool at Le clos du Rhone
The Clos du Rhone with the paddleboat the Tiki
Camargue bulls  TOP
Flowers of La Camargue
The yellow-legged gull. This is the mediterranean version of our pink legged Herring gull
Black-winged stilt nesting near our campsite           TOP                                     
The Randal Bison France-Passion site on the high Causse Noir
The bison
Our campsite on Causse Noir
Our Camper is the white dot in the distance [left]
Causse Noir flowers                                     TOP
Wild camping on Causse Mejean amongst the orchids
Dinner and dinner lady
St. Enemie on the Tarn with Causse Mejean in distance                 TOP
Wonderful hilltop village of Chateuneuf- de-Randon
Our wild campsite on the Col de la Croix de Bor
View from our camper on the col
Our resident Montagu's Harrier on the col
Our local Bar/Restaurant about 2km walk from col                                                                TOP
Our campsite [on right] at Trizac in the Auvergne 
Some neighbours at Trizac
Our cat which aggressively adopted us     TOP
The one village restaurant Siege de la Chasse
Inside the bar at lunchtime
Looking down to the river
Liz at the foot of the cross
Sunset from the camper at Trizax     TOP
View from camper at Boussac

View of camper from chateau   TOP

Our guardian goose                                            TOP

The pool at Belleme

 In Belleme      TOP
How we were first off the ferry in Portsmouth
Saying goodbye to La Belle France

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