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Camping Holiday France 2014

Wednesday 28th May – Monday 30th June. 
Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki.

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham). Hugh flew back on 14th June  from Perpignan [Flybe].
Total: 1,730 miles; 2,768km.

This was our last holiday in Kontiki. It lost synchromesh after 250 miles and lost an important drive shaft bearing 700 miles from home. The picture on the right is our last camping site (near Ouistraham) with our loyal van

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Anthony Camping Guide to France [New 2016]
Download pdf (for printing) all itineraries

                                  Our 2014 Itinery

*New campsite. .  **France Passion

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For details of all campsites  go to our Camping Guide
For pictures of all sites visited in 2014 Click here 

Ouistraham, Mayenne, Bauge, Lac Rille; Langeais, Motorway past Poitiers, Limoges, Angouleme,
Perigeux, Le Bugue; Caduin, Agen, Cologne, St Cricq, Lac de Thoux; L’Isle-Jourdain; Motorway around
Toulouse, Foix, Ax-les-Thermes, Bourg-Madame, Mont-Louis, Matamale; Mont-Louis, Prades, Thuirs,
; Perpignan airport, Estagel, Tuchan; Durban-Corbieres, Ripaud, Gleon;
Portel-des-Corbieres, to Motorway past Narbonne, Beziers, Lodeve, Le Vigan; Ganges, Anduze,
Langogne, Lac Naussac; Solignac, Rion, Montlucon, Ciron, Rosnay; Bournan, Saumur;  Bauge,
Sable-s-Sarthe, Sille-la-Guillaume; St-Pierre-sur-Dives, Troarn, Ranville, Merville-Franceville Plage;
Ouistraham; Portsmouth.


Ouistraham. Thury-Harcourt, Flers, Domfront, Mayenne, Montsurs, Sable, La fleche, Bauge,             Noyant, Breil, Lac Rille [181 miles].
29th May, Thursday. Lac Rille. 3 nights. Excellent site in woodland by a large lake which is a bird sanctuary. Easy very close access for launching kayaks. Small pool [cold out of season]; simple camp restaurant. Poor shop and no nearby village. Bread delivered. Spotted flycatchers, Black redstart, Reeed warblers. Little train ran around site on Sunday.

            Langeais, Montbazon, Motorway past Poitiers, then Lussac les Chateaux, Bellac, Limoges, Angouleme, Dignac, Brantome, Periguex, (A89, D710), Le Bugue [264 miles].
1st June. Le Bugue. 2 nights. Camping Les Trois Caupain. Good site. Good pools. Excellent restaurant. Nice small town very close by.

            Caduin, Beaumont-dePerigord, Villeneuve-s-Lot, Agen, Astaffort, Lectoure, Fleurance, Mauvezin, Cologne, St Cricq, Lac de Thoux [128 miles].
3rd June. Lac Thoux near St. Cricq. 4 nights. Very nice site under pine trees by lake; very good for kayaking. Lots of woodpigeons and collared doves. Should pay for kayak permit. Can hire sails.

            L’Isle-Jourdain; Motorway around Toulouse (past Foix), Les Cabannes,  Ax –les-Thermes, Col de Puymorens (tunnel closed but it better and easy over the top), Bourg-Madame, Saillagouse, Mont-Louis, Matamale [175 miles]. Note: this is better than the route through Quillan, Asat and theGorge de Saint George.
7th June.  Matamale. 3 nights. Camping du Lac. At 1500m. Great village restaurant. Wonderful grassy site with sweet smelling conifers, nesting redstarts and Winchats, and good views. Near lake. Nearby swimming pool. Great walks and bike rides.

            Mont-Louis, Prades, Rodez, Corbere, Thuirs, Elne, Taxo d’Aval,  Argeles-s-Mer [73 miles].
10th June. Argeles sur Mer. 4 nights. Le Soleil. Wonderful pools and large site. Good bars, shop and excellent Restaurant. Next to beach. Bee-eaters, hoopoes and nightingales. Good bike rides. Good local restaurants.

            Elne, around Perpignan, Airport, Estagel, Paziols, Tuchan [57 miles].
4th June. Tuchan. 3 nights. Excellent site near village responsible for Fitou wine. Nice pool and excellent small bar and restaurant. Very friendly.

            Durban-Corbieres, Ripaud, Gleon. [18 miles].
17th June. Gleon**. 1 night. Chateau Gleon-Montanie. France-Passion site in Corbieres, near Villesques des Corbieres. Excellent. Bought 3 cases of super wine. Nice walks. Friendly. Monsieur Monastier showed me round. He was a French Navy pilot based in Scotland.   

            Portel-des-Corbieres, to Motorway past Narbonne, Beziers, North to Badarieux, East to      Clermont-Herault, Lodeve, St. Maurice-Navacelles, Le Vigan[139 miles].
18th June. Le Vigan, Le Val de l’Arre. 3 nights. Good very friendly site on banks of the river Arre, small pool, shop, snack restaurant. Gave us great help with van which had developed problems.

            Ganges, St. Hippolyte, Anduze, Ales, Portes, Genolhac, Villefort, Langogne, Lac Naussac   [109 miles]; one of the nicest roads in France.
21st June. Lac Naussac. 2 nights. Lac de Naussac, Langogne. Excellent site on terraces overlooking lake and beautiful countryside. Swimming in lake and boats available from nearby Loisir centre. Small childrens pool. Administered by a hotel on site. Excellent restaurant. No shop but the bar will provide coffee milk bread etc (not wine). Great walks and bike rides around lake. Very friendly.

            Langogne, Pradelles, Solignac (past Puy en Velay), Lavaudieu, Brioude,  Motorway past Issoire, Clermont Ferrand, Riom, Montmarault and Montlucon, La Chapelaude, Colan, La Chatre, St. Gaultier, Ciron, Rosnay [258 miles].
23rd June. Rosnay in La Brenne. 3 nights. Wonderful municipal site on edge of lake by very small village. Whole area has many lakes, some of which are bird sanctuaries. Grey and Purple herons, Night heron.

            Mezieres-en-Brenne, Azay-le-Ferron, Le Peti-Pressigny, Ligeuil, Bournan, Ste-Maure-de- Touraine, L’lle-Bouchard, past Chinon, Candes-st-Martin, Saumur [91 miles].
26th June. Saumur. 2 nights. Good large site on island in Loire. 20 min to town.  It now has its own small pool. The large adjacent municipal pool has been closed down. Nice walk to town with good restaurants.

            Longues-Joumelles, Bauge, La fleche, Sable-s-Sarthe, Brulon, Sille-La-Guillaume, Sille-Plage. [74 miles].
28th June. Sille-la-Guillaume*. 1 night. Indigo site in dark forest by lake. Friendly site. Tiny pool.

            Villaines-la-Juhal, Pre-en-Pail, Carrouges, St-Pierre-sur-Dives, Troarn, Herouvillette Escoville, Ranville, Merville-Franceville-Plage [121 miles].
29th June. Merville-Franceville Plage*. 1 night. Just past the town going East towards Cabourg. The first of 3 adjacent excellent sites on the huge sandy beach. Has covered swimming pool. 600 yards along beach leads to village with excellent restaurants.

30th June. Ouistraham, Portsmouth, Home [22 miles].











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