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SCOTLAND HOLIDAY    September 10th - 18th 2010

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Liz and I went on this trip in the campervan as part of our celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. We called in to see old friends on the way [John and Barbara Guest in Sheffield; Nigel Chandler in Duddo near Berwick near Scots border, and on the way home Colin, Alison and Sophie Mather in Wigan].

Itinery: Sheffield, Newcastle, Duddo, Coldstream[A696], Edinburgh, M90, Perth, A9, Pitlochry, Aviemore, Glenmore; camped at lake Morvich. A9, Inverness, A835, Ullapool [camped]. Coast road, Lochinver, Clachtoll [camped].      Homeward bound: A837, Lochinver, A835, Ullapool, Garve, A832, A890, Lochalsh, A87 , by Loch Duich,Morvich [camped]. A87, Invergarry, A82, Fort William, Rannoch Moor, Loch Lomond, Balloch [camped]. A82, M8, M77, Lilmarnock, A76, Dumfries, Annan, M6, Penrith, A66, A592, Pooley Bridge, Ullswater [campsite]. M6, Wigan, M6, M42, M40, A34, M3, Home. Total: 1,562 miles.

Nigel's converted blacksmith's forge and cottage at Duddo
Eider ducks at sea near Berwick
Campsite next to lake Morvich
Lake Morvich
Walk near Lake Morvich
Campsite at Ullapool, overlooking Loch Broom [a sea loch]
Our welcome committee
Herring gull sheltering by the van
The shore next to the van. Oyster catchers plus a turnstone [south for the winter from high arctic]
Ferry to Stornaway on Outer Hebrides. Taken during a 5 minute sunny spell.
View from the van. The rainbow comforted us with God's promise that he will not flood the earh again.
Ullapool from coast road. Our campsite is on the promontary
The Summer Isles; view from Polbain on coast road
Enard bay; a favourite Elliott camping place more than 40 years ago.
Typical view of approaching rainstorm on our drive from Ullapool
Campsite at Clachtoll. A sunny interlude between rain and hail storms.
Common gulls [not so common in fact] sheltering from the severe gales on our campsite
Flight of common gulls [note diagnostic white 'wing mirrors']
Our Gannets feeding ground
A few of our gannet neighbours
Liz dressing for imminent hailstorm
Our campsite [in distance] at Morvich
View toward Loch Duich from campsite [note greylag geese on field
Campsite at dull Balloch at base of Loch Lomond
View down to our campsite [Ullswater]
Church near campsite
Graveyard, wall and Lake district
I was proved right. We did need to take chairs for this single 10 minute warm sunny period.










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