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Tuesday 5th June – Tuesday 10th July. 

Liz + Chris            Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham). Total: 1,852 miles;2,980 km

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Ouistraham, Domfront, Laval, Chateau-Gontier, Montjean sur Loire*; Melay, Bressure, Secondigny, St. Maixent l’Ecole, Sauze-Vaussais, Puy d’Anche*; Rouillac, Chateauneuf -s-Charente, Blanzac, La Roche Chalais, St Aulaye*; Pellegrue, Langon, St Symphorien*; Mont de Marsan, Orthez, Sauveterre de Bearn, Navarrenx, Oloron ste Marie, Aramits*; Col de Pierre St Martin, Arette, Arudy, Louvie-Juzon *; Lourdes, Mauvezin, Heches*; past Lannamezan, around St. Gaudens, St. Girons, Le Mas d’Azil*; Foix, Quillan, St. Paul de Fenouillet, Maury*; Estagel, Thuir, Argeles Plages; bad route to Estagel [many diversions] Estagel, Tuchan; Durban, Lezignan-Corbieres, St. Pons-Thomieres, Olargues, Moulin, Vieussan*; Baderieux, Lodeve, St. Maurice Navacelles, Le Vigan; Ganges, Anduze, Ales, Florac, Mendes, Chateauneuf de Randon, Col de Croix de Bor; St Alban sur Limagnole, St Chely dApcher, Riom, St. Gervais d’Auvergne*; St. Eloy des Mines, Bourbon l’Archembault, Sancoins, (past La Charite-s-Loire}, Herry, Pouilly sur Loire; Vinon, Aubigny, Lamotte-Beuvron, Meung sur Loire, Patay, Bonneval;Brou, Mort agne au Perche, Livarot, Troarn, Ranville, Merville-Franceville; nature reserve, Ouistraham, Journey home..

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Montjean sur Loire    La Promenade (Flower Camping)
The RAC arranged for Fiat garage to mend windscreen wipers which had failed - with 100 miles ot drive in the rain.
The village church that we only saw from bottom of the hill
Bridge over the Loire - next to our restaurant
The local park was full of wooden sculpture like this - from local driftwood
Puy d'Anche dear Sauze-Vaussais. A France Passion site on a black pig farm
St. Aulaye between Libourne and Bergerac. Camping La Fleurie
The daughter of our campsite hosts; practising in the field behind our pitch
Theophile Cart was born here; a founder of the artificial language Esperanto
Male and female Demoiselles (Damsel flies)
St. Symphorien  in North part of Les Landes, South of Bordeaux
Fritillerary Peacock
Painted Lady Damsel Fly [femaie Copper Demoiselle
Sauveterre de Bearns      South of Orthez
A favourite campsite for Kayaking with Hugh, Clive and Mark Wells. The river had burst its banks a few days before and the site was wrecked
Aramits   South West of Oleron Ste Marie. Baretous-Pyrenees
On our walk up to a small col in foothills of Pyrenees, looking down into our camping valley.
Egyptian vulture checking us out
Red Kite over campsite
Col de Pierre St. Martin We drove up to the col thinking of going into Apain but it was very misyt at the top so we drove down again.
We were often held up by sheep being driven up to the mountains ('Transhumance').
The view down into Spain
Lunch at the col in the mist. Rewarded by the Alpine Choughs that probably had a nest down in this very deep hole/cave
Black redstart
Louvie-Juzon. Camping Le Rey. South of PAu, East of Oleron Ste Marie. I seem to have no pics of this place so this is from their website

Heches. Camping La Beurie. South East of Tarbes in valley on way to Aragnuet tunnel. By fast flowing river and near neat village
Le Mas d'Azil. Le Petit Pyreneen. North West of Foix.

Maury. France Passion site; Domaine des Vignes d'Elodie. Between Axat and Estagel
At last the sun came out so we had to creep under bushes for shelter.
The village of Maury
The Spanish Gatekeeper

Argeles Plages. Camping Le Soleil. South of Perpgnan. We met up with Phil and Laura Hewitt (Highfield chruch friends), who took us to Colliure
view of nature reserve and path to beach from our pitch
Evening starlings
Our visit to Colliure with Phil and Laura

The church where 18 month-old Clive blew out the candles

Our lunch place, on right of picture
Pretty in pink
Essential camp magpies Skylark on edge of dunes
Fan-tailed warbler(=Indian Zitting cisticola) Sardinian Warbler

Tuchan, Camping La Peiriere. Northwest of Perpignan. one of our favourite sites
A special van and family. Built using 1963 van. Used to live on sailing barge moored near Bitterne triangle
Great banded Grayling

Marbled white

Dragonfly (Keeled Skimmer) Great tit

Vieussan in St Chinian region of Aude. France Passion site Domaine Carriere-Audier
Samsel fly (Western Demoiselle) Male female
Le Vigan Camping Val de l'Arre. South West of Ales, North of Montpellier.
Renata, our wonderful host
Col de Croix de Bor. Camping sauvage. North of Mende, Southwest of Puy en Velay.
The distant village taken with very long lens
Fritillary Crested tit at nest hole next to van
St Gervais d'Auvergne. Northwest of Clermont-Ferrand. The streets of the village were deserted and 5 restaurants were closed
Dragonfly (Black-tailed Skimmers; known as blue arrows)  

Pouilly sur Loire. Camping La Malaga. South of Sancerre
Firebugs mating

Bonneval. Camping Bois de Chievres. South of Chartres.    Run by Michel and Pascal. They make the best pizza ever with Magret de canard, aubergine and ceps. They keep parrots.

Merville-Franceville Plage. Camping La Mer. East of Ouistraham
Dutch, French, English and German joined to help erect inflatable tent of newly-arrived German family
Looking East
Looking west with our ferry in the distance
My German friend Amon
Liz failing to get the ring off a deceased gannet
Fighting to get into the sea
Lesser Black backed gull  
Herring gull  

Nature reserve on way to Ouistraham
The centre
Linnet Peacock butterfly

Ousitraham ferry terminal
In the centre is the location of our restaurants - reached by 20 minute walk along beach
In the centre is the location of our campsite
Approaching the Cormorants
Farewell La Belle France. Thank you
Arriving at Portsmouth
The Warrior
Because of our height we had to lurk at the back of the ferry until all cars but this one had gone.
Not so super McClaren 570S Supercar








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