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Camping Holiday France 2022

 7th June – 7th July. In Motorhome.

Liz + Chris in Campervan. Hugh flew out from Gatwick to join us at Biarritz. We all went down to Corbieres, near the Mediterranean and back  to Biarritz 2 weeks later for Hugh to fly home.

Starting and finishing at Ouistraham. Total 1909 miles. 16 different sites.   3 France Passion sites. 7 new sites. 8 previous sites.


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Anthony Camping Guide to France (online) [New 2019]

Download pdf (for printing) all itineraries


Summary of Itinerary   *New sites    France Passion sites in italics

Ouistraham, Thury-Harcourt, Domfront, Mayenne, Laval, Chateau Gontier, , Montjean sur Loire; Chalonnes sur Loir, Argenton, Bressure, Parthenay, Chef-Boutonne*; Aigre, Rouillac, Chateauneur- sur-Charente, Chalais, La Roche Chalais, Villefranche de Lonchat, (near St. Antoine de Breuilh, St. Aulaye; Pellegrue, Sauveterre de Guyenne, Langon, Villandraut, St. Symphorien; Sore, Pissos, Liposthey, Bayonne,  Biarritz*; Bardos, Bidache, Navarrenz, Oloron-Ste.-Marie, Aramits; Oloron- Ste – Marie, past Tarbes, Lannemazan, St. Giron, Foix, Lescure, Mas d’Azil; Sabarat, Foix, Tarascon, Ax-les-Thermes, Col de Puymorens, Mont Louis, Matemale;, Mont Louis, Villefranche de Confluent, past Prades, Ille sur Tet, Estagel, Paziols, Tuchan; St. Paul de Fenouillet, Quillian, Puivert, Foix, St. Girons, Mane*; past Tarbes, Pau, Orthez, , D10 to Bidart/Illbarritz*; past Dax, Tartas, Souprosse*, Mont du Marsan, Castelialoux, Marmande, Duras, St Foy, St. Aulaye, Villefranche de Lonchat, La Roche Chalais, Chalais, Barbezioux-St.-Hilaire, Segonzac, Chez Richon; around Poitiers, Loudon, Montreuil-Bellay, Doue-en-Anjou, Gennes-val-de-Loire*; Rosiers-s-Loire, Bauge, La fleche, Sable-sur-Sarthe, Le Horps, Lassay-les-Chateaux*; Bagnoles l’Orne, La Ferte-Mace, Falaise, St. Pierre-sur-Dives, Merville-Franceville Plage. Ouistraham, Portsmout, HOME.

Our journey and campsites

Ouistraham, Thury-Harcourt, Flers, Domfront, Mayenne, Laval, Chateau Gontier, St.-Augustin-du Bois, Mmontjean sur Loire. 161 miles.
8th / 9th June. Montjean sur Loire. West of Angers.
La Promenade (Flower camping). On banks of Loire. Very good restaurant by the bridge in village (10 minutes walk). Nice walks by river. Small pool.

Chalonnes sur Loir, Vihiers (=Lys-Haut-Layon), Argenton, Bressure, Parthenay, Maixent  l’Ecole, Melle, Chef-Boutonne. 131 miles
10th June. Chef-Boutonne (South East of Niort).
Camping le Moulin (and Restaurant des Canards). Camping le Moulin, Treneuillet, 1 Route de
79110, Chef Boutonne. English run site with good restaurant on site. Large shady pitches. Peaceful Good restaurant. Friendly.

Aigre, Rouillac, Chateauneur- sur-Charente, Blanzac, Montmoreau, Chalais, La Roche chalais, Villefranche de Lonchat, (near St. Antoine de Breuilh, St. Aulaye. 100 miles.
11th / 12th June. St. Aulaye. Between Libourne and Bergerac. Next to Dordogne
Camping La Riviere Fleurie. Good restaurant and pool, nice walks and bike rides. La Rivière Fleurie, 180, rue Théophile Cart 24230 Saint Antoine de Breuilh.

Pellegrue, Sauveterre de Guyenne, Langon, Villandraut, St. Symphorien. 62 miles.
13th June. St. Symphorien. North part of Les Landes, South of Sauternes and Bordeaux.
Camping Vert Bord’Eau. 2 au moulin de Lescroumpes (route de Sore D220) - 33113 SAINT SYMPHORIEN Tél : 05 56 25 79 54 - 06 07 08 37 28 - camping@vertbordeau.com. Good restaurant small pool. Friendly place. Very near supermarket. Amongst pines. Nice walks.

Sore, Pissos, Liposthey, A63, Jn 6, Bayonne, A810, Biarritz. 109 miles.
14th / 15th June Biarritz. Camping Biarritz. Hugh arrived afternoon of 14th.
Camping Biarritz, 28 Rue d'Harcet, 64200 Biarritz. https://www.biarritz-camping.fr/campsite-france-basque-country?upd=7671 Phone : 00.33.(0)   Email : biarritz.camping@gmail.com    E-mail: info@biarritz-camping.fr. Large site with very small pitches, many sloping with no shade. Good pool, restaurant and shop. 700 m from beach. Stupidly close at midday for 3 hours.

A63, Bardos, Bidache, past Sauveterre de Bearne, Navarrenz, Oloron-Ste.-Marie, Aramits. 77 miles.
16 – 18th June. Aramits. South West of Oloron Ste Marie.
Campsite Barétous-Pyrénées,6 chemin Ripaude Aramits - 64570. Oloron-Ste-Marie. Excellent. Small pool. Good restaurant/snack bar. Good pitches. Restaurants in town (close). Very good walks and bike rides. Good Wifi. Saw buzzards, kites, Egyptian vulture, dipper.

Oloron- Ste – Marie, A64 past Tarbes, Lannemazan, St. giron, Foix, Lescure, Mas d’Azil. 140 miles.
19th June. Le Mas d’Azil.  North East of St. Girons, North West of Foix.
Le Petit Pyrénéen, le Castagnès, 09290 Le Mas d’Azil. Excellent site. Shady pitches. Very good snack bar/restaurant. Small pool. 2km to village. Near river. Walks. 

Sabarat, Pailhes, E9, Foix, Tarascon, Ax-les-Thermes, Col de Puymorens, Mont Louis, Matemale. 103 miles.
20 -22nd June. Matemale. South of Carcassonne between Axat and Mont-Louis. Near Les Angles. At 1500m. Camping du Lac. 04 68 30 9449  Great village restaurant. Wonderful grassy site with sweet smelling conifers, nesting redstarts, tree pipits, serins and good views. Near lake. Nearby swimming pool. Great walks and bike rides.

Matamale, Mont Louis, Villefranche de Confluent, past Prades, Ille sur Tet, Millas, Estagel, Paziols, Tuchan. 68 miles.
23-25th June. Tuchan. c 40 miles North-West of Perpignan. Simple site very near village. Nice small pool. Camping La Peirière. 0033 468 454650     lapeiriere@caramail.com Simple good restaurant. Home of Fitou wine. Previously saw Wryneck. Noisy Cicadas and wonderful nightingales. Nice walks. Friendly.

Tuchan, St. Paul de Fenouillet, Quillian, Puivert, Foix, St. Girons, Mane. 122 miles.
26th June. Mane. 18km East of St. Gaudens.
Camping de la Justale. Plain, Pool, no shop or restaurant. Great restaurant in nearby village.  

Mane, A64 past Tarbes, Pau, Orthez, A63, D10 to Bidart/Illbarritz. 153 miles. (Hugh total 663 miles)
27 – 28th June. Camping Ilbarritz. Between Bidart and Biarritz.  (Hugh flew home from Biarritz airport).
Camping ILBARRITZ. Yelloh village, Avenue de Biarritz, 64210 Bidart, FRANCE. All pitches include an individual small hut with loo, shower, fridge and microwave. And shaded picnic table. So expensive. Very friendly. Nearby shop. Huge pools. Beach walking distance (downhill). Rocky and steep.

Bidart, A63 past Dax, Tartas, Souprosse. 62 miles.
29th June. Ferme du Titon. France Passion. Ducks. Stonechat, Black Redstart. Stopped doing ducks so only confit du Canard. Friendly. Walks.

Souprosse, Mont du Marsan, Castelialoux, Marmande, Duras, St Foy, St. Aulaye. 131 miles.
30th June. St. Aulaye. Camping la Riviere Fleurie.  See above. Got stuck in mud.

St Aulaye, Villefranche de Lonchat, La Roche Chalais, Chalais, Barbezioux-St.-Hilaire, Segonzac , Chez Richon. 82 miles.
1st July. Chex Richon. Near Segonzac between Cognac and Angouleme.
France Passion site. Cognac Michel Forgeron. Lovely in orchard amongst vines. Had enjoyable tasting of cognac with Francine. Nice walks amongst the vines.

Segonzac, N141 , N10 around Poitiers, Loudon, Montreuil-Bellay, Doue-en-Anjou, Gennes-val-de-Loire. 166 miles.
2nd – 3rd July. Gennes.
Camping Au bord de Loire. 1 Place du 19 Mars, Gennes 49350, Maine et Loire (49) – France.
Large relaxed friendly site. Next to village and the bridge over La Loire. Occasional snack bar.

Gennes, over bridge, Rosiers-s-Loire, Bauge, La fleche, Sable-sur-Sarthe, Bouessay, Le Horps, Lassay-les-Chateaux. 96 miles.
4th July. Lassay-les-Chateaux. Ferme de Tom. France Passion. Sheep. Wonderful dinner.

Lassay-les-Chateaux, agnoles l’Orne, La Ferte Mace, Falaise, St. Pierre-sur-Dives  (deviation – lost etc), Merville-Franceville Plage. 88 miles.

5th-6th July. Merville-Franceville Plage. Ten miles from Oistraham on road towards Cabourg.
Camping de la Mer, Route de Cabourg, 14810 MERVILLE FRANCEVILLE PLAGE. Direct access to vast sandy beach. Next to Le Point du Jour and 4 other sites. No swimming pool. Very informal. We prefer it to the other sites. 20 minute walk to restaurants along beach.

7th July Ouistraham and home.










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