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Camping Holiday France 2019

Wednesday 21st August – Wednesday 25th September.

Liz + Chris in Campervan (Lifestyle). Our first aim was to visit Liz’s niece in Voucherons near Lausanne in Switzerland

Total: 1996 miles (about 3,500km)

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Anthony Camping Guide to France (online) [New 2017]

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                                  Our 2019 Itinerary

*New campsite.   France Passion sites are in italics

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Ouistraham, Livarot, Belleme, Nogent-le-Rotrou, Brou, Cloyes sur Le Loir*; Lamotte Beuvron, Vailly s Saudre, Vinon, La Charite s Loire, Premery, Chatillon en Bazois, Maux*;  Chateau-Chinon, Autun, Chalons-s-Saone, Lons-le-Saunier, Le Doucier*; Champagnole, towards Pontarlier, Bonnevaux, Yverdon, Moudon, Voucherons; Geneve, St. Julien au Genervois, FRANCE, Frangy, Seyssel, Massignieu de Rives*; Belley, Voirons, past Grenoble to Monestier de Clermont, Col de Croix-Hautes, Lus la Croix Hautes; Serres, Nyons, St Maurice-s-Eygues, Visan*; Bellene, Pont-St-Esprit, Bagnols -s- Ceze, Ales, Anduze, St Hippolyte-du-Fort, Le Vigan; Montardier, Lodeve, Badarieux, Olargues, Riols, St. Pons de Thomieres; past Narbonne, Loucarte, Le Bacares, Argeles Plages; St. Cyprien, Le Bacares, past Rivesaltes, Estagel, Tuchan; Estagel, Axat, Quillan, Lavelanet, Foix, St. Girons*;  St. Gaudens, Lannemezan, Vic en Bigorre, Aire sur L’Adour, Grenade sur L’Adour*; Mont de Marsan, Labrit, Sore, St. Symphorien; Langon, Sauveterre, La Roche-Chalais, Chalais, St-Eutrope, Chateauneuf- s- Charente, St. Meme-les-Carrieres, Chez Richon*; Carnac, Rouillac, Aigre, Ruffec, Poitiers, Loudon, Montreuil-Bellay, Monereau, Saumur; Jongue, Bauge,  La Fleche, Sable, Mayenne, Ricordeau, L’Aventura*; Ambieres, Domfront, Flers, Thury-Harcourt, Rocquancourt, Ouistraham, Merville-Franceville Plage, Ouistraham, Home.

17 camping sites; 9 were new; 4 were France Passion


Ouistraham, Troarn, Livarot, Gace, Belleme, Nogent-le-Rotrou, Brou, [158 miles]
2nd August. Thurday. 2 nights. Cloyes sur Le Loir  [Eure et Loire 28]. Between Chateaudun and Vendome.
  Camping le Val Fleuri*. Very large site aimed at children with families -2 pools, train, ponies, pedalo,   kayak, bouncy castle. Pitches shady and ok. Not our sort of site. Nice small restaurant. Short walk to beautiful village on bank of Le Loir. Very good restaurants.

  Beaugency (diversion from Meung), La Ferte St. Aubin, Lamotte Beuvron, Ardent s Saudre, Vailly s Saudre, past Sancerre, Vinon (route to Pouilly blocked), Sancergues, La Charite s Loire, Premery, Chatillon en Bazois, Maux on way to Chateau Chinon [176 miles]
24th August. Saturday. 1 night. Maux [Nievre 58]. Between Nevers and Chateau-Chinon
France Passion site*  Next to a chateau and farm. Nice walks. Very friendly. Charolais cattle.

Chateau-Chinon, Autun, Le Creusot, Chalons-s-Saone, Louhans-Chateaurenaud, Lons-le-Saunier, Le Doucier [128 miles].
25th August. Sunday. 1 night. Le Doucier [Jura 39]. Between Lons-le-Saunier and Champagnole.
Domaine de l’Epinette. Inexpensive and nice with small pool and restaurant. Big shady pitches, bit sloping. On river with kayak access.

Champagnole, towards Pontarlier, Bonnevaux, Metabief, Yverdon, Pomy, Moudon, Voucherons [91 miles].
26th August. Monday 1 night. Voucherons -  small village in Switzerland, North of Lausanne. With Liz’s niece and her husband.

Motorway around Lausanne, Geneve, St. Julien au Genervois, FRANCE, Frangy, Seyssel, towards Culoz, Massignieu de Rives [104 miles].
27th August. Tuesday. 3 nights. Massignieu de Rives [Ain 01]. East of Belley.
Camping Lac du Lit du Roi. Wonderful site with good shady pitches on shore of a small lake. Small pool. Jetty for launching kayaks etc. Very good restaurant. Many egrets and dragonflies.

Belley, St. Genix sur Gulers, Les Abrets aux Dauphine, Chirens, Voirons, Motorway past Grenoble to Monestier de Clermont, Col de Croix-Hautes, Lus la Croix Hautes [100 miles].
30th August. Friday. 3 nights. Lus La Croix-Hautes [Drome 26]. North West of Gap, South of Grenoble.
La Condamine. A favourite informal site. 15 minute country walk to lovely village with market and restaurants. Excellent camp restaurant. No pool but there is said to be a piscine in village but we didn’t notice. Excellent walks with impressive mountains (Vercors) all around.

Aspres-sur-Bruech, Serres, Montclus, Nyons, St Maurice-s-Eygues, Visan [73 miles].
2nd September. Monday. 1 night. Visan [Vaucluse 84]. South East of Nyons, North West of Orange.
France Passion. Domaine de Lucena*. Cotes du Rhone Villages vineyard. Pitches laid out neatly between olive trees, with electric hook ups. Very friendly. Wine tasting at any time. Michel good fun. Good walks among the vines. View of Rhone valley and distant Le Ventoux mountain.

Visan, Bellene, Pont-St-Esprit, Bagnols -s- Ceze, Seyne, Ales, Anduze, St Hippolyte-du-Fort, Ganges, Le Vigan [99 miles].
3rd September. Tuesday. 3 nights. Le Vigan [Lot 46]. North West of Nimes, South East of Millau.
Le Val de L’Arre. A favourite site on banks of L’Arre. Very happy friendly place with good pool and restaurant. Small shop. Bread delivered to your door. Not far from astronomical observatory on Mont Aigoual.

Montardier, St Maurice de Navacelles (narrow, winding not nice), Lodeve, Lunas, Badarieux, Herepian, Mons, Olargues, Riols, St. Pons de Thomieres [78 miles].  
6th September. Friday. 1 night. St Pons de Thomieres [Herault 34]. North West of Beziers.
Les Cerisiers du Jaur. Nice site in Jaur valley. Small pool. Small restaurant closed. Good walks on Voie Vert into town and also up the valley.

 St Pons, past Narbonne, Sigean, Loucarte, Le Bacares, St. Cyprien, Argeles Plages [84 miles].
7th September. Saturday. 5 nights. Argeles Plages [Pyrenees-Orientales 66]. Halfway between Perpignan and Spain.
Camping Le Soleil. Favourite site on beach amongst pine trees. Well shaded large pitches. Excellent restaurant and separate takeaway. Huge heated pools. Direct access to beach and to walks on the nature reserve. Usually hoopoes and bee-eaters but none this late in the year.

St. Cyprien, Le Bacares, past Rivesaltes, Estagel, Paziols, Tuchan [49 miles].
12th September. 3 nights. Tuchan [Aude 11]. North West of Perpignan, South East of Carcassonne.
La Peiriere. A favourite site. Quiet, shady pitches. Cold nice pool, Excellent restaurant always open. 10 minute walk up to the nice village with shops. Lovely views. Good walks. The Fitou wine region.

Estagel, Maury, St. Paul de Fenouillet, Axat, Quillan, Puivert, Lavelanet, Foix, St. Girons [111 miles]. We had intended to stay at France Passion Mon Potager near St girons but they were expecting 17 vans that evening so we went on to St. Girons.
15th September. Sunday. 1 night. St. Girons [Ariege 09]. West of Foix, South East of St. Gaudens.
Parc de Paletes*. Good site with pool and small restaurant. Nice pitches but all on terraces with steep walks to get anywhere. Town not close enough for easy walk.

St. Girons, St. Gaudens, Lannemezan, Castelnau, Masseube, Mielan, Vic en Bigorre, Rabestens, Aire sur L’Adour, Grenade sur L’Adour [151 miles]. Lovely drive as far as Lannemezan then narrow winding dull roads.
16th September. Monday. 2 nights. Grenade sur L’Adour [Landes 40]. South of Mont de Marsan.
Camp Muncipal, Grenade sur L’Adour*. Excellent site with shady pitches. Few facilities. Next to municipal swimming pool (closed - off season). Near Carrefour. Calm walks in both directions on river bank. 10 minutes to beautiful small village with bars and at least one excellent restaurant.

Around Mont de Marsan, Labrit, Luxey, Sore, St. Symphorien [53 miles].
18th September. Wednesday. 2 nights. St. Symphorien [Gironde 33]. North part of Les Landes, South of Sauternes and Bordeaux.
Campsite Vert Bord’eau. Good restaurant (closed off season but bar open). Small pool. Very near supermarket. Amongst very tall pines by river and small lake. Nice walks. Very friendly happy place.

St. Symphorien, Villandraut, Langon, Sauveterre, Porte-st-Foy-et-Ponchapt, Montpon-Menestrol, La Roche-Chalais, Chalais, St-Eutrope, Chateauneuf- s- Charente, St. Meme-les-Carrieres, Chez Richon [132 miles].
20th September. Friday. I night. Chez Richon [Charente 16].  Near St.-Meme-les-Carrieres Between Cognac and Angouleme.
France Passion. Cognac Michel Forgeron.* Lovely large flat site under many trees amongst the vineyards. Had enjoyable tasting of cognac and Pineau de Charentes with Michel and Francine who gave us explanations of the processes in making them while sitting next to the very old distillation equipment. Of course we bought some. Nice walks amongst the vines, harvesting being due next day.

Carnac, Sigognes, Rouillac, Aigre, Courcombe, Ruffec, motorway towardsPoitiers, Loudon, Montreuil-Bellay,Fontevraus-l’Abbaye, Monereau, Saumur [142 miles].
21st September. Saturday. 2 nights. Saumur [Maine-et-Loire 49]. Between Angers and Tours.
Camping Ile d’Offard. Often visited. Large well run shady site. On river Loire. 20 minute walk by river over bridge into Saumur. Good pool and camp restaurant. Town very interesting with many restaurants.

Jongue, Bauge,  La Fleche, Sable, St Loup du Dorat, Vaigues, Monsur (nice village campsite here), Mayenne, Ricordeau, L’Aventura [102 miles]
23rd September. Monday. 1 night. Ricordeau near Mayenne [Mayenne 53]. Between Mayenne and Alencon.
France Passion, L’Escargots Mayennais (listed as Marcille la ville)*. They call their farm L’Aventura. Strange site on a snail farm. I million snails kept in by electric fence. Grassy sloping. Nice walks on little roads.

Ambieres, Ceauce, Domfront, Flers, Conde-s-Noireau, Thury-Harcourt, Rocquancourt, Ouistraham (Carrefour), Merville-Franceville Plage [53 miles].
24th September. Tuesday. 1 night. Merville-Franceville Plage [Calvados 14]. Between Ouistraham and Cabourg.
Camping Le Point du Jour. Good site with rather small hedged pitches. Indoor small pool. Opens direct onto beach. No restaurant out of season. Good restaurant best accessed by 20 minute walk on beach.
  Oistraham Ferry and home (31 miles)











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