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Camping Holiday France 2011

Thursday 16th June – Monday 18th July.

Liz + Chris + Hugh in our Campervan Kon-tiki.

Ferry Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistraham)
Hugh flew back on 3rd July from Avignon [Flybe].
Total: 1,953 miles; 3,125km.


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The Kon-Tiki; blessed by a rainbow in Poinsouze on our first night

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Anthony Camping Guide to France [2012]

                                  Our 2011 Itinery

*New campsite. **Wild.  ***France Passion

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For details of all campsites  go to our Camping Guide
For pictures of all sites visited in 2011 Click here 

Ouistraham by motorway [mainly] Falaise, Boussac, Poinsouze; past Vichy, Chaise-Dieu, to Vorey; Yssingeaux,  past Valence, Crest, Die to  Lus la Croix Haute; [past Barcelonette to Larche; past Digne les Bains to St. Laurent du Verdon; to Avignon; past Arles to Saintes Maries de la Mer; to Le Vigan; past Nant to Randals Bison [Causse Noir]; past Meyrueis to Causse Mejean;  to Ste. Enimie; past Mende and Chateauneuf de Randon to Col de la Croix de Bor; past Chaudes aigues, St Flour, Riom es Montagnes to Trizac; by Ussel, La Courtine, Auzances to Evaux les Bains; past Montalgut, by Montmarault and Sancerre to St. Satur/St Thibault; by Aubigny s Nere, Beaugency to La Ferte Bernard; By Vimoutiers, Troarn to Ouistraham, Portsmouth, Southampton.

Ouistraham. By motorway [mainly] Falaise, Alencon, Le Mans, Vierzon, past Bourges, St Amand Montrond, Boussac, Poinsouze [340 miles].


17th June. Fri. Boussac/Poinsouze. 3 nights. ]. Le chateau de Poinsouze . A les Castels site. Excellent. By its own lake (kayaking etc) near chateau. Good pool. Excellent restaurant.

    Montalgout, past Past Gannat, Vichy, past Thiers, Ambert, Chaise-Dieu, Vorey[173 miles].


20th June. Mon. Vorey* 2 nights. Excellent site in good walking country with nice pool. Local restaurants.

   Yssingeaux, Tence, St Agreve, past Valence, Crest, Die, Chatillon-en-Diois, Grimone, Lus la Croix Haute [155 miles]. NB: The interesting route by the col de Grimone includes nasty tunnel where we were damaged by a giant German van. Avoid if nervous.


22nd June. Wed. 2 nights. Lus la Croix Haute. Excellent friendly site with good restaurant. Near nice village with more restaurants. Many good walks. On the road to Grenoble. Wonderful area.

   Veynes, Gap, Barcelonette, Larche [92 miles].


24th June. Fri. 4 nights. Larche. One of our top sites. About 1800m. Excellent restaurant on site and also in village. Very many high mountain walks. Crag martins in village.

   Barcelonette, Seynes, Digne les Bains [deviation], Les Mees, Bras d’Asse, Riez, St. Laurent du Verdon [138 miles]. Had puncture [sorted by RAC] in Digne.


28th June.4 nights. St. Laurent en Verdon. By lake near Verdon gorge. Huge friendly site under pines. Great kayaking in lake and gorge. Nice pool, shop and restaurant. Excellent restaurant in village. RAC [pronounced Rack] arranged for 2 new rear tyres.

   Greoux les Bains, pont de Manosque, pont de Pertuis, around Cavaillon, D7, around ring road to Avignon [103 miles]


2nd July. Sat. 1 night. Avignon. Was Municipal site. New owners. Good. They said it may be full but it was only 25%. Hugh flew home next morning from Avignon airport. Easy access with parking for van. Enjoyable  airport.

   Noves, Graveson, Arles, Saintes Maries de la Mer [76 miles].

3rd July.Sunday.  Saintes Maries de la Mar
. 3 nights. Le clos du Rhone. Wonderful pools and large site. Good bars, shop and excellent Restaurant. Next to beach for good swimming.

   Aigues-Mortes, Nr. Lunel, Sommieres, Quissac, Ganges, Le Vigan [75 miles].


6th July. Wed. Le Vigan*. 2 nights. Good very friendly site, small pool, shop, snack restaurant.

   Aveze, Alzon, Nant, Revens, Randals Bison [nr Languejols on Causses Noir] [41miles]


8th July. Friday. Randals Bison***. 1 night. France Passion site on top of wild Causses Noir. Good restaurant for eating their bison.

    Meyrueis, Causse Mejean**, La Parade [25 miles].


9th July. Saturday. Causse Mejean**. 2 nights. Wild camping. Vultures, deer, choughs.

   Down the hill to St. Enimie [13 miles, nearly 1 hour].

11th July. Mon. St. Enimie*.
1 night. Nice little town on Tarn packed with restaurants [20 minutes from site]. Good small pool and shop. Good swimming in Tarn. Slightly difficult access for kayaks.

   Sauveterre,  Balsieges, Mendes, Laubert, Chateauneuf de Randon [nice hill village with good shops] Col de la Croix de Bor [50 miles].


12th July. Col de la Croix de Bor**. 1 night. Excellent wild site in the Margerides. We had huge thunderstorm/hail in the night. Local villages damaged by hailstorms the size of billiard balls.

   St. Alban, Termes, Fournels, Chaudes aigues, St Flour, Murat, Riom en Montagnes, Trizac [102 miles]. Beautiful drive through Margerides and Auvergne but bit spoilt by the wettest drive in my life.


13th July. Trizac. 2 nights. Wonderful village surrounded by good walking on plateau or cycling. Good restaurants. 

   Riom es Montagnes, Bort les Orgues, by Ussel, La Courtine, Felletin, by Aubusson, Auzances, Evaux les Bains [111 miles].


15th July. Sat. Evaux les Bains*. 1 night. Site Ok. Village very nice.

   Montalgut, Montmarault, Cosne, Ygrande, Sancoins, La Guerche, Cours, Herry, St. Bouize, by Sancerre, St. Satur/St Thibault [128 miles]


16th July. Sat. St. Satur/St Thibault.  1 night. Our usual ‘Sancerre’ site on banks of Loire.

   Henrichemont [deviation],  Aubigny s Nere, Clemont, La Marolle, Beaugency,Binas,  St. Calais, La Ferte Bernard [168 miles].


17th July, Sunday. La Ferte Bernard. 1 night. Ok site. Very nice small town with excellent restaurants.

   Belleme, Mortagne au Perche [deviation]; Vimoutiers, St Pierre, Troarn, Ouistraham [118 miles; 4 hours].


18th July. Ferry home from Ouistraham.











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