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INDIA: My Pictures 1993a   (additonal new ones found recently)


My previous visit to Tirupati was in January 1992. This 1993 visit was in December so was almost 2 years later.

This year was the year I became friends with Surya Prakesh, the brother of Suresh Kumar, and with his family. Surya visited Chennai and Mahabalipuram with me on my way home.

This was the year that I first visited the nearby village of Thumulagunta. I have no note of the name of the young man who first invited me there.
While in Tirupati I Lectured in the Biochemistry Department of Prof. Venkaia (in picture on right).

These are recently-found new pictures of the University, Surya's family and Thumulagunta

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PLEASE NOTE. There may be errors in the dates of some of these early pictures. Please tell me if you identify errors.

Click here for pictures: Surya Prakash and family
University guesthouse

Thumulagunta village

Madras friends

University Biochemistry

Click here More pictures scanned from old slides (in 2020)

Surya Prakash and family                                                                        TOP of page
surya prakash
Surya's family. Their hospitality and friendship was a major influence in encouraging my visits for the next quarter century. Venkateswara Rao, Surya, his mother, sister swarna, and uncle
Swarna hiding
Suresh Kumar, Sureya's brother who I met in 1992 on the cricket ground. Here in the airforce in Bangalore
With Surya at the palce of Chandragiri
With driver                                       TOP
At University guest house            TOP
My room in the guest house
With Surya in guest house where he visited daily
My happy friend
View from the guest house window of the tiny road and the distant 7 hills
Thumulagunta                             TOP

My first Thumulagunta friend. He told me the time the Brahminy kite would fly over. Invited me for tiffin with his grandmother; followed by photo shoot.
Prints of pictures below were posted to them. They kept them carefully so two years later they were shown me. This relationship with the village grew over
the years, and i am still friends with many of the villagers.

My friend in the family house - almost the only 'pukka' brick house in the village at that time.  

The small village temple at the end of the road
Near the village
Madras some friends from previous visits           TOP
Sivamani with mother and sister; I met him previously on Marina beach and he took me to his family in the 'slums' built ro rehouse
the fishermen who were evicted from their beach homes
With Madesh in the guest house. He was a student at the medical research institute at Taramani to which I was invited
by Prof. K. Radha Shanmugasundaram.
Joined here by Pujerendi (???) a student I had previously met at the agriculture college in Tirupati
Surya on the beach at Mahabalipuram at end of holiday                                                                          TOP of page
Biochemistry Department Sri Venkateshwara University                                 TOP of page
With Prof Venkaiah before a lecture in the Biochemistry Department. I loved lecturing with the door open onto the 'corridor' with views over the distant hills
Looks like usual lecture on electron transport
My students in their hostel
?? Appa Rao, Reddy, Murthi, Venkaiah and visitor
Prof Venkaiah, Appa Rao and ?   who later became head of biochemistry
Drs Reddy, Murthi, Appa Rao,   then Prof Venkaiah and ?
Same group being a bit formal at table at farewell party
Presentation by special student (?Ratnakar?)
Farewell drink
Farewell at the station
  TOP of page

Some more 1993 pictures scanned from recently found slides (2020)
In the hostel for Bioochemistry students
In student hostel
A wonderful group of students
At our farewell dinner
The huge hall of the University
On the way to town. This road is now a 4-lane highway
The most usual method of transporting goods
One photo sir
The main University entrance, where i usually picked up a rickshaw
My drivers
Why we waited at the level crossing
At the level crossing
Nethaji Road where Surya lived. Named for Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose, founder of the Indian National Army in WW2
Ganesh temple at thejoin of NEthaji Road and Prakasam Road
In Prakasam Road
Near back entrance to the Govindaswamy temple in town centre
Beneath the gopuram of the Govindaswarmy temple
Selling offerings used in worship
In the lane leading to the Gopuram of the temple. Brass
In the lane. Stainless steel
Gandhi Road

Gandhi Road

Ploughing near Thumulagunta village
View from Guest house
Where the virology and Biochemistry Departments were built
 TOP of page

Mahabalipuram (later called Mammalapuram)
The shore temple
Each of these are carved out of single blocks of stone
Mahabalipuram is the top place for stone carving. This is a typical workshop
Surya with our guide







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