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INDIA: My Pictures 1993

My previous visit to Tirupati was in January 1992. My 1993 visit was in December so was almost 2 years later. This year was the year I became friends with Surya Prakesh, the brother of Suresh Kumar. Surya visited Chennai and Mahabalipuram with me on my way home. He and his wife celebrated Christmas with us this year 16 years later.
While in Tirupati I Lectured in the Biochemistry Department of Prof. Venkaiah.

Note: many of the pictures have some horrible colour - poor exposure of the slides followed by 16 years storage.

Click here for many more pictures from 1993 (just discovered) including pictures of University, Surya's family and Thumulagunta

The University
Tirupati town
Tirumula [home of Sri Venkateshwara]
Thumulagunta and rural area
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Maps of Tirupati

Madras                                                                       TOP of page
Main road [Anna Salai?]
Connemara hotel
Marina Beach with crows
Beach and University buildings
My friends, the local cricket team who must be photographed
Fishermen's tents
Fisherman's family
These fishing boats are made from logs of very light wood tied together
My friend Sivamani with his father [a fisherman who had moved from the beach to the nearby new houses [they call them the slums]
My hosts in University of Madras where I gave 2 guest lectures on way to Tirupati

The temples each carved out of a single stone
The temple on the shore
These were carved in 9th century
Surya with our guide Surya on beach
Stone carvers at work; almost all temple carvings in India come from here
A buffalo boy at the bird sanctuary Vedentangal near Mahabalipuram
Top of Mahabalipuram                                                                                TOP of page

Sri Venkateshwara University                                 TOP of page
The Biochemistry Department staff and MSc students.
Biochemistry Department Staff [front row]: Appa Rao, Thyagaraju, Parthasararthy,  Reddy, Murthy
SVU guest house
My room in the separate annexe [direct ahead]
Chandrasekhar, the security man. When i said he was very small for a security man he said 'I am dummy security man sir'.
Chandhradekar My most helpful MSc student [Ratnakar]
Farewell at the station: Sury, ?, Rajiv Dixit and Kiran Kumar
Farewell at the station
Top SV University    TOP of page 

Tirupati town    Maps of tirupati                                          TOP of page
Traffic by the Rail crossing
Buses racing to get to the rail crossing before the carrier is down.
Failed buses queuing at the rail crossing
The road has just been widened; the elephants always keep to right
Gandhi road
On way way home from Temple to dairy farm Pancha Mukha Anjaneya temple [4 face Hanuman]
Pancha Mukha Anjaneya temple [4 face Hanuman] At join of Nethaji road and Gandhi road
The Hanuman temple from Nethaji road
  The gopuram of Sri Govindarajaswarmy temple
Good luck
Nethaji Road. Surya's family lived in this road on the left [Nethaji is another name for Subbha Chandra Bose, INA]
Ritual washing in courtyard of Sri Govindarajaswarmy temple. These are Ayappa pilgrims.
Ayappa pilgrims
The road that leads to the train station from Gandhi Road Balaji colony
Balaji colony
Balaji Colony near the town club at sunset
The village god is being taken somewhere [sheltered from the sun]
Kapilatheertham, gopuram and the tank
Kapilatheertham; the temple tank
Kapilatheertham; the temple tank
Kapilatheertham; the temple tank
Kiran's house in Girupuram [he is standing with his brother by the door]
Town wash place on way to Giripuram Frances, Kiran Kumar
Top Tirupati       TOP of page           

Tirumula This is 15 km above Tirupati in the Seven Hills. It is the place of the temple of Sri Venkateshwara, the richest temple and most visited holy place in the world.
Tirupati from the Tirumula Road. It has now been made one way up and different way down
Tirupati from the Tirumula Road
The entrance to the Sanctuary is on the left
Pilgrims leaving the sanctuary. Those about to enter are in the 'caged' queue on the left
Pilgrims with shorn heads [hair donated to god] I think this is where the hair is cut
One of the stalls selling souvenirs. This has increased a lot over the years so it spoils devotional atmosphere
Sunset on the way down
Top of Tirumula                                                                   TOP of page

Thumulagunta and rural area                                   TOP of page
The village is south of the guest house. These pictures show that it is hardly changed since 1984 but they had just started to pave some of the paths leading to it. Many of the fields are now filled with houses and the nice tracks are hard stony roads. Tummala Gunta Panchayat is the local council for the village itself and 4 other villages including the one nearby that I visit that is called Uppara Palli. NB: variety of spellings can be ignored. Most of the labels are correct but there may be some errors as I cannot always remember which village i was photographing.
On the way to the village through the dairy farm.
Preparing the paddy fields by the village
Preparing the paddy fields by the village
Planting the rice near the village
The new village temple [the small one under the Neem tree]
The friend [in white] who previously invited me to the village. His parents
Fighting for position in the village photo
The village photo
I came to know these three well in coming years Setting off to get some water to wash my feet
My friend and his new wife
Before I had learned to get them to smile for the camera
View from near the village towards the University [the new Women's University in middle distance]
The path between the West and East parts of the village
I think they are preparing for the new road
This small procession is carrying a dead bably to bury [I took photo before i knew this; I was then invited to join in]
Washing Paddy fields by village
My special friend in Thumulagunta Krishna in the Dairy farm
The road between the dairy farm and rail crossing
The railway just after the crossing
Top Thumulagunta      TOP of page      

Maps of Tirupati                       TOP of Page
This shows Tirupati at the base of the 7 hills with the road up to the temple town of Tirumula.
The guest house is near where road crosses rail. The village of Thumulagunta is at bottom of map in middle
The 'waterfall temple' of Kapilatheertham is at top  

Top of Tirupati        Top of Page      







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