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Thumulagunta        India 2011                                 
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Thumulagunta is a village South of the SVU Guest house and the dairy farm. The part of the village I know is to the East of the main more developed village. I have a friend there [Balaji] who I have known since he was nine years old, many years ago. I have been an unofficial village photographer for years. It has grown, with concrete roads and pukka houses over the years and the beautiful farm lands around encroached upon by houses. The small path between the sugar cane, from the main road, is now a dual carriageway road. The people there remain as welcoming as ever. On one visit this year Edwin joined me, with my small camera.
I did not have a note of all the boys names; if you know their names please inform me at C.anthonyATsoton.ac.uk.

My assistant, Edwin
Some of my special friends on road down to Balaji's house
Balaji's house.
His father and grandmother [I think].
On the roof with my friends. Balaji and his sisters are on the left
View from the roof of some of the new invading houses [Barath has hands up]
View looking West to more prosperous part of Thumulagunta
Looking East of the village. A few years ago this was the village paddy fields.
Balaji's family; his sisters are Thulasi (age 20, MBA student) and Hemasree (age 4)
Balaji's father and sister Gran
Barath Kumar (age 13). My chief minder and master of the binoculars
Mounish, a long-time friend (age 13); formal Mounish in more typical mode
Dilli Prasad (age 16) Ajay (?)
Fighting to be first for 'photo me only sir'
Bobby (age 9); I have known him since a nervous baby
It took 5 minutes to get this level of control
Dillip and Barath
Barath Kumar ? (sorry)
Mounish and ? and Bobby
Barath, Thulasi and brothers/cousins/friends
Two fathers
Dillip and family
A boys' family
Father of one of the boys
Bye uncle









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