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NOTE 'My files' open with:
ppt Powerpoint
doc Word
xls Excel
pdf Acrobat Reader      [download free]
jpg Opens direct
html Opens direct;
For BIGGER text
Click Ctl plus +
Normal text click Ctl plus 0

VIDEOS can be speeded up by downloading an accelerator






Namesco Download programmes Print downloaded music Dreamweaver upload
Delphis for finding journals etc on library page  
Publisher Insert YouTube clip into website Add powerpoint presentations Adding books to book page in Dreamweaver
Canon Scanner Outlook Web scam E Journals Univ Library
Veho USB microscope  Excel sorting iPad instructions Lynda (external page)
Loading pictures from phone to computer
Create tables in Publisher for camp guide

The address changes frequently so a message often appears when trying to put a page online. If this happens follow these instructions:
ClickTo go to my account on Namesco      Phone help is 0345363 3632

New instruction (feb 13 2019)

Login. Control panel. Choose chris-anthony Left hand panel. Manage hostings. DNS settings. Email and FTP. Users and mailboxes. Got to bottom og list of date and ADD. Then below this go to Until and use calender to click on furthest date


login   If needed put in email ID and password (Ti..1)
Manage hosting
DNS settings

C;k domain names and then on my name;
Clk email and FTP
Clk my email id

put in email ID and password (Ti..1)
C;k domain names and then on my name;
Clk email and FTP
Clk my email id
Clk allowed Ips and click allow at bottom of table where a new IP has come
clk on Until and put in the furthest date on the calendar - about one month ahead is allowed

To set up links with remote site etc go to sites/manage sites then choose local or remote

NB for ftp linking to website Remote directory
host directory: WEB
Login: my web address
password: was T11; they changed it to @Anth0ny123

Site manager settings March 2017


Download and activate programmes

Download programmes
Make sure university VPN is connected
Go to iSolutions software distribution service
(or my page/university/sussed/top right hand side is link)
Log in (ca1 and current university password);  Agree
Click on applications / microsoft office; this takes to information page/ clk to proceed to downlad page
Click on download arrow for office 2013 pro. Go through usual installation process.

Click on Activation file for this programme; This is a small programme. Do not open it but Save it to desktop.
Right clk and ‘Run as administrator’. The small programme runs and after obeying last command (clk any key) the programme will be activated. (not if you just clk on the programme it will run ok but it will not activate – the run as administrator step is essential).


Edit and print downloaded music

Downloaded music is often faint and has large margins so is inconveniently small.
In Photoshop: open the pdf;
Crop to smallest sensible size; Enhance to improve contrast.
Save as jpg and as pdf. If many pages save as 1, 2, 3 etc.
In file explorer Rt Clk the first and choose combine to make single pdf.

To print. Open Acrobat first. Go to print. Duplex printing. Portrait.
Usually you will see the modified page as much smaller than full page.
To make music fill full page use Custom scale and type in 130%. Print off single page to check that this is not too much or too little. Adjust up or down. Print.

Delphis    Best way of accessing journals online.
Go to library page. Scroll down; Click on Delphis link; sign in with University name and password.
Search directly in the Search bar. To search for a journal Click on Ejournals in scroll bar at top.
Note that you will be taken to the Jounal page and you must search from there

Uploading dreamweaver onto website

Create or edit page. Save. To check links are OK: F12.
Get Remote and Local side by side.

Go to Local html page that you want to Put up and clk to mark it. Go to Edit (Top left bar) Clk Copy.
Go to Remote page. Move cursor to main directory. Go to Edit; Clk paste.
Refresh page. Check that the file is there with correct date and time.

Note One time after i had message 'Server could not be found'. To solve this i opened Chrome then went to settings and history and cleared Cache and browsing data to solve problem.

Note: it may take up to a day before you see this on the website.


Publisher/ Blank/A4/pagelayout/page design/insert table/table tools

Save as: Any format – Word,  PDF, Jpeg, html.
So probably best to do everything in publisher then Save as required for printing and for Webpage.

Make table. 
Add, change, or remove a line border
1.Select the cells you want to change.
2.Right-click the table, and then click Format Table. 
3.The Format Table dialog box will appear.
4.Under Line, select the options you want, and then click OK.

Insert table, choosing numbers of columns and rows.
Rt Clk; Select/select table [or cells]
Rt Clk: Format Table:  choose fill and borders

Table Tools/Layout/ Merge cells, add, split, guidelines etc etc 
Add pictures.
Can just insert picture
OR Insert/picture place holder
Put it where you want pic. Insert picture. It will fit in one of the dimensions if it is too big for the place holde

Sugggest. Make table with borders colour gray so not to be too intrusive. Have spare cells between to write bits in. At end can remove borders if wanted.

NB: to edit table just click on it and the table tools/layout will appear
Table borders. Table design/ all borders
Margins. Page design.
Picture place holder. Insert one; adjust to size of table cell; copy and paste into all other cells. Save as template for future pages.

NEW stuff
New page;  Blankk A4;  Page design; Margins – narrow or none. 
Insert Table. Block in 3 column and 9 rows. Then minimise the rows for text . Fill up page with the Table so that each cell is size required. [I want square].
Select Table; Table Tools; Design; Select line width; colour; all borders. This is sometimes odd but it is possible to get all borders correct. Block all cells first. May have to juggle with sequence of Width, All and Colour.
For bird pictures make border wide and grey.
Insert Picture place holder. Fit this into first cell so it overlaps the wide border. Copy and past into all the cells. 
Insert picture. It is usually organised so that it fits top and bottom. The sides poke out. Select the picture and move it around to get part required then Crop. To see original pic after cropping [to change it etc] then Rt cllk picture and menu shows Crop – clk and it shows pic. Move then crop again.
Select all pictures Ctl clk on each; Send backward. The edges are then neatly hidden behind the frames.

Alternative: to avoid large text rows. Do as above but Only use 5 rows. The top is for title. Now each cell will be about square. Place picture holder in cell but leave space at bottom of holder to write in text later. 
Roy suggestion.  Make picture box of right size. Then test box beneath. Lock 2 together. Put frame around. Copy and line up on page.

Insert You tube link

How to Embed Youtube clip into website
NOTE: The actual material is not embedded. This procedure shows only the actual clip on Youtube without all surrounding stuff. 
Put your video onto youtube if you want to use your own video clips.

Open the clip in youtube.
Under the picture there is an icon Embed. Clk this. It will bring up the code you need – already blocked in blue. Rt Clk to copy.
In Dreamweaver. Have View/code and design open.  Put cursor where you want the embedded video. Then you will see the cursor in the Code section at top. Rt Clk/paste and the code will go there.
NB: I also copy the direct address [from top of youtube address page] and put that as a link onto the page labelled ‘direct youtube link’. This is because sometimes computers do not like the embedded links.

FIRST put video onto utube.
Sign in chrisssoton   or email  and password Ch…r


Add powerpoint presentations
Always save ppt presentations under Work/presentations even if they are designed to be on web. Then save as jpegs in same folder and copy these into Mywwebpages under ppt with the ppt presentation for linking.

Adding books to book page in Dreamweaver

Open books.html and go to section (fiction etc).
Type name and author in Table. For picture open Amazon and find the book, There is usually a separate image of the book. Save as ‘name’ in Mywebsites/PICSjpg/books. 
In dreamweaver in the space in the table above its name Insert the book jpg.
      ALSO put books into the excel files: Mywebsites/excel/mybooksweb

Instructions for Veho VMS—400 USB microscope    my instructions for Amazon page

I write this as a professional microbiologist. This microscope is excellent but, at first, it seems impossible to use at high power [400x] because of inadequate instructions. I recommend practising on a simple flat object like a small piece of printed paper. Press the microscope firmly down onto it [or put the object into the lens cap] and focus at 20x. Now use the focus wheel to change to high power by rotating anticlockwise as far as it will go from that 20x position and then very slowly moving back until focus is achieved. [Note that it looks as if it should be possible to rotate a short distance from the 20 mark to the 400 mark on the focussing wheel. This is not the case. It is necessary to turn the wheel in the opposite direction to the 400 mark.]
As others have commented it is difficult to focus at 400x because the depth of field is small, the contrast is low and it is difficult to hold everything steady.  This is not a fault of this microscope; it is true for the best professional instruments which overcome the problem by being very heavy, having precision engineered platforms for moving the object and special lighting systems (e.g. phase contrast). With the VMS-400 I recommend practicing focussing on a simple object as described above; it also may help to fix it to a heavy base or to place the object in the transparent lens cap. For smaller objects it is helpful to press them between glass slides for viewing at high power.


EXCEL SORTING    To avoid confusion do not use the small icons for sorting - except for very simple tasks where columns do not need to be linked. Use Data/sorting.
    Block the section to be sorted (by clicking on the numbers on left. 
TO LEAVE HEADINGS then just block the rest of the data to be sorted below.

Click on the column or part of it to be sorted eg column B may be course taken. Sort this and then block the rows with same subject (for example) and then click column A to sort alphabetically.


iPad instructions

iPad notes
WiFi router: 
Admin: EPM92PYQ   pin 8231 3654
Wireless key [this what is used for password for ipad etc]
Name for games Chr1sss74
Welcome to iCloud. The Apple ID for your iCloud account is c.anthony@soton.ac.uk and it’s what you’ll use to get your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC set up. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time.  
Once iCloud is set up, it stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. For example, buy a song with iTunes on your computer, and it will appear on your iPod touch and iPad. When you snap a photo on your iPhone it will automatically be sent to your iPad. You can start creating a Pages document on your iPhone, and put the finishing touches on it from your iPad. There’s no need to dock or sync to your computer. With iCloud, it just works.  
Microsoft Exchange account. Username is ca1@soton.ac.uk. Server is async.exchange.soton.ac.uk
Password is same as univ email  N00mbers.
I think I have now changed it to Tirupat1.
To put stuff onto iPad 
Carl says I can use ipad as a ‘drive’ and drag and drop pics. Not tried.
For pdf and word etc: Turn on ipad and connect to computer.
Open iTunes.  Go to Devices Christopher. Select Apps at the top.
Scroll down page to File sharing. This will show a list of apps including the Office and Documents. But for pdf should use Adobe reader as this gives many options during reading – essential if the document is long (eg my reviews or books).
For videos use OPlayerlite. Do as above and drag videos there. 
To import photos. In my computer photos add file called ipad. 
In iTunes do not click apps. Click photos. This recognises the ipad folder.
To sync go to devices Christopher ipad Rt clk and sync/
How to put files into folders. 
In Oplayerlite  can do it in the programme but I have not worked out how to do it.NEW

stuff april 2014
iTunes for adding to ipad. The correct and best way.
Open itunes    Connect ipad to computer  Select Devices (on left side); select ipad (it may already be only one connected)
Select heading Apps at top.
Scroll down to see File Sharing. 
There will be a list of apps including Quick office, Documents and pdf reader. 
Find the document for transfer in Explorer and drag and drop into one of these. 
It is best to put pdf files into reader as it gives more flexibility when used.

At top of page go to Photos (not apps).

First make  folder called ipad in Exporer on computer and put pics there. Then transfer from there. 

To load pictures from Huawei P Smart phone to computer

On the phone: Connect phone to computer
Swipe down from top. Keep going to the bottom
Click Settings
File transfer via USB
A load of unwanted stuff from Huawei comes on to computer. Close it.
On computer directory go below Data to This computer /Huawei Smart
Click on Internal storage
Choose DCIM then copy pictures to a appropriate place on the computer.

Canon Scanner
The default mode uses 'Image garden'. Ignore this. Use IJ Scan facility (on task bar and on desktop). Tell where the picture should go to (chris pictures canon scanned). The image always seems to be a pdf. Can convert to jpg in Photoshop.
Outlook Web App       remove spam by recognition of words in subject line

In Outlook Web App: Go to Options on top right of page; clk create an inbox rule; Choose New/ when message arrives/select - It includes these words in the subject line. Type the words or phrases, to add another Clk the + sign. Clk Save.
NOTE: there many other options when you set out on this route - just keep looking you will find it

E-Journal access through the University library (using WebCat)

This used to be by TKnet (now gone). Go to University library page. Scroll down & Clk on WebCat.
Log in as university member (usual name and password).
In Quick Search: Clk Exact; type in journal name; Choose Journal title; Clk Search catalogue. This takes you to the journal website which you then search for the paper you need.

PUBLISHER: creating tables for camping guide

To create a publisher document from my online website camping guide (UK). To later convert to pdf for use on the website.
In Publisher: Choose no margin. Insert table. Expand to fill space, leaving 3mm edge for later printing. Page design: 2 columns 5 rows.
Too set up borders colours etc: Clk table then Page design.
A new heading appears TABLE TOOLS with 2 sections – Design and layout.
In Design choose borders choose All / Select all of table with cursor (perhaps order other way round). Choose colour and border width. To add row go to Table tools / layout   and modify as needed.  

Putting in pictures. Insert picture. Hint:  make the cell to hold the picture bigger than needed (click on the border and lower it. Insert the picture and adjust size. Do not hold down any other keys while dragging from a corner. Use keyboard arrows to move it into position.

Add a page. Clk Insert page. Rt Clk choose duplicate page. So template is retained. Delete old content and add new. [Perhaps could save the first table layout as a template?].
To adjust the size of overall pages (so bits are not cut off during printing) – With cursor put box round whole page then in Drawing tools - Group. Then size can be adjusted.

Save as pdf. Open it with ‘Edit pdf’. Print to edge of page.
Lynda: (an external page)  source for excellent training videos for most programmes. 
If you are in University then you can enter using university ID - Lynda


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