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Dubai pictures
These are from a visit [2nd -6th April 2009]to my Indian engineer friend Madhu who is now working there. We stayed at an excellent traditional hotel - The Hijaz Heritage Motel - in the old Al Ras quarter in Deira. The hotel is part of a group including the traditional Heritage House and the Al-Ahmadiya School. Deira is separated from the other old part, Bur Dubai, by the Creek which we frequently crossed by the small boats, the Abras, for one Dhiram.
Madhu from Chittoor, Andhra Paradesh, India
In hotel
View from our window
Our inner courtyard at lunchtime
The courtyard linking the School, Heritage House and the hotel
Inside the Heritage House
The entrance way to our hotel. Called a 'motel' it is the only hotel with no access to a road.
Our courtyard at prayer time - announced by the adjacent mosque
The national bank of Dubai
The twin towers
These Dhows line the creek, unloading cargo onto the side.
View from Bur Dubai side of Creek
Mosque on Bur Duba side of Creek
Mosque on Bur Duba side of Creek
Approach to the Abra station at Bur Dubai
Bur Dubai
Bur Duba side of Creek
National Bank of Dubai
National Bank of Dubai
The City council building
The tallest building in the world [Burj Dubai], way beyond Bur Dubai
Low occupancy hotel
Indians [the greater part of the population] playing cricket in the tunnel under the Creek
A useful landmark for me, visible from near our hotel on opposite side of creek
The fruit and veg market [all imported]
Fish market
Been on my feet all day
Prayer time in the market
The Wonder bus
The only emirati I met - at the old Council House
Mosque in Bur Dubai
My favourite mosque in old Dur Dubai
Beautiful minaret
Our Abra station
View down the Creek from our Abra station
On way home










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