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This is the page where I put stuff I need to remember and have not yet sorted.

Web of Science (previously called Web of Knowledge)
Useful for getting a person's citations.

Connect to University by VPN
Best link I have found is http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/

Click icon to Access to Web of Science; this opens a search page.

To get my publications: Put in Anthony, C. in author field, and reading or sheffield or southampton in Address (scroll to bottom of menu for this); put in years for the search.
Click search. For result click here
The list can be arranged by highest citation to lowest etc. This can be used to get H value: the position in the list (from high to low) where the number of citations = the position in the list. mine is 36.

But note: At the bottom of the list were many papers said to have no citations but which I know have been cited.
And some items are missing eg paper with john guest; 2 papers with pat dunstan
My books are not there.

At top of page on right there is an icon to get a report.



My report Citation Report: 132 (from All Databases)

You searched for: AUTHOR: (anthony, C) AND ADDRESS: (reading or shefffield or southampton) 

This report reflects citations to source items indexed within All Databases.
Published Items in Each Year
The latest 20 years are displayed.
View a graph with all years.
Citations in Each Year
The latest 20 years are displayed.
View a graph with all years.
Results found: 132
Sum of the Times Cited [?] : 3744
Sum of Times Cited without self-citations [?] : 3007
Citing Articles [?] : 1783
Citing Articles without self-citations [?] : 1681
Average Citations per Item [?] : 28.36
h-index [?] : 36
Graph for all the years: Should get this by clicking the instruction to view a graph with all the years. But this did not work.











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