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Europe 1958

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The picture here shows us on our arrival at my home in Watford.
I am the slim elegant one on the back

At the end of my 2nd year at Reading University I went to Europe with Derek Bailey on his 150cc Lambretta scooter. We recently met up for the first time for half a century and I copied Derek's small photos, some of which are here. Our complete itinerary has escaped our memories. In 28 days we travelled almost 4,000 miles. We lived entirely on bread and cheese or ham or salami with milk [often stale] and very cheap wine. No hot meals for 4 weeks except in a campsite in Frejus after we were rescued after a puncture. We had a tiny tent. The original aim was to go to Vienna. We had an accident near Innsbruck so diverted to Italy [Bressanone] to get the scooter repaired. This is a rough summary: Bruges, Brussels, Cologne, Mainz, Innsbruk, Brixen [Bressanone], Milan, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Rhone valley, Geneva, home. We had to leave Derek's watch with a garage in London to buy fuel. We also went to Switzerland [as seen in photos] but we cannot work out how that fitted into our itinerary.
In Bruges market Derek in front of the Atomium in the exhibition in Brussels
With Wolfgang Koch and family. As a half starved boy from a slum in Cologne he had visited us in 1952 as part of a reconciliation programme. At a famous waterfall on the Rhine
Climbing a small [we thought] hill on side of Rhine A frozen explorer after an hour inside a glacier cave
By the glacier
I am not sure how these pictures fit in. We went over many mountain passes on very rough roads like this. This is the Splugen pass [c. 7,000 ft] between Switzerland and Italy.
A memorable campsite. We drove down the mountain in the dark and camped in a hole in the side of the tunnel.
Karl, the son of the local policeman in our tent in the garden of the police station 9 miles outside
Innsbruk where we had our accident.
We stayed there for 3 nights while waiting for the court in Innsbruk to decide whose fault it was
[not ours, they decided].
Me in St Mark's Square, Venice
Derek in Venice and then in Rome
At the colliseum in Rome
The typewriter in Rome [V. Emmaneul monument] Pisa
Kind couple who rescued us when we had a puncture on the coast road to Frejus.  









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