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INDIA: My Pictures 1992

I had previously visited Tirupat, in 1982 and 1984. After that i visited Madurai and Kerala, and also after a conference in Karachi I went to Goa and Bombay.
This 1992 visit was my first to Tirupati since 1984. I travelled by way of Madras where i stayed at the University guest house opposite Marina Beach as the guest of Professor Shunmugasundaram and his wife Radhashunmugasundaram. I visited briefly Mahabalipuram as guest of john Prabakar.

While in Tirupati Lectured in the Biochemistry Department of Prof. Venkaiah.

The University
Tirupati town
Thumulagunta and rural area
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Maps of Tirupati

Madras                                                                       TOP of page
Marina Beach from University Guest house
Marina Beach
John Prabakar at the guest house
Band practice
My friends who entertained me and gave protection against touts
They demonstrate their threatening style for me
Scool outing
The beach at sunset
Beach boys help to launch a fishing boat [4 planks tied together]
After the launch
University building from the beach
Mending the nets and sails
The shore temple at Mahabalipuram
Top of Madras      TOP of page  

Sri Venkateshwara University                                 TOP of page
The Biochemistry Department staff and MSc students. Thyagaraju is on left and Venkaiah on right
Biochemistry Department
MSc students with guru
Entertainment at the Fresher's welcome party
Some of the staff
Top SV University    TOP of page 

Tirupati town    Maps of tirupati                                          TOP of page
The Welcome arch just before Balaji colony
Gandhi Road
The shops
Water pump near cricket ground and Town club
The small Hanuman [Pancha Mukha Anjaneya] temple at start of Gandhi road near Nethaji road
Near Balaji colony
The cricket ground where i first met Suresh Kumar, brother of Surya Prakash and Swarna
In the courtyard of Sri Govindarajaswarmy temple
Entrance to the inner courtyard of the temple
On the way home from Balaji colony
Road outside guest house [from Tirupati to Chittoor and Bangalore]
Crash of lorry and bus outside guesthouse
The Lutheran church [Christchurch]
The Bangalore express
Interrupting my birdwatching
Kapilatheertham, gopuram and the tank
Top Tirupati       TOP of page           

Thumulagunta and rural area                                   TOP of page
The village is south of the guest house. These pictures show that it is hardly changed since 1984 but they had just started to pave some of the paths leading to it. Many of the fields are now filled with houses and the nice tracks are hard stony roads.
The path between the dairy farm and the village
On my way home from the village
On the way to the village
sunset looking out from the village
Planting paddy [rice]
Preparing the paddy field
The road beside the next small village [Uppara palli]
By the next village [Uppara palli]
Doing the family wash
Some of my village friends
Friends at temple entrance
The temple and my friend who introduced me to the village, at his house
Taking rice to market [I think]
Beginning the road
The village of Uppar palli
The official photo. Sign says "Uppara palli harijana [backward caste] people place"
Only one photo sir
The brick works [dug up direct from the red clay]
One special photo sir so you will remember us
My guide to the next village
Top Thumulagunta      TOP of page      

People                                                                          TOP of page
Sivamani, his sister and grandmother. I met him on beach and became friends with his family.
With Sivamani. He now lives in France and he visited us last year in Southampton
Prof. Shunmugasundaram and Radhashunmugusundaram. Prof. of biochemistry in Madras.
Suresh with mother, Surya and Swarna in Nethaji Road home
Suresh at the cricket ground Me with Pugazhenthi [Agric coll student from Sellipet, Pondicherry]
Top People       TOP of page          
Maps of Tirupati                       TOP of Page
This shows Tirupati at the base of the 7 hills with the road up to the temple town of Tirumula.
The guest house is near where road crosses rail. The village of Thumulagunta is at bottom of map in middle
The 'waterfall temple' of Kapilatheertham is at top  

Top of Tirupati        Top of Page      







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