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INDIA: My Pictures 1984   

Most of my 1984 visit [my second to India] was spent in Tirupati.

I also visited Madras, Mahabalipuram, Bangalore, Mysore and Madurai.

NB: Madras = Chennai
       Mahabalipuram = Mammalapuram
       Bangalore = Bengaluru

Tirupati and local districts


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Madras   I stayed in the Connemara hotel [inexpensive then] or in Madras University Guest house on the road opposite Marina beach. There was a cricket test match at the time between India and England in Bombay. The whole of Marina beach was taken up with cricket matches. Having been told that I looked like David Gower I had to play. Remarkably I hit a couple of balls very well so made my excuses and stopped while ahead.
The Connemara hotel
The main road near Connemara hotel [Binny road or Cathedral road or Anna Salai]
Marina beach with University on right
Some of the local school hockey team ["One photo sir"]
View of the small Kamaraja Salai [main road] from guest house window
View of Marina beach from guest house window; the cricket matches formed a chain along this strip for 4 miles
My team ["You are beautiful like David Gower sir"]
A typical fishing boat made from four planks of light wood [balsa?] tied with string
An acrobatic friend
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Mahabalipuram   [See Maps] This is a fishing village 50km South of Madras. It has the famous shore temples [7th - 9th centuries; now a world heritage site]. It is a famous stone carving centre and has an important dance festival. I later used this place as my first [and last] couple of days of my visits.    Top of Page
The shore temples from the southern beach
Shore temple
This Ratha was carved from a single rock
Arjuna's penance carved out of the solid rock more than 1000 years ago. My 'guides' are in foreground.
Cobra with mongoose
Washing up         Top of Mahabalipuram                                                       Top of Page

Maps of Mahabalipuram                                                           
Mahabalipuram. NB This from about 2007. Later I stayed at the Golden Sun rResort
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Madurai   In Tamil Nadu, Madurai is famous for the Meenakshi temple and Kamaraj University. I visited there to give seminars in the Biochemistry Department with Dr. Rajamanickam.  Top of Page                                      Top of
The guest house
Students with Rajamanickam on right
Some of the 1000 pillars in the Meenakshi Temple
Detail of carving on the Gopuram
Meenakshi Temple The gopuram [gateway]
Ganesha in the temple At the entrance to the temple
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Bangalore  I flew with a friend Munjunath to Bangalore then by coach to Mysore.
Karnataka High Court
Government building Bangalore
Munjanath; an engineering student i met in 1982 who happily invited himself as my tour guide
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Mysore    I went here with Munjunath from Bangalore to give a lecture at CFTRI [Centre for Food Technology Research] housed in a maharaja's palace.
CFTRI at Mysore
I met this cobra on my way to the lecture
Maharaja's palace
Looking out from the palace
Me as train driver [in museum]
Me at palace in the hills My protector against cobra?
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