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INDIA: My Pictures 1982   
This was my first visit to India. To visit the Botany Department of Sri Venkateshwara University as a guest of the British Council and Professor M.V. Naidu. I flew by way of Sri Lanka, Madras to Tirupati airport. I stayed in the SVU guest house.
     The picture shows the welcome arch on the road from SVU into the town. The road is now a dual carriageway.
During my 5 week visit I also flew to Hydrabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh to lecture at the Centre for Cell and Molecular Biology.
   I taught microbial physiology to MSC botany students and a few lectures in The Biochemistry Department [Prof. Venkaiah]
Maps of Tirupati
SV University
University staff and students
Tirupati Town
Thumulagunta and surrounding area

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Sri Venkateshwara University                                                          TOP of page
The central University tower; picture taken from the road that links Tirupati to Chittoor and Bangalore
SVU from 'main' road
The main hall in SVU with Chowdappa
SVU library with Chowdappa
My friend, the peanut seller
SVU guest house
My drivers waiting outside the guest house
Rear of the guesthouse
The view from my window
Passing traffic
Passing traffic
Top of SVU      TOP of page

University Staff and Students                                                TOP of page
M.V. Naidu, Professor of Botany; my host in typical fast forward mode
Botany staff: ??, Sreeramulu, Naidu and Sreenivasulu. In the middle is Chowdappa [Student] and Naidu's son
Botany MSc students
Botany MSc students
More students ?? and chowdappa with Lotus as gift for me
The Peace & Solidarity council inviting me to lecture. My friend Munjunath [we went to Mysore in 1984]
Outside my room with ??? and wih Chowdappa
??? with Chowdappa
SVU Guest house staff
Top of Staff       TOP of page

Tirupati town                                                                                 TOP of page
The road out of Tiurpati. University is on the right of this road and the guest house after 2km on the left
School children on way home. The shaven boys gave their hair to Sri Venkateshwara at Tirumula temple.
My source of safe drinks; Limca and Kickapoo Joy Juice
Tirupati lit by the setting sun
Gandhi Road
Near Gandhi road
My tailors
My snackshop
The well on a street corner in Tirupati
Govindaswamy temple in centre of Tirupati Advert for Thunderball [James Bond]
The centre of Gandhi Road
Nethaji Road
My cycle rickshaw
The bike repair man
One of these wheels crushed my glasses [i had dropped them]
The walk down to town
Every evening finsihed with 15 minutes of glorious orange sky
Guest house staff
Top of Tirupati    TOP of page

Thumulagunta village and surrounding area                             TOP of page
Thumulagunta is a small village surrounded by farmland. In 1982 it was reached by walking throught the dairy farm area or on a track leading from the main road. It is now surrounded by an expanding Tirupati and has a main road leading to it and most of the village has brick houses and concrete roads.
The route to the village through the dairy farm area
Main street
I later got to know the family living in this house and became the family photographer
The road to the chicken sheds
One of the main water supplies
My friend who first took me to the village showing his family buffalo
Drying fuel
More friends [just one photo sir]
Ok One more
The girls were more shy
School Work
View from edge of village
On to the next village
On the walk home
The route home
On the way home
Top of Thumulagunta    TOP of page

Tirumula                      TOP of page                                                                    
Tirumula is high in the hills above Tirupati and is the home of Sri Venkateshwara. His temple is the largest and richest in India. It has more visitors than any other temple in the world.
Tirupati from the road to Tirumula; this whole area is now built up
Dr Srinivasulu [Botany dept.] and my kind hosts for the day [Madras Prof. of Botany]
The church band
The happy band - all very enthusiastic to have their picture take before we went on walk around temple
The hair from the shaven heads is donated to the god and is used for 25% of the world's wigs
The gopuram into the sanctuary My kind hosts
Top of Tirumula        TOP of page

Hyderabad          TOP of page
The Charminar
Government building?
In the grounds of the mosque
The winner of their impromptu contest
Top of Hyderabad                                             TOP of page

Maps of Tirupati Top of Maps                       TOP of Page
This shows Tirupati at the base of the 7 hills with the road up to the temple town of Tirumula.
The guest house is near where road crosses rail. The village of Thumulagunta is at bottom of map in middle
The 'waterfall temple' of Kapilatheertham is at top  

Top of Maps  









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