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In 2000 I fulfilled a promise to my friend Nagaraju to visit his native place, Konanki; Click here for pictures of this visit Pictures of my visit in 2000

The other pictures from 1999 and 2000 are from old sets of slides that I recently found.
I am not certain that the dates always correct. Please inform me of any errors

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1999 pictures       2000 pictures

..................... 1999 pictures    I could find very few old slides taken this visit
  Me at guest house and friend waving goodbye
  In the almost open-air lecture room with Biotechnology class
  Nagaraju and my ladies
  Walking past the guest house on the way home from the dairy farm from their duty in the Govindaswarmy temple
  Somewhere in Tirupati showing my four forms of transport: by walking, bicycle, rickshaw and autorickshaw
  The trade-Wings 'school' where my friend Surya was learning computing
  The virology department with the seven hills behind
  View of the hills
  With Surya in Mahabalipuram
TOP Sunset

..................... Pictures from 2000    In 2000 I went to stay in Konanki. with my friend Nagaraju. To get there I first went to Vijyawada with Surya who had lived there for much of his life.
  Surya's family home in Vijayawada
  With his cousin at the house entrance
  All the family
  Alll the family
  With cousins
  Me with cousins
  The family
  Surya's friend
TOP The Guestline hotel where we went to use their swimming pool in later years

...................... Tirupati in 2000
  Chennai airport (Before 1996 it was Madras) viewed from the window of the Trident hotel
  The Trident hotel, 8 minutes drive from the airport and 4-5 hours to Tirupati in our Ambassador - hired by Surya from the Kalyan Residency Hotel in Tirupati

The dining hall of SVU guesthouse, seen from my ground floor room

  View from my veranda of the road
  The seven hills and my favourite walking place
TOP My village friend with his mates working on the dairy farm
  Rajiv Dixit and biochemists working on the ' Clean and Green' working day. Note the lecturers are atcing as foremen
  At home of Kiran (Steven) celebrating a birthday
  Kiran's father (Christopher Daas) and mother and the force-feeding of birthday cake
  Surya with Kiran on bike
  Suryas mum and a friend
TOP Images at the fair