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India Videos 2013
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These video clips are played on YouTube. If they are slow or stop frequently then let them go to the end and then play again.
If Internet Explorer does not open the embedded videos click on Direct YouTube Link
     To increase screen size on the video clk little square on bottom right - either expand or full screen

     Only use the direct links to YouTube provided if clicking on the picture link does not work

These videos were made in Windows Movie Maker. This makes everything darker than original. I will try to make better ones later. The first ones that I am loading are mainly of my friends from Thumulagunta village which is near Tirupati. On a visit by Barath Kumar and friends he heard my ipod playing Kid Ory Traditional Jazz and started to dance. This led to his friends coaxing him to do the many videos that I have put here.
The bird videos were all taken around the SV University campus in Tirupati and nearby dairy farm and village of Thumulagunta


Paddy bird and cattle egrets Roller, Black-winged kite, Koil, eagle
Thumulagunta ladies Thumulagunta stick games      
Barath's first dance Barath's second dance Barath's third dance

Barath's fourth dance

Barath's fifth dance  
Roof dance Fight with Pavan      
For other good pictures of Thumulagunta village and my friends there: Click here

Barath's first dance. In my room in SV University guesthouse, Tirupati. TOP
If clicking on the picture below does not work then go toDirect YouTube link
Barath's second dance. With Said, Mounish and Kalyan. Direct YouTube link     TOP       
Barath's third dance. All a bit mad, dancing with Dinesh. Direct YouTube link    TOP
Roof Dance. Barath, Mounish and Dinesh on guest house roof. Direct Youtube link       TOP
By accident there is a long silent part at the beginning. Go to last one third to get dance
Barath's 4th Dance. With friend Dinesh and cousin Pavan.   Direct youTube link       TOP   
To traditional jazz music
Barath's fifth Dance. This is similar to first but music quality is better.   Direct YouTube link     TOP
Barath's fight with cousin Pavan         Direct YouTube link              TOP
My friendly Thumulagunta ladies                              Direct YouTube link           TOP
Stick games featuring Pavan, Dinesh, Said and Pradhvi                      Direct YouTube link           TOP

Videos of birds. These were all taken rather casually with my canon SX40 on video mode.
Paddy bird and Cattle egrets                                 Direct YouTube link              TOP
Indian Roller, Black-winged kite, Koil, Crows      Direct YouTube link               TOP









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