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Thumulagunta village   India 2012              
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Thumulagunta is a village south of the University. When i first knew it there was a small track leading to it from near the dairy farm. There is now a dual carriage way that goes past the village which now has mainly 'pukka' houses and concrete small roads. My main special friends there are Balaji and his family who I have known for about 15 years, Suman and in the last few years Barath Kumar who has become a loyal friend, guarding my binoculars and always making me feel welcome. The part of the village I go to is a poorer part, separated from the main part by a track throught the fields. The main part appears more wealthy and even has a big temple. Sadly [for me] the land around the village is being used to build big rich houses.

Map Larger Village 'My' Village Friends
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TOP      The Larger part of village
Balaji temple in Main village
Having a rest after visit to temple

Home time

New house going up near main [more wealthy part] village
Fruit and veg man
He wanted to pose for proper picture
'My' village. This is smaller, less wealthy and probably has more farmers etc              TOP 
View of the spreading houses towards Tumulagunta [from the south]
New smaller house being built on edge of 'my' village
Balaji and friends and family
Balaji's father. They have just painted the house for celebration of Balaji's engagement
A village game
The goathouse
"Please show us grouply sir"
Happy group
Honey Shree with her goat
Family wash
No comment
Barath with friends and mum
Barath's house
From the right: Honye Shree, Bobby, Barath,
Bye Barath
Honey Shree recording names
TOP    Village friends  Special friends are Balaji, Suman, Honey Shree, Dinesh and the great Barath Kumar

Barath on East side of village near cricket place

Barath with damaged shoulder
More Barath    
My good friend Suman
Dinesh on roof of Barath's house
Hamaprya, Honey Shree and Tanaja
Suman with Honey Shree ("Please one photo with my darling sir"; "He is making joke uncle"
Getting smart for photo with baby

Village friends I don't know all names and the babies were from noisy requests
Balachandra Honey Shree
Madhu (middle)  
Ishwar Raj
Jogesh Ishwar and Jogesh holding friend
Wife of old friend Venkataramana I am told she is cute (she obviously thinks so)
At house of Dinesh (on right)
I have to finish with Barath on his friend bike








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