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INDIA 2005   22nd January - 23rd FebruaryFor other India pics Click here

I am setting up these pages in 2013. These pictures are really here for my benefit and my friends from eight years ago. I was met in Chennai by my friend Imran. We went direct to Mahabalipuram on the coast for a few days. This was one month after the 2004 Boxing day Tsunami which had wrecked many places along the beach. Then on to Tirupati where I stayed for five weeks, teaching in Sri Venkateshwara University [SVU]. As usual I stayed in the SVU Guest House, 3km from town on the Bangalore road. I was the guest of Professor Srinivasulul, Head of the Virology Department. I gave a total of about 24 lectures and tutorials in the Virology Department and some lectures in the Biochemistry Department.

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MAPs of Tirupati
and area
Mahabalipuram Tirupati Town
Thumulagunta village University students and friends
  Chittoor etc  


Tirupati town and country
Coming back to the road from my walk near Engineering college and pig research etc
One of my favourite places; the dairy farm
My favourite animals; the goats sharing my morning walk opposite the guest house
On my walk North of NCC Nagar
The seed pods of this tree catch the light, brightening the jungle areas
Imran waiting for me on steps of my guesthouse room
Bus on road before it was widened to 4 lanes

Gopuram of Sri Govindaswamy temple in the town

Counter attack
Top of the Gopuram in pink evening light
Gopuram detail
Shop in the lane leading to temple
Also in the temple lane; mainly pictures of Sri Venkateshwara
Another seller, always proudly dusting his wares
I took this picture for his father then delivered it the following year
One photo sir!. I am not sure if they meant the peeing man to be included but he is part of Tirupati
The orange-painted four-faced Hanuman temple at junction Prakasm, Gandhi and Nethaji roads
On way to school? you can see orange Hanuman at the left of picture
Gandhi road at entrance of Bazaar (Garland road)
Sunset view from top of Dr Sai Gopal's house near Kapilatheertham
Same roof
Same roof
The forest burning; from Sai Gopal's roof during violet sunset. Photoshop tried to remove it
For the record. The base of the new Vodaphone tower near the guesthouse
My friend on his three-wheeler on the way to Balaji colony
On the dairy farm. He stopped to ask for his photo
Happy man with the landmark hills in background






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