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There are only a few pictures and they are not good quality. I hope to find better more complete set.

We went with Liz, Hugh, Clive and his girlfriend Karen. First to Argentat on the Dordogne then Le Bugue, home of Max and Marguerite Avezoux, one of me research students - in the Dordogne. We visited Lac Vassivieres and the Pyrenees

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  Karen Clive and Hugh at home of MAx and Marguerite in Le Bugue At the market - not sure where
  Clive and Max Marguerite and Max
  Lac vassivieres on Plateau de Mille Vaches in the Limousin Camping at the lake
  Breaking camp Clive battling the stopper at Sauveterre Le Bearne in the Pyrenees
  Not sure  
  Hugh in the mountains but I am not sure where