Camping in the North and Scotland 2018

      Chris and Liz, April 26th to May 4th, 2018

     King's Sutton near Banbury (Dot and Peter Evans), Near Richmond, Duddo near
     Berwick (Nigel), [Lowick to visit Liz's buried ancestors], Mull of Galloway, Barnard Castle, Tumby Lawn near Coningsbury
     (Lincs - home of Steve, Hugh's friend)

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King's Sutton Richmond Duddo Lowick Mull of Galloway Barnard Castle (near) Tumby Lawn

King's Sutton with Dot and Peter Evans
Park Top Farm, West of Richmond North Yorkshire
Duddo near Berwick on border with Scotland. Nigel's home
On a walk
Nigel and Libby Meadow Pipit
The Churchyard at Lowick where Liz's ancestors lived and where many are buried. There are memorial windows to some of them
Eliza Maby Selby Knight Gregson was Liz'z great grandmother and mother of the children buried in the churchyard
Mull of Galloway, West coast of Scotland. Port Logan, The Mull is the long droopy peninsular on the left. Campsite on East of that: New England Bay Camping Club site
Oystercatcher on beach next to the van
Camouflaged Ringed Plover Eggs too big for plover. Probably Oystercatcher
Gannet Cormorant
Sandwich Tern
Immature Herring Gull
Bowfield Farm Boldron, South of   Barnard Castle (West of Scotch Corner), Co Durham

Herdwick Sheep
Excellent walks accompanied by curlew and lapwings
I parked with a wheel in a muddy hole so we needed the skill of Wendy with her tractor to heave us out. Embarrassing but fun.
Tumby Lawn near Coningsby. Hugh was visiting his friend Steve so we called in to visit. Steve took us to RAF Coningsby
Lancaster Typhoon