Camping in East Sussex 2021

Chris and Liz 27th - 31st August

A visit to friends Barbara and Jim

A272 past Petersfield, Petworth and Bilinghurst to Copperfield Farm near Lower Beeding, South of Horsham;  Haywards Heath, Uckfield, Hailsham to Cobbs Hill farm, 3 miles North of Bexhill.

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..................... Copperfield Farm.  
  Looking South - excellent for stargazing Our welcoming owl
  Distant view of home In the eerie light of the wild wood
TOP Grasshopper (possible large marsh grasshopper) Speckled wood butterfly
  Cobbs Hill Farm  
  Our pitch. Many people had left by the time i took this picture All our walks involved this challenge
  Our neighbour cows Our neighbour sheep.
  I like sheep. These are 'Suffolk' breed.
  Even the exit from the camp was a challenge Primitive horsetails
  Unidentified Bush cricket Unidentified species of compositae
  Jim and Barbara's palace Hello Barbara
  Liz and Jim on the beach Looking East
TOP Looking West The cormorant drying himself. One of the only birds we saw