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  My recent bird trips

This is a personal record of bird trips with notes on the main birds of interest

Pictures taken in UK and France.

Uusually taken with my Nikon 7100 SLR camera
with Sigma 18-300mm or 150-500mm lens      

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  Pennington with Komal May16th 2018 Farlington October 9th 2018 Pennington October 24th 2018
  Pictures of Birding holidays in UK  

Pennington 24th October 2018    I stayed overnight on the last warm sunny days of the year at Hurst View campsite, large flocks of Canada geese in adjacent field offering frequent flypasts. Except for the main lagoons everwhere was very dry. Mallard, Shovellers, Teal, Tufted duck, Shelduck, Little grebes, Moorhens, Canada geese, Brent geese. Grey heron, Little Egrets, Meadow pipits, gulls, Cormorants, Redshank, Golden plovers (few), Lapwing (many), Black tailed godwit (few)
View from my camper van. Distand Canada geese coming to join their friends in the adjacent field (above). In the morning I provided hot tea for the real campers.
Brent geese (dark bellied form) arrived to join us for winter from Siberia
I can't resist taking their pciures (Brent geese) Canada goose
Flock of Lapwing on far side of the lagoon
Distant birds in the lagoon. A sleeping Golden plover at the top with sleepy Lapwing and a pair shoveler with a teal in front
Black headed gull in full winter plumage Cormorant flying over my camper van
Little Egret Lapwing
My favourite picture of Little Egret


Farlington Marshes October 9th   Full sun. slight breeze. 10.3-12.30. Canada geese and Brent geese. Said to be some pintail.. Meadow pipits,
Female kestrel. Marsh harrier. On island in harbour 15 little egrets, loads of oystercatchers and a few grey plover. Also many knot. In lagoon big flocks of dunlin and blk tail godwits. Nice pics and video of singing linnet. Heard Cetti’s warbler.
On this island were 13 Little Egrets and large numbers of Oystercatchers  
Distant flock of Bar-tailed Godwits Knot
Distant flock of Dunlin
Heron accompanied by flock of Dunlin (Bomber + fighter escort) Flock of Knot) on distant island
Flock of knot in lagoon. Help please Beautiful Moorhen; it would be more admired if less common I guess
Linnet. It was near a female linnet singing (I did not know the female sings) Meadow Pipit.

Pennington Marshes May 16th 2018     Camped at Hurst View with Komal, a friend I first met in Tirupati, India, when he was an engineering student; some of these pictures are for him - to remind him of all the birds we saw
Komal, a shivering ornithologist Back at campsite, warming up
Rare Spoonbills There were three together on the lagoon
Buzzard Avocets on island in lagoon
Little Tern, distinguished by small size and yellow beak

Common Tern

Oystercatcher Black headed gull
Chafffinch Goldfinch
Meadow Pipit Little Egret