My recent UK bird trips

This is a personal record of bird trips with notes on the main birds of interest

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  Nikon 7100 SLR camera with Sigma 18-300mm or 150-500mm lens    
  Pennington with Komal     May16th 2018 Farlington October 9th 2018 Pennington October 24th 2018
  Pictures of Birding holidays in UK Pennington February 27th 2019 Pennington with Josh      March 27th 2019
  Pennington May 13th with Liz Pennington February 6th 2020 Pennington Sept 17 2020
  Pennington with Liz April 12th - 14th 2021[1st time after the 2nd covid lockdown] Pennington June 13-15th 2021with Liz and Hugh
  Pennington February 10th 2022 Pennington February 7th 2023

Pennington marshes 6th February 2020    
My earliest stay overnight ar Hurst View campsite. Mix of sun and cloud with light wind. mid afternoon and midmorning. After weeks of heavy rain all paths, fields and lagoons were near flooded. Flocks of Brent and Canada geese. Complete list: Woodpigeon, crow, magpie, blackbird, song thrush, robin,chaffinch, goldfinch, greenfinch, linnet, dunnock, stonechat, skylark (pair), stonechat (female), pied wagtails, swan, canada geese, brent geese, shelduck, cormorant, red breasted merganser, goldeneye, mallard, shoveller, widgeon (very many), teal, great crested grebe (immature at sea with goldeneye), tufted duck, coot, moorhen, redshank, dunlin, ringed plover, turnstone, lapwing, avocet, oystercatcher, herring gull, black headed gull.
Distant dunlin and ringed plover
Canada geese next to campsite A lonely little egret
One of very many whistling widgeon Fishing cormorant
Pintail Redshank pondering on the meaning of teal
A comfortable flock of feeding widgeon Nice flock of lapwing. Some seemed to be pairing up over the meadowland
Remarkable to see Red breasted merganser on the inshore waters. They seem to be ignoring each other but then gave in
Beautiful bird A wind-facing flock of brent geese
I can't resist redshank
Goldeneyes out on the sea My first good view of a goldenye
This little egret was vibrating its foot to stir up food i guess Brent geese
Cormorant ignored by sleepy oystercatchers just nice peaceful picture
remale stonechat Singing dunnock  
Another favourite - the turnstones
Farewell flypast of Brent geese
Pennington 24th October 2018    I stayed overnight on the last warm sunny days of the year at Hurst View campsite, large flocks of Canada geese in adjacent field offering frequent flypasts. Except for the main lagoons everwhere was very dry. Mallard, Shovellers, Teal, Tufted duck, Shelduck, Little grebes, Moorhens, Canada geese, Brent geese. Grey heron, Little Egrets, Meadow pipits, gulls, Cormorants, Redshank, Golden plovers (few), Lapwing (many), Black tailed godwit (few)
View from my camper van. Distand Canada geese coming to join their friends in the adjacent field (above). In the morning I provided hot tea for the real campers.
Brent geese (dark bellied form) arrived to join us for winter from Siberia
I can't resist taking their pciures (Brent geese) Canada goose
Flock of Lapwing on far side of the lagoon
Distant birds in the lagoon. A sleeping Golden plover at the top with sleepy Lapwing and a pair shoveler with a teal in front
Black headed gull in full winter plumage Cormorant flying over my camper van
Little Egret Lapwing
My favourite picture of Little Egret


Farlington Marshes October 9th   Full sun. slight breeze. 10.3-12.30. Canada geese and Brent geese. Said to be some pintail.. Meadow pipits,
Female kestrel. Marsh harrier. On island in harbour 15 little egrets, loads of oystercatchers and a few grey plover. Also many knot. In lagoon big flocks of dunlin and blk tail godwits. Nice pics and video of singing linnet. Heard Cetti’s warbler.
On this island were 13 Little Egrets and large numbers of Oystercatchers  
Distant flock of Bar-tailed Godwits Knot
Distant flock of Dunlin
Heron accompanied by flock of Dunlin (Bomber + fighter escort) Flock of Knot) on distant island
Flock of knot in lagoon. Help please Beautiful Moorhen; it would be more admired if less common I guess
Linnet. It was near a female linnet singing (I did not know the female sings) Meadow Pipit.

Pennington Marshes May 16th 2018     Camped at Hurst View with Komal, a friend I first met in Tirupati, India, when he was an engineering student; some of these pictures are for him - to remind him of all the birds we saw
Komal, a shivering ornithologist Back at campsite, warming up
Rare Spoonbills There were three together on the lagoon
Buzzard Avocets on island in lagoon
Little Tern, distinguished by small size and yellow beak

Common Tern

Oystercatcher Black headed gull
Chafffinch Goldfinch
Meadow Pipit Little Egret

Pennington marshes February 27th 2019 Camped overnight at Hurst View campsite. Hot and sunny. High tide in afternoon; low tide in following morning. Irritating dog walkers down on the 'beach instead of on paths and also aloowing rampaging dogs in the field among the pre-mating lapwings. Many widgeon and shoveller, Shelduck, Brent and Canada geese, Black-tailed godwit, dunlin, turnstone, ringed plover. A few redshank, curlew, grey plover.
hurst view
View from my van with my companion Brent Geese, visiting us from Eastern Siberia
widgeon shoveller
Widgeon Shoveller with good view of his shovel
pintail teal
PIntail Teal
canada goose
Canada goose. Picture as downloaded from camera then after photoshop found some more information
Turnstone Five turnstone
My favourite - Redshank Curlew
Black-tailed Godwits
Grey plover Dunlin
Skylark Shewing away the Brents to get back to my home
Farewell flypast  

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.     Camped at Hurst view campsite. Josh is a music student at Oxford University. Hor sun for two days. Brent geese still here. Very many shelduck. Not so many Godwits as February visit (above). No Dunlin or Ring Plover. No terns. More Redshank than previous. Warblers not yet arrived. Many Lapwing.
Brent Geese with the Needles plus lighthouse in distance. The geese will soon be setting for their breeding grounds in Siberia
black headed gull
Black headed gull
widgeon shoveler
Widgeon Shoveler
teal little egret
Teal Little Egret
tufted duck
Tufted duck
avocet curlew
Avocet (with Widgeon and Shoveler)  
Curlew with Oystercatcher Oystercatcher with Little Egret
redshank godwit
Redshank Black tailed Godwit
turnstone herring gull
Turnstone (soon to fly home to breeding grounds) Herring gull
reed bunting
Reed Bunting on reeds
long tialed tit
Longtailed tit Josh Asokan
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May 13th Pennington Marsh with Liz
A sunny 2 days with very cold night. Quite breezy. Relatively few birds. Many Shelduck, Canada geese. 7 pairs of Avocet that all seemed to be nesting on the island. Oystercatchers, few Redshank, Mallard, Tufted duck, 2 Brent geese, usual gulls. No Terns, Heron or Little egret (except 14 roosting in a tree in the pond on the way to wonderful Chequers Inn). Many Whitethroat and Linnets.
Roe deer Canada geese with chicks
Tufted duck. There were 4 pairs. Mute Swan
Mummy Mallard with chicks Shelduck
Brent goose left behind as all others have left for nesting grounds in Siberia I guess this is a damaged (odd) Brent goose
Canada goose Lapwing
Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow House Sparrow
Goldfinch Fema;e Chaffinch
Linnet Whitethroat
Mrs Anthony waving to the nesting Avocets Home
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September 17th Pennington Marsh with Liz   (Hurst View Campsite)
We camped for a single night. They had opened up 2 extra fields as the demand was high because of the coronavirus problem. Hot and sunny. Not so many birds: Canada geese, heron, usual 3 gull species, kestrel, mallard, lapwig, a few isolated redshank and curlew, a single greenshank, small flocks of dunlin, turnstone and black tailed godwit, a few ringed plover, pied wagtails, sparrows, large flocks of starlings, woodpigeon, magpies, crows, robins, swallows.        

Hurst View Campsite Our main neighbours were a flock of pied wagtails
Canada geese; happy honking neighbours.                                                                                     A Flypast for Hurst Casle
Huge flock of starlings (a relatively small but wonderful murmuration) The geese tried to join in
Dunlin on the edge of the lagoon Young ringed plover on the island in the lagoon
Lapwings Black tailed godwits preening
Black tailed godwit Black tail of the godwit
Turnstone; one of a flock in their usual place on the shoreline near the concrete jetty Geese at peace
The pictures below are of a solitary greenshank
Hurst Castle  
Top 17 Pennington  

......................... Pennington with Liz. April 12th - 14th 2021. 1st chance to go anywhere after lockdown.

For my record. Swan, Canada geese (very many - many nesting), Shelduck, Mallard, Pintail, Shoveler, Tufted duck, Teal, Widgeon (1), Coot, Moorhen, Cormorant, Grey lag goose.
Little egret, Avocets (many some nesting), Oystercatchers, Lapwing, Redshank, Greenshank (1), Curlew (4), Black-tailed Godwit (4).
Buzzard, Red kite. Carrion Crow, Jackdaw, Magpie, Woodpigeon. Lesser black backed gull, Herring gull, Blk headed gull, Common tern.
Blackbird, Songthrush, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Starling, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Linnet, Reed bunting, Skylark, Pied wagtail, Blue tit, Great tit, Long tailed tit, Swallow.
Chiff Chaff, Cetti's warbler, Whitethroat, [heard only - Reed warbler, Sedge Warbler).

  Home with Liz searching for me The hedges everywhee were overflowing with blackthorn - here with a greenfinch
  Swans on their next An odd sight; swan with companion Greylag goose
  Greylag goose Canada goose. Its nest was higher up the bank. Its egg had rolled down.
  Little Egret Curlew in adjacent field
  Black-headed Gull Black-tailed godwit.
  Oystercatcher Waterside woodpigeon
  Coot Lapwing
  Shoveler Pintail
  Teal (male) Tufted duck
  Greenfinch Chaffinch
  Reedbunting Goldfinch
  Dunnock Songthrush
  Linnet Cetti's Warbler. It was singing just before this picture
Top of this trip Pheasants Blackthorn

..................... Pennington 13th - 15th June 2021. With Liz and Hugh. Hurst view campsite. Very hot. Heat haze meant few good pictures.
  A rare hot sunny day in 2021 Buttercups galore
  Learning the Canada goose step Oystercatchers with nesting avocet on lagoon island
  Avocet Juvenile Avocets suggesting successful fledging this year
  Common Tern. Note orange/red beak.
  Sandwich Tern. Note large size and black beak. Little Ringed Plover. Note black bill and yello eye ring.
  A rare thing; a shy goldfinch Linnet (male)
  Linnet Greenfinch
  Meadow pipit Reed warbler
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