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  In 1982 I was invited by the British Council to visit Sri Venkateshwara University in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh in South India. This was to give a course over 4 weeks on Microbial Physiology to the Botany Department of Professor N.V. Naidu. The British Council stipulated that I should go by the cheapest route.  I took them too seriously and went by Air Lanka whose cheap fare meant that I had to stay at least 4 nights in Sri Lanka. So I flew to Colombo, and from there to Madras where I had to get a ticket to fly to Tirupati.

On the way home I stayed for 4 nights in Sri Lanka, all organised by the head of Hertz, a friend of my friend John Nankivell. I travelled in a small modern car with a guide from Colombo to Kandy and then to Nuwara Eliya at the centre of the tea growing hills. Compared with India I found Sri Lanka very relaxing but not quite such an adventure. I was certain I would soon be returning but this was not possible as the tragic civil war broke out the next year.

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  I flew from London to Columbo on this Lockheed Tristar. Boarding for Madras (Chennai) at Columbo
  My (unwanted) guide at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.     View from the opposite park/forest My guest house at Kandy
  More views of Kandy  
  On the long uphill drive towards Nuwara Eliya The tea
  Resting tea pickers Still on the way
  Nuwara Eliya. View from my hotel. I was disappointed that it was so cold. I felt cheated. Driving back I loved the smells of the drying spices on the road         Many elephants available for snaps
  The glowing emerald paddy fields did not come out well on my pictures A Buddhist stupa. On top of a hill. Sorry no more knowledge.
  With my guide Always more photos please sir
  Cannot remember this place Probably the Royal Botanic Gardens at Peredinya, Kandy
TOP Somewhere? On the beach at Colombo