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I am not certain that the dates for these early slides are always correct. Please inform me of any errors.

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During this visit to the Virology Department in SVU University, Tirupati I was taken on memorable trips to a museum of Tamil Nadu architecture and arts on the East Coast Road.
I was also taken to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, one of the two satellite launch centres in India (I hope I have identified this correctly).
Their are pictures of my first visit to the excellent Zoo, but I could find few pictures of University students or the town itself.

Tamil Nadu Museum Space station visit Tirupati zoo Tirupati

  The Tamil Nadu Museum on East Coast Road  
TOP Visit to the space station
  Our vanload looking out over a bird sanctuary and having picnic on the way home. The trip was arranged by Professor Ranga (facing camera), a friend of Surya and still my friend
TOP Tirupati Zoo    This on the Western outskirts in the foothills of the Seven Hills
  Lunch with Surya and Nagaraju
  Of course I would have gone onto the elephant but a photographer was needed  
  Surya pretended to be a female but he was ignored The tigers have a very large open enclosure
TOP Tirupati
  Sivamani whose friend had driven him to visit me from Chenna1 Rajah
  A favourite walk in the Dairy farm  
  My favourite Bourgainvilleas and with my host, Prof. Srinivasulu, Head of Virolgy  
TOP on a favourite walk out towards the hills The Virology Department. Built recently on the edge of the campus to avoid student politics.