INDIA: My Pictures 1996

I have recently found these pictures, scanned in from slides. This was a remarkable year because of the frequent floods in the town.

I spent some time in the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore before spending 3 weeks teaching in the Biochemistry Department in Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupati. I went with Surya Prakash to the hills at Tirumula and to Mahabalipuram on the way home.
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  Surya and a carving near the temple at Tirumula
  The waterfall at Kapilatheertham temple
  The widened road between the guest house and Univeristy and town
  Flooded Gandhi Road

At junction of Prakasam Road and Alipiri Road

  Not sure of exact location
  At junction of Gandhi Road and 'garland road where they make garlands. (name please)
  At the end of Nethaji Road
  The small Hanuman temple where Gandhi Road, Nethaji road and Prakasam road meet
  The water comes down this road from the hills
  Prakasam Road
  Surya at Mahabalipuram beach