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These are the only pictures I could find of my trip in 2001. I was visiting the Virology Department in Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupati Andrha Pradesh, South India

Pictures of villagers in Mallipalle (part of Thumulagunta)
I visited my friend Kiran Kumar (aka Steven) and his wife and child at their parents home (father Christopher Dass) at Giripuram by the Tamarind tree (my instructions to Autorickshaw driver. On road out toward Kapilatheertham
I was teaching 1st year MSc Virology students     I am sorry i remember very few names; please write to tell me them
As usual I was able to spend time with my good friend Surya Prakash and his family

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  Welcome to Tirupati. I think this was a new arch - on the Chandragiri and Bangalore road just after the level crossing and before the dairy farm entrance
  On the road past my guest house
  Town bus. I took this photo because of the dolphin - the logo of University of Southampton at the time
..................... Villagers near Mallepalle. This is the village that is part of Thumulagunta
  Friends in Mallipalli. I love the decorated doors
  Shy girls Friends - they had taken control of my bag and rucksack. On left is Venkataramana who I got to know well
  Near Mallipalli maybe on Uppurapalli road
TOP Always "One photo sir"
  SV University MSc course
  MSc students in my guesthouse room - before i taught them to smile please. 2nd from left is Sudarshan Poojari, a good friend.
  At my farewell function. With Profs. Srinivasulu and Sai Gopal.
  Sorry to be leaving my lovely students
  I wish I knew all their names. Sudarshan is looking at camera and Satish is behind him.
TOP If any of you see these pictures please tell me your names
TOP Kirans's family
  The children on the Red Chairs of India Grandather, Christopher Dass afer an argument
  Kirans's wife (so sorry cannot remember name) Kiran cooking
  With Kiran's father-in-law A rare picture of me
TOP All together  
TOP Surya and friends
  Surya's mum with his sister Swarna Surya the cook
  The route to Surya's house goes through many small streets where the know me and follow demanding photos
  Nagaraju with Surya Nagaraju at an illicit drinking birthday party out in the country somewhere
  In Mahabalipuram  
TOP Mahabalipuram beach with the Shore Temple in the distance