The International Union of Biochemistry used to hold triennual International Congresses, usually in capital cities of developed countries, attracting at least 4,000 biochemists to each. Under the guidance of President Professor Sir Hans Kornberg it was decided to hold the 1994 Congress in a less fully developed country and New Delhi, India was chosen. As we waited in London for our flight he told me that he was slightly worried about the decision; I told him that from my experience of India it was unlikely that everything would run completely smoothly but that it would be a wonderful experience for everyone. I was proved right.

As we came out of the airport into the usual wonderful muddle of vast numbers of welcoming Indians Hans Kornberg was met by the Congress organisers to be whisked away in a suitable limousine. As I saw him off he indicated to me that I also had a welcoming committee, pointing to two shyly waving boys in the crowd.

These were Suresh Kumar and Surya Prakash seen in the picture [right]. I had met Suresh on the cricket ground in Tirupati in 1991 and got to know his family [father - Venkateswara Rao] who lived on Nethaji Road. Two years later Suresh went to join the Indian Air Force in Bangalore and I became good friends with his younger brother Surya. He promised that he would meet me in Delhi the following September. To do so the brothers travelled by 3rd class train the 2000 km, 3 day journey to meet me. Suresh went immediately to his unit while Surya stayed with me as my official 'personal assistant' [PA as listed by the kind organisers of the Congress] in the Ashoka hotel where the Congress was held.

Of course we went to Agra to see the fort and Taj Mahal. My PA explained that to hire a car with driver would be cheaper than going on the organised tour so we did that.

The pictures were on slide film [Praktika camera with extra 135mm lens] and scanned to computer using Plustek scanner with Vuescan followed by Photoshop to remove colour cast and scratches.

New Delhi
Agra and Taj Mahal

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New Delhi  
  The Ashoka hotel; home of the Internationl Congress of Biochemistry and also where I stayed with Surya
  The grand entrance to Ashoka hotel
  Government buildings [The Rashtrapati Bhavan]
  This used to be All mine
  Government buildings
  The Great gates to Rashtrapati Bhavan The Alai Darwaza (mosque gateway and the Iron pillar, unrusted since the 4th century
  The Qutb Minar; watchtower or mosque minaret  
  Ghandi memorial
  Bahai Temple
  Bahai Temple at night
  Bara Gumbad tomb in the Lodi gardens Surya my personal assistant [PA]
  Bara Gumbad tomb in the Lodi gardens
  Me at Bara Gumbad tomb
  Inside Red Fort
  Surya in Red Fort
  ??? In Red Fort

Diwan-i-Khas, Red Fort ????

  Diwan-i-Khas, Red Fort ???

Agra and
Taj Mahal
  Agra Fort
  Agra fort
  View of the Taj from Shajahan's fort
  View from the fort
  The main gateway to the tomb


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Friends in New Delhi
  Boys who ran one of the small shops in the Ashoka hotel; they invited themselves to visit (to use the "pukka toilet" in our room)

I have remained friends with Suresh and Surya for about 20 years now.

Suresh remained in the Air Force until this year. He is married with 2 daughters

Surya has been my main guide to India and we have met every year since 1993. He is now married to Sharu and lives in London where he works as an IT expert.

  Surya Prakash Suresh Kumar
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