Birds of Tirupati          India 2015

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Most of these birds I have taken previously but i have put them here as they represent so much of my
time walking around Tirupati. This year my camera is 50X zoom Canon camera which also
has a more sensitive CMOS detector; see my Snapshots of the Birds of Tirupati

The birds are arranged (roughly) in order of size

My morning walk towards the hills








By the path towards NCC Nagar, next to Lokesh's house. Leaking pipes had led to small puddles and streams among the trees; favourite place for Forest wagtails, fantails, paradise flycatchers and magpie robins
My favourite tree
A cloud of cattle egrets
Red-wattled Lapwing
Plotting paddy birds (pond heron)

What are they all looking at?


Water hen at the pond near NCC Nagar
There is enough rubbish for both of us
even for poor ol pond heron
Why are we crossing the road mummy?
Don't they teach them anythin?

Coucal or Crow pheasant








Koil, a noisy cuckoo
Shikra hawk
Ring-necked parakeet
Blue faced Malkohar
Indian Roller
Yellow-billed Babbler, the commonest (most vugar) of local babblers
Paradise flycatcher (female)
Golden Oriole
Black Drongo
Red-whiskered bulbul with black-headed Oriole
Red-whiskered bulbul
Magpie Robin
Find the birds










Fanned tail
House Sparrow; I was taken to this 'special bird' by one of the village boys
Forest Wagtail
Purple Sunbird
Little Green Bee-eater with dragon fly