Thumulagunta portraits
This is a portrait gallery of some of my friends from Thumulagunta village

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Barath Kumar. 'cute name' is Balu. My chief photographer and very special person. With younger brother Ganesh See bike pictures at end    
Said (pronounced without the d)      
Bobby Dinesh
Badri Dayakar Suman
Manoj Jogesh Balachandran (Dinesh's brother)
Badri, Kalyan, Balu, Dayakar, Manosh
Madhu, Manosh, Balu, Balachandran, Said
Balu's bike with friends
Manoj, Balu and Said on borrowed old-stype bike
New bike. specifications: must take 2 extra passengers and be very strong
Barath Kumar (Balu) on the new bike
Seshu testing bike
A special line up: Badri,Dayakar, Balu with Kalyan, Manoj.