Thumulagunta Park 2014 
This is a large area, part of which is labelled a lake on the map. It is between the main part of Thumulagunta and the bypass to the South. At this time of year it is dry and used for cricket etc. It is surrounded on the North and East by a raised walk-way decorated with sculptures and beautiful Bourgainvilleas.
At the Thumulagunta end is a huge 'statue' of Hanuman with depictions of his exploits and a place to view the park and to meditate at the top.
This was a favourite place for the gang to suggest for us to go and so these pictures are taken from a number of visits. The park is a great place to go in the evening with its setting sun and cool(ish) breeze.
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      Hanuman at the start of the park walk hanuman in thumulagunta
Balu posed with the story of Hanuman

Said's turn

He was followed by all the others

The 2nd half of the gang come ot meet us
Some of the gang. Manoj, Mounish, Bobby, Kalyan
Come to our house for coffee? From Balu "not coffee sah, they are drinking#"
Bobby perched on a sculpture - they mainly serve as seats
Maduhu, my top bag carrier
Affectionate Madhu
Said; looking over the park towards University and town
Bobby, my small cameraman
Said at the water pipe, the scene of previous water fights
The boys avoided posing with him but i dont know why
View down toward the brick kilns near the bypass
Bobby with small camera, with Manoj
Bobby at work, setting of aphotographic competition
Crazy Madhu
Balu telling me and Said a story about??
After meeting the girls plus babies near home
Booby running down the bank with my camera
Mounish, Madhu adn Kalyan
Balu the monkey "Sah i am Hanuman'
View to North-East. Village is on right. University clock tower on left
To North-West with main village of Thumulagunta
On the way home to the village

Brahminy Mynahs

Taken by my chief photographer Barath Kumar

Brahminy mynahs in tirupati