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Taken with my Canon Powershot SX40 IS]. 12th - 20th May. Liz, Hugh and I flew to Pisa and drove in a small to an AgriTurismo farmhouse called Poggiacolle near San Gimignano. Liz and I went there previously. Click hereFor pictures of previous trips: visit in 2002; visit in 2009.        
Poggiacolle is a farm run by Stefano Bartholi and family. Beside San Gimignano itself we visited nearby Colle di Val d'Elsa, Volterra and San Galgano, Southwest of Siena                 

  Poggiacolle    San Gimignano    Montauto    Colle val d'Elsa   Volterra    San Galgano and Montesiepi    Birds and flowers
  View of us at Poggiacolle [2012] with San Gimigano in background
  To Poggiacolle
  Our host, Stefano
  Poggiacolle from San Gimignano
  Poggiacolle from near Montauto
  Poggiacolle. Our rooms were above door on the right. In the evenings we made the tower our home
  Our shared kitchen; our rooms were throught the door on the left
  Lunchtime; the spiral [helical!] staircase leads to the tower, our evening room
  Looking down our stairs
  Scrabble in the tower
  More Scrabble
  View from tower
  San gimignano from tower
  S.Gimignano from Poggiacolle farm
  Hugh inspecting the vines

Farm cats

  The farm
  Our poppies
  At swim, one bird
  Marcello in our breakfast kitchen
  The road into San Gimignano
TOP Montauto

TOP San Gimignano
  San Gimignano from Poggiacolle, showing off my 35X zoom
  Before entry into main square
  In the setting sun

Exit from square, pedestrians only

  Hugh lecturing on Italian history and Liz paying attention
  The cisterna in the square after dinner
  The upper part of S. Gimignano with a Gormley man on tower in distance
  Don't jump
  Is this the promised Ferrari?
  Small cathedral square
  Boy on cisterna
  Gormley is not shy
  Market day
  This little piggy went to market
  So did this one
  The square, site of action in Tea with Mussolini
  Madonna and child

TOP The nearby village of Montauto
  Montauto from the olive grove at Poggiacolle
  Montauto at sunset
  Montauto from across the valley
  Monastery tower at Montauto
  Memorial to antifascits
  Close up
TOP View from Montauto
TOP Nearby town of Volterra
  View from road on outer wall
  Roman remains seen from wall
  Town hall from steps of cathedral
  Close up of townhall
  Inside cathedral
  Please buy me; OK OK
TOP Colle val d'Elsa; nearby town on way to Siena
  Entrance gate to Colle val d'Elsa
  From the walls
  The main street in old city
TOP Inside the church
TOP The abbey of Saint Galgano with the Montesiepi hermitage, between the medieval villages of Chiusdino and Monticiano For mor information
  The Abbey


inside abbey ruins
  The abbey still provides shelter for those in need
  The rotunda at Montesiepi near San Galgano abbey
  Inside the rotunda

Roof of the rotunda

  Ceiling of the chapel
  Wall of the Chapel
  Arm of San Galgano [?]
  San Galgano plunging his sword into a rock to turn it into a cross

TOP Birds and flowers
  Turtle dove
  Collared dove
TOP Hoopoe