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  I went with Liz to Pisa. We had to change flights in Munich where there was a 3 hour delay so we had enjoyable wander around Munich. We hired a car in Pisa to drive to an
Agriturismo near San Gimignano. Our luggage was not at Pisa airport. Our insurance allowed us to buy essentials which for me included the most expensive underpants ever, sandals shorts and binoculars. Our 'farm' was excellent. The weather was often stormy so we drove around a lot. We visited Siena and Pienza.I may have have some of the labels wrong. We stayed for one night in Pisa on the way home.
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  Munich Our Agriturismo farm San Gimignano Siena Around Tuscany Pisa

.................... Munich
  Marienplatz, city hall
    Old city hall where Goebbels speech initiated Crystalnacht

The clock on old town hall

.................... Our Agriturismo farm   I cannot remember its name. It had views of San Gimignano
  Our breakfast room
  Our farm
  Our view of San Gimignano
TOP Happy!


San Gimignano
  San Gimignano, the moon and Jupiter
  View from our farm
  I remember it well but cannot name
  Our favourite lunch place
  Another favourite
  Are you ready to order, madam
  On a San Gimignano walk
  They tasted as good as they looked
  Time for a rest
  A lovely resting lady
  The opposite side of San Gimignano
TOP Not sure where this is but i liked the coloured tiles

.................... Siena
  Siena town hall in the Piazza del Campo Siena Cathedral
  The Piazza del Campo
TOP Town Hall

.................... Pienza     A small village between Siena and San Gimignano   
  Pienza from the internet
  Piazza Piccolomini
  Piaza Pio II
    In the church
  Peaceful Pienza courtyard
  Shrine View from the walls
TOP View from the walls

.................... Around Tuscany        These are unidentified places and miscellaneous picture I can't omit
  My navigator
  Distant view of Pienza
TOP Another typical place

.................... Pisa    We flew here froom Gatwick. On the way home we stayed for one night in Pisa, enjoyng dinner and sightseeing mainly in the rain
  Our Pisa hotel. The Ferrari hat is really intended for Hugh
  In Piazza di Miracoli or Cathedral Square
  The side of Cathedral Square
  Inside the Cathedral
  Street near our hotel
  The Knights' Square (I think)
  Palazzo dei Cavalieri) is a palace in Knights' Square
TOP Found at last a Pizzeria