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This visit was in March 2003. I was invited as a special guest to the farewell symposium celebrating the retirement of an eminent professor of Microbiology at Yamaguchi University Professor Osao Adachi. He and his Department members had worked on acetic acid bacteria and especially their enzymes for oxidation of alcohol and sugars for many years and are the foremost experts in the world on this subject [Click here for a pdf of a review of their work]. They included Kazunobu Matsushita and Mamoru Yamada who have visited us at home, and Hiro Toyama who worked with me for a short time. Prof. Ameyama, Adachi and Matsushita were my first good friends in Japan, inviting me to be the opening lecturer at the 2nd International Symposium on PQQ and Quinoproteins in Yamaguchi in 1991.
On this visit I flew to Kansai airport near Osaka, then by train to Yamaguchi. From there I went to Nagasaki to visit my old friend Daisuke; I had met him in Southampton at on of the CSO concerts. He was a young bassoon player who was here to learn English. We were very happy to see him again when he visited us with his new wife in 2010.
After Nagasaki I visited Nobuo Kato and his wife in Kyoto. I had known him for many years from his work on methanol-utilising yeasts. He is an inspired Italian cook and I have shared some on my most memorable times in Japan with them.
This page of pictures is a tiny expression of thanks to all my friends who have helped make Japan one of my favourite places in the solar system.


My visits include Nagasaki [far left] and, moving Eastwards [following Shinkansen, bullet train] Yamaguchi and Kyoto. Tokyo is furthest East on this map.

PICTURES Yamaguchi Friends Yamaguchi Nagasaki Kyoto Travel pictures
TOP My friends in Yamaguchi
  Osao Adachi and Hiro Toyama
  Not sure and Kazunobu Matsushita
  Mamoru Yamada and ????
  Two Elder statesmen at Adachi's Symposium dinner. Names please ???
TOP Me with two of the younger Yamaguchi friends Names please???

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  View from my Yamaguchi hotel
  The famous beautiful Yamaguchi Pagoda
  The Pagoda
  Detail olf Pagoda
  The ??? Temple in Yamaguchi
  A small shrine
  Another shrine
  Stone carp. Cannot remember its significance
  Temple garden
  Inside the Temple
  Temple lion
  A friendly pigeon feeder on my morning walk
  A Yamaguchi street
  Rushing to my lecture I guess
  Dinner in Yamaguchi. My dinner is still swimming in there
  My dinner; I am looking nervous because if not prepared properly they are very toxic
TOP The local church

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Nagasaki        The home of my frined Daisuke who is a teacher in primary school
  Daisuke near entrance to Chinatown
  With Daisuke and friends
  View from hotel
TOP Another view from hotel
  Entrance to my hotel near Chinatown
  Street in Nagasaki
  A bar in Nagasaki
  A Nagasaki cemetery
TOP Wondering if they are safe near that strange looking man
  View over Nagasaki
  View from the hills near Nagasaki
  Daisuke in the snow
  A shrine entrance
TOP Snow mountain
  Our bar in Nagasaki
  Memorial park
  Nagasaki harbour
  Daisuke at work
TOP One of many relaxed dinners

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Kyoto   I was the guest here of Prof. Nobuo Kato and his wife     
  Prof. Nobuo Kato and his wife with the 'chief priest' of the temple in Kyoto
  If it is worth looking at it is worth painting; typical enthusiastic group
  ??? Kumamoto Castle
  Dusky Thrush Unidentified Varied Tit
  Professor and Mrs Kato
  I think this is near Prof. Kato's house in Kyoto
  Temple bell
  Help pleae. I think that this is a memorial to all the microbes that have been sacrificed by microbiologists
  My place at table. I was obliged to sit in that particular place as i was part of the artistic composition
TOP The landmark tower in Kyoto and inside Kyoto rail staion

Top of
Some Travel Pictures
TOP A Shinkansen (Bullet train; an earlier version)
  A later Shinkansen
  View from the train
  Kyoto Rail station
  Another view - especially to show some of the typical blue roofs that i like so much
  Antoher view from train with rather odd effects
TOP Time to go home