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JAPAN 2005
To attend a Vitamin conference on Awaji Island, then to Mitshubishi Company in Niigata, then to Tokyo to visit Masafumi
AWAJI ISLAND          KYOTO        NIIGATA     



  AWAJI ISLAND Conference Centre. Awaji Island is in the bay near Osaka.
  View from my bedroom window of part of the conference centre
  Our ghostly boat took us to see the famous whirlpools in the harbour
  The Lift The reason for my invitation
  Matsushita, Me,           Hiro Toyama  
  My friend Chris is on right Me, Chris, ? ? Helma Gorisch, Rucker, Helmut Gorisch
  Chris and Helmut Gorisch Our waiter [after Modigliani]
  TOP JAPAN      

  Communications tower Temple
  My hotel foyer
  My breakfast cafe [note Picasso Guernica on wall]
  The Warning The Enforcer
  The river through Kyoto
  The book market in the temple grounds
  A nearby shrine
  My local hillside temple area
  I am doing the same on the next bench
  The largest temple in Kyoto [The Todaiji - the todai temple]
  Professor Kato with his wife [my hosts] with the cheif 'priest' of the temple
  Dinner with Professor and Mrs Kato
  TOP OF KYOTO       TOP JAPAN      

  NIIGATA    I came her after the conference to visit the Mitsubishi labs. They are planning to produce PQQ on a huge scale as a nutritional supplement [originally as a new vitamin but that was spoilt my my argument that it is not a vitamin]
  My hotel in Niigata

Vews from my hotel

  The hotel library. I accepted the invitation Welcome to the restaurant

I think this was the menu

  My good friends from Mitsubishi. The friend on the left was fanatical about cats and John Coltrane


TOKYO    I visited here as a guest of my old student friend Masafumi who studied biochemistry in Southampton University.
View from my hotel My local temple
My local temple with artists in foreground and Tokyo Tower behind  
A special day at the temple. A celebration for all children who reach the ages of 3, 5 or 7 during that year. The long bag contains candy.
The temple. The word in red indicate the ages being celebrated: 3 and 7 [for boys] and 5 for girls.
These are somehow involved in protection of people; they are 'children' [pupils] of Buddha
A 5 year old girl at the celebration. These typical schoolboys had just explained I must not cross on a red light.
Going up the Tokyo Tower  
My temple with hotel  
My hotel is 2nd row middle [I am guessing]  
Views from the Tower
The twin towers on the left are the civic centre of Tokyo in the Shinjoku area.  
The cleanest taxis in the world  
The bridge in the distance is in many of the following pictures  
The long 'tram' rail out over the bridge  
View from the tram  
This is the Fuji TV Centre  
Masafumi overlooking Tokyo  
  Dont panic