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I am Chris Anthony,
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry,
Centre for Biological Sciences
University of Southampton, UK

And Cellist in the
City of Southampton Orchestra

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General Science My Publications (PDFs) History of Methanotrophy Microbiology teaching
Science Education Drug trials explanation Methanotroph Commons My research
Protein structure using the programme PyMol Methylotrophy presentations PQQ as a nutritional supplement Wikipedia and PQQ (my corrections)
  'Nutritional therapy' Microscope Pages
My Autobiographical Bits 1939-1970    
New page of my favourite recent pictures   My book reviews
My Birds of Europe My Birds site Birds of Tirupati, India
  Anthony Campsite guide to France 2017 Our Camper vans
Visual Arts Our UK Campsite guide My Videos
  Link to all my Pictures Bikes and cars Wreck of Boldrewood
New sets of India pictures All My India pictures Hugh's visit to Jerusalem Liz's Nkunga visit
New page: Pictorial celebration of the 2002 Quinoprotein Symposium that
I organised in Southampton
  CSO database of all our concerts from 1971 to 2020, including programmes, venues, conductors, soloists and works played
  CSO Archive of our concert flyers from 1994 -2020    
  Biographical memoirs: Howard Dalton FRS*      J. Rod Quayle FRS
  TwoSetviolin Wonderful Australian /Chinese violinists Youtube performances, extracting everything funny from the life of classical musicians
  Indian news article claiming I have discovered 130 new species of Indian bird

Recent updates       10th September 2020  
Pictures of recent holiday in Scotland
New sets of India pictures: railways, temples, India at play and rest
Pictures of our holiday in Tuscany, 2002, 2003
Cellists of the City of Southampton Orchestra playing Mozart in lockdown
Pictures of our France holiday in 2003
New page: Pictorial celebration of the 2002 Quinoprotein Symposium that
I organised in Southampton
NEW India pictures from 1996 - 2001
A new page of recent favourite photos
CSO Archive of our concert flyers from 1994 -2020
New bird pictures from my recent trips
New books
Pictures of my 1987 visit to Pakistan and Goa
New extensive update of the City of Southampton Orchestra database
Family pages
Camping 1994
Microscope pages
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Interview with me published in The New Indian Express.
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multifaceted birdwatcher New Indian Express

New plans for Boldrewood site Southampton University          Top of page

new boldrewood site
My interview for The New Indian Express           Interviewed by C.P. Balasubramanyam


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