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                          These are here because, as Chris Packham would say, I like them a bit.
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                      Pictures posted: March 13th      March 30th
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  March 13th
  Our resident Blackcap who has been with us all winter
  Rare Songthrush visiting for a couple of days in early March but since gone elsewhere
  Colour picture of a lonely Little Egret at Pennington Marshes
  Corps de Ballet of Brent Geese at Pennington
  A shield bug, picked up in France in the van in August - still struggling in February here
  Our Kizzie enjoying unravelling the texture of a valuable Iranian rug
  So you have to use Flash?
  Beautiful bouquet - a gift from neighbour Lucy

TOP A SIGN OF DECAY                  The name of the decrepit untenanted house in our road

..................... Posted March 30th
  On our last walk in the New Forest before
  Hugh didn't belive me that it is really warm springtime out in the garden
  A sinister pansy
  A first bee on our Marsh Marigold
  Our neighbour's cherry blossom
  A wallflower - one of my mum's favourites. I seem to have captured a spider (or spider remains)
  Our quince flowring - promising a good harvest