HOME             3rd International Symposium on vitamin B6, PQQ, Carbonyl Catalysis and Quinoproteins

                                A composite symposium comprising the 11th International Symposium on Vitamin B6 and Carbonyl Catalysis
                                                         and the 5th International Symposium on PQQ and Quinoproteins

                                                                   University of Southampton, UK        April 14th - 19th, 2002                        

  Vitamin B6 is the precursor of pyridoxal phosphate the prosthetic group of many enyzmes in almost all organsims. PQQ is the prosthetic group of a number
of bacterial dehydrogenases and these enzymes, together with those that have related prosthetic groups, are called the quinoproteins. Each had international conferences
dedicated to them but, because of some crossovers and similarities in some aspects of the enzymes, it was decided to have joint Symposia. Because of my long involvement with PQQ enzymes I was asked to organise the third, in Southampton. The first two PQQ Symposia had been held in Delft and Yamaguchi, followed by the joint Symposia in Santa Fe and Capri, so I had to face the challenge of beautifully located precursors. It is usual to present participants with a small gift related to the location of the conference; for example, alovely blue ceramic tile from Delft.All I could think of for gift from here was a gift of an umrella with the Symposium logo.
The Universiy refused to give any support except for permission to use Boldrewood and to hire rooms in halls of residence. I had to find sposors for funding. Any loss would be mine. I used a conference-organising company to help arranging  accomodation and some other bits and pieces. Fortunately I was joined in the organisation of programming of the B6 part of the Symposium by Robert John and Carrie Wilmot. A lecturer in our Department (Biochemistry), John Cooper, did everything to do with getting abstracts and publishing the Proceedings in a special edition of Biochimica Biophysica Acta. The smooth running of the Symposium was entirely due to a small hard-working band of postgraduate students led by Leigh Felton. I spent most of the day after accepting responsibily for the Symposium creating the logo which is a mixture of pyridoxal phosphate and PQQ with the University dolphin logo.

The highlights of the 'social' programme were visits to Stonehenge,a concert in the Turner Sims concert Hall and formal Symposium dinner in the Warrior Britain's first iron-hulled, armoured battleship, HMS Warrior 1860.


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  The organisers: Rob John, me and Carrie Wilmot The research student facilitators: Mark Montgomery, Leighton Coates, Paul Williams and Nick Brown. Sorry no picture of Peter James. The nerve centre with and Mark and Leigh Felton who helped presenters get organised.

.............. Pictures: People Dinner on The Warrior Concert
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Conference people      Because the symposium covered two topics there are many who I cannot name. I hope to fill in names later. Some of the pictures are included merely to show Boldrewood, my working home for about 35 years. The first pictures shown here were during the outing to Stonehenge.
1 Victor Davidson Masako Shinjoh and Tetsuo Hoshino Carrie Wilmot
2 Jaap Jongejan Marino Martinez-Carrion Shinobu Itoh, comparinghis view of Stonehenge wih the standard Windows picture on his screen
3 Nigel Scrutton with a nice view of my morning walk through the concourse Coffee queue headed, of course, by Mark and Paul Hiroyuki Kagamiyama and Wada
4 Tetsuo Hoshino and Kenji Soda Hirohide Toyama, Mamoru Yamada and Atsuko Satoh Janos Retey - first met on a little train going up to Il Ciocco
5 Gianluigi Rossi, Scott Mathews, x Kenji Kano What it is all about: Scott Mathews, Gianluigi Rossi, Gianluigi's student, Victor Davdson and Arwen Pearson
6 Katsu Tanizawa, x, Larry Sayre, Shinobu Itoh, Carrie Wilmot, Andrea Rinalto and Aldo Jogejan Koji Sode, x, Masako Shinjoh, x, Osao Adachi Ken Hirotsu x Nigel Scrutton x x
7 David Hopper, Tetsuo Hoshino, Arthur Oubrie, Helmut Gorisch, Bauke Dijkstra, Scott Mathews, me, Mamoru Yamada Reminder of the nice lecture theatre; Marek Sebela entertaining us Victor Davidson and drinking buddies: Victor Davidson, Mitch Guss, Mike McPherson, Ivo Frebort, Marek Sebela and Dave Dooley


Formal dinner on the Warrior    Britain's first iron-hulled, armoured battleship, HMS Warrior 1860.  
I arranged the formal Symposium dinner on the Warrior to provide some link to Southampton that would be remembered.

    Murali, Hugh, Liz and Leigh Felton Me and Leigh and Warrior
8 Hugh Me and Liz; thanks for their hidden support Mark, Leighton, Paul and Nick Leigh
  Murali Hiro Toyama x Masaaki Yasuda x x Armando Di Donato, Rob John,x x x x
  Saying thank you and goodbye Jaap Jongejan saying thank you Laura Bentenic and Marino Martinez-Carrion with his usual happy smile
9 With Sjoukje Jongejan With Jaap Jongejan Nigel Scrutton, Mitch Guss, Peter Knowles, x, Mike McPherson, Arthur Oubrie, Bauke Dijkstra andDave Dooley
10 x Liz Anthony, Gianluigi Rossi, me, Scott Mathews, Rob John x x Jaap Jongejan, Sjoukje Jongejan  

The Symposium Concert      It is usual to provide some kind of entertainment on one evening so we had a concert, leaving tha bar open for those who could not cope.
The agent who was arranging the Emperor piano trio for me persuaded me to have the second half of the concert performed by a youg trumpeter Alison Balsom who has become acknowledged as one of top trumet playeers in the world.

TOP They played a Haydn trio and then my choice of Shostakovich's great Op 67 piano trio. Magnificent

She was superb and very popular, playing works by Stanley, Takemitsu and Gershwin.


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