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  This is part of a collection of photos that are already on my main India Pictures pages, arranged partly to show changes over the years 1982 - 2015. It is also an excercise in nostalgia for me,
I first went there in 1982 to the Botany Department in Sri Venkateswara University SVU) to teach a microbial physiology course. I returned for many visits , mainly to the virology, microbiology and biochemistry departments. I always stayed in the SVU guest house.
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  The railway from Tirupati to Chittor and Bangalore crosses the main road from Tirupati to Chittoor and Bangalore. I had to cross whenever I went to the dairy farm or to the 'Super Market' (in later years) or to the road out to the village of thumulagunta, and the countryside. When it is time to lower the barrier the buses, especially, hoot and race to beat it. Bikes, cycles and pedestrians continue to cross by creeping under the barrier. After the train has passed and the barrier is lifted, traffic from both sides take over both lanes and fight for right of way. They then race away, hooting happily. My usual morning wake up call.
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  The pictures start in 1993 and are presented in yearly sequence

  Road going toward Tirupati  
  Racing to beat the barrier Uneven race through opened barrier
TOP This is the oxcart that ran (ground) over my glasses when i dropped them while creeping beneath crossing barrier.       This is the other level crossing in town (2002)
  Political or religious (both?) welcome arch at the crossing Later in the month. Looking away from town



  2009 2010
TOP   In both directions everyone occupies all the lanes. when the barriers lift they fight it out
  2012.. Crossing repairs "to make traffic faster" (why?) 2012   The crossing manager whose son recently got his PhD in molecular biology at Harvard
TOP 2013 2015. Hanuman begging at the crossing queue